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5 Fantastic Jaimala Themes To Make The Ceremony More Graceful

  |   4 years ago

There’s nothing more vibrant and cheerful than a big fat crazy Indian wedding. The music, the tasty food, the cocktails, the décor, the lights, altogether make an action-packed Indian wedding. “Jaimala” or “Varmala” forms an important part of the wedding, the bride and the groom exchanging beautiful garlands and promising to stay together forever by each other’s side. Make this unforgettable memory more beautiful by adding a theme to it. Isn’t it interesting and trendy?

Here are some WedAbout’s picks for interesting themes for this “Jaimala” ceremony which can help you in making your wedding a memorable one:

1. The Ramayana Theme


Photo Credit@CandidTales

Ram and Sita, the epitome of true love and compassion. The Bride and the groom dressed in a traditional way like Ram and Sita for a perfect “Jaimala“. Let the groom break the “Dhanush” and marry the bride.

2. Revolving Stage


Photo Credit@DipakStudios

This is quite interesting. The bride and the groom standing on a revolving stage in the middle of the hall, decorated with flowers and sparkled up with colours, putting “jaimala” on each other. A great sight indeed!

3. The Flower Crown Theme

Photo Credit@dreamweaversphotography

The name says it all. Let the long branches of colourful flowers and leaves fall around from a crown hanging high in the sky and the bride and groom in between exchanging garlands. What a mesmerizing view it would be!

4. The Bollywood Style Theme


Photo Credit@DipakStudios

Are you a Bollywood fan? This one is the best for you. Make a dramatic entry of the bride and the groom, maybe in a “palki” or vintage car, add some super cool props to it and you are ready to make a Bollywood Hit.

5. The Fun Twist


Photo Credit@DipakStudios

Thinking of adding some fun into your wedding? Yes, you have a perfect solution to this! Call some people with good heights from both the bride’s and the groom’s side who will lift both of them on their shoulders and tease them while they try to put the “varmala” on each other.

Varmala” being the most awaited moment in a wedding should be made fascinating for both, the couple and the audience. Choose the theme which suits you the best and makes the wedding last long in everyone’s memory.

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