5 Best Jaimala Theme Ideas to add Charm to your Wedding Ceremony

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21 Fantastic Jaimala Theme To Make The Ceremony More Graceful

Every ceremony of a big fat Indian wedding has its own charm. But there’s one that always takes the cake! Varmala or Jaimala ceremony is the most romantic part of an Indian wedding that’s even been mentioned in early literary texts of Vedas. The exchange of floral garlands is a symbol of acceptance and a start to the to-be married pair’s journey together! Considering the significance and grand nature of this ceremony, couples have been trying to make their jaimala theme 2024 extra special with fresh and super extra ideas. And who doesn’t love being extra on their wedding?

Jaimala theme are the fresh ideas, stage setup and props used to make a grand and memorable event. Trending themes like lotus, moon or hot air balloon have garnered a lot of attention, thanks to their extravagance. Usage of props like fireworks, hydraulics and flower showers are also a much-loved option. You can also have a traditional vibe with a ramayan and radhe krishna theme, or go all out with a magnificent Bollywood wedding theme! The choice is up to you. To give you more insight into the world of the best jaimala themes, we have curated a list of 18 trending picks you would love to incorporate in your wedding! Scroll through for some scrumptious gobs of inspiration.

1. Jeep Theme 

jeep varmala theme ideas
Via KD Singh Photography
jeep jaimala theme ideas
Via KD Singh Photography

Are you a hatke couple who wants a hatke twist? Then, this one’s for you! Ditch all conventions and have a quirky jaimala on a jeep. Yes, a jeep! All you need is, well, a jeep and a partner who’s down for latest jaimala theme like this. We think a pair of sunglasses would perfectly match the vibe you’ll carry. The jeep, or your marriage jaimala stage, can also be adorned with bright paint and floral decorations. Look at how adorable this couple looks in their jeep jaimala themed photos! You can even have your couple entry as well as your jaimala on the jeep. An open space venue is perfect for a theme like this, especially if you plan to drive around and not use the jeep as a still prop. Watch out for the wedding traffic! 

2. Floral Varmala Theme

floral theme jaimala theme download
Credits ArtFoto
floral theme wedding jaimala stage ideas
Via The Wedding Story
floral theme wedding jaimala stage
Via Sam & Ekta

Flowers are the language of love. What better way to confess your love by picking a gorgeous floral wedding jaimala stage? The stage is set up with a huge selection of flowers, as per your choices. For best results, align the floral backdrop with your venue and outfit colour palette to have an aesthetically pleasing varmala ceremony. Additionally, choose flowers with a hidden meaning. Not only does that act as a symbolic representation of your feelings, but also forms a memorable moment you’ll cherish for life. That way, the next time you will gift your partner roses, they’ll think back to your wedding date! How romantic! It’s best to contact your nearest florist in advance to prepare a stage setup with fresh and blooming flowers. For reference, you can pick bright flowers for a day wedding while dark flowers for a night wedding.

3. Lotus Jaimala Theme

lotus wedding jaimala theme ideas
Via Sky Wedding Films

Lotus or Kamal has a great significance in Indian culture and stands as a symbol of solemn purity. Why not bring this auspicious flower as a stage for your special day? Give a touch of traditional and quirky elements by setting up a lotus stage for offbeat wedding varmala ideas. The stage is set up to look like a huge lotus, on top of which you’ll get to exchange jaimalas. While you can set up a lotus stage indoors, there’s also an option to keep it by the seaside or pool side. After all, that’s where lotuses belong! Varmala themes in India like these offer a unique twist with opportunities to take a lot of insta-worthy photographs. 

4. Flower Shower Theme

flower shower jaimala theme in wedding
Via Dipak Studios Photography
confetti wedding varmala themes ideas
Via Dipak Studios Photography

Let’s not forget the traditional flower shower jaimala themes! Give your friends and family a chance to express their excitement by letting them shower you with flower petals during your varmala ceremony. While they’re simple and traditional, flower shower wedding jaimala theme are timeless. Keep baskets full of flower petals handy and get ready to feel like the start of the day, as you are! It also gives a great opportunity to get some really candid and gorgeous shots. Other than flowers, you can also use confetti!

5. Heart Jaimala Theme

heart shape all wedding jaimala theme stage
Via Jabs Inc. Studio

With a day that deals with the unification of two hearts, isn’t a heart jaimala theme quite an apt choice? For all the old-school romantics out there, a heart jaimala theme is here to save the day. Jaimala is already a solemn yet romantic affair and you can add more to it with a big heart shaped stage and stand at it’s centre to make sure your partner knows how much you love them! Just like this couple, you can either have a heart backdrop with floral arrangements or have it made entirely out of flowers and roses. Don’t forget to have some romantic melodies playing as a cherry on the cake. If this doesn’t make your guests swoon in awe, then we’re not sure what will! Make sure you talk to your venue decorator and explain exactly what you wish to go for to avoid confusion. 

6. Fireworks and Pyros Theme

fireworks and cold pyro jaimala themes ideas
Via Stories by Joseph Radhik
wedding varmala theme fireworks entry
Credits Baraati inc
fireworks best jaimala themes stage ideas
Via Riddhi Siddhi Events
hotel fireworks latest jaimala themes
Credits Dreamzkraftweddings

Emphasise on the grand nature of your varmala by making the best use of the festive spirit of fireworks! The whole stage is decorated with timed fireworks, set to go off as soon as the varmalas are exchanged. Timing is the key here and so meticulous preparations are due before the final show. It’s best to decide on the firework arrangement, types and quantity beforehand. Make sure you don’t miss out on any safety precautions and proper distancing measures. All these efforts will not be in vain. A fireworks and pyro themed jaimala ceremony is bound to have an enthusiastic and majestic vibe with some glorious shoots you’ll absolutely adore! Just look at how these pictures with best varmala theme turned out, we’re totally in love. 

7. Revolving Stage Theme

revolving stage best jaimala theme download
Via Nidhi & Umang’s Wedding

Revolving stages for jaimala sprung into the trends a few years ago and now they’ve taken a spot at one of the most sought after varmala creative themes in weddings. The idea is simple; the couple takes their stance atop a separate elevated stage that often revolves during the ceremony. A revolving stage makes sure the couple is visible to every and can own all the spotlight while the guests can cheer from down below! You can always pay extra attention to the decoration of your contemporary stage and keep it in accordance with your wedding theme. And don’t be afraid to hog all the attention and limelight, it’s your wedding after all! There’s no one stopping you from living your slow-mo romantic jaimala moment!

8. Mandir Theme

mandir theme best jaimala ideas
Via Dipak Studios Photography

For a mandir themed jaimala, the stage can be set up in the shape of a mandir with traditional symbols or decor elements of bells and marigolds. Just like two idols in the mandir, the couple is placed in the centre and the surroundings are lavishly decorated for this wedding varmala theme. Couples who love to keep everything grand but also want a touch of cultural aesthetics would love to have a varmala creative theme like this! 

9. Open Stage Varmala Theme

open stage wedding jaimala theme stage
Via Dipak Studios Photography
open stage best jaimala theme download
Via Pinterest
open stage jaimala theme in wedding
Credits Studio Kelly Photography

A simple open stage theme for your jaimala is best for outdoor wedding. Whether it’s a day or night, this classic choice can easily morph into whatever colour scheme and theme you wish to stick to. If you’re feeling playful, get your buddies to join you in and pick you up before your partner lands the varmala on your neck! We all love a little giggle and games during the jaimala ceremony. Plus think of all the gorgeous sunset or sunrise pictures you can get in this latest varmala theme!

10. Bollywood Theme

neha kakkar bollywood wedding varmala pics
Via Neha Kakkar
Virat Anushka bollywood jaimala ideas
Via Virat Kohli

Bollywood couple’s weddings are no less than a dreamy fairytale. Why not take inspiration from your favorite Bollywood couple and recreate their jaimala shenanigans in your own wedding? That’s right, you can have your own Anushka Sharma or Priyanka Chopra wedding varmala theme are your doorstep. Follow the steps of your favorite stars to recreate a theme so grand and lavish that your guests won’t be able to stop staring! 

11. Water Fountain Jaimala Theme

poolside jaimala stage ideas
Via Swati & Saket’s Wedding
water best jaimala theme pics
Via Studio BeUnique
water fountain wedding jaimala theme ideas
Credits Dreamzkrraft Weddings

While flower shower and fireworks is conventional, a water fountain is rare and looks absolutely ethereal in pictures. You can have a water fountain installed, or go a venue for that has one already. Talk about elegant plus exotic! This couple opted for a dainty little bridge over the water fountains as their marriage jaimala stage. You either can go for fountains surrounding the stage or right in front of it. Get ready for an awesome varmala theme photoshoot!

12. 3D Mapping Theme

Looking for a dynamic and colorful option? Then, this is the new varmala theme for you! 3D mapping stage can step your stage game up with customisable patterns to add movement and pop of colours to your varmala ceremony. You’ll need either a bunch of coordinated screens or one large one on the stage to make it work. It gives off a very otherworldly vibe! Your jaimala is about to get your guests’ jaw dropping.

13. Ramayan Varmala Theme

Ram and Sita are portrayed as the ideal couple according to Hindu mythology. Their romance has inspired couples around the country to opt for a Ramayana themed jaimala! Here, the groom stands in as Ram while the bride is Sita and their union is as grand and jolly as the original. Traditional songs are played along with elaborate roses decorations and dancers. It’s a delicately graceful event that’s fit for a once in a lifetime jaimala in your wedding! It checks all boxes of symbolism, purity and traditional aesthetic beauty.

14. Radha Krishna Jaimala Theme

Radhe Krishna theme is another theme meant to fuse traditional mythological elements with grand nature of the varmala ceremony. Quite a solid and dreamy combination, if you ask us! Cherry and Utsav’s Radha Krishna jaimala theme wedding will be enough to convince you! It has drama, glamour and also this enchanting feel that keeps guests glued for more. As for preparations, you’ll need to experienced dancers and meticulous stage preparations to make everything successful! Trust us, the result will be worth every inch of effort.

15. A Unique Jaimala Theme

soap bubble wedding varmala theme
Via Golden Leaf Weddings
Eiffel tower wedding jaimala stage
Credits Saaj Weddings

While the list for jaimala theme can go on and on, what matters most is that you’re truly digging it! Why not go for something that’s entirely personal? Like for example, if you want a dreamy and romantic vibe, why not bring in a whole Eiffel tower to your venue? Get balloons flying around, peacock decor flying above, stars hanging on the ceiling or soap bubbles floating through the room. Dreams do come true, so go ahead and pick a theme that makes you counting numbers till your wedding date. It’s okay to go all out with the ideas, it’s your wedding! Make it as dreamy, grand, minimal and romantic as you want.

16. Rajwara Theme

The idea of a big fat Indian wedding can fall short in front of the rajwara jaimala theme. Here, grand is just an understatement. Everything is as magnificent as a true rajwara wedding would’ve been! This couples wedding is an ideal representation of it. People holding banners, thrilling music, jaw-dropping venue decoration and stunned guests, just like us! Over-the-top, what’s that?

17. Kalash Varmala Theme

Any Hindu ceremony that involves a new beginning and blessings is empty without a kalash! This new jaimala theme is quirky and new theme uses the pure kalash as an elevated area for your jaimala. A theme like this is a perfect blend of extra and modest! It looks elaborately eye-catching and is also acts like a blessing to your future married life.

18. Hydraulic Stage Theme

hydraulic wedding jaimala theme stage
Via Wedding Wings Photography

A hydraulic stage is a fluid pressure lift that pushes the couple up in the air for everyone to see. That way all spotlights and focus is on you and your partner! Plus, great view from up there, wouldn’t you agree? It gives the chance to capture breath-taking photos too. Just make sure there’s enough space for both you and your partner to stand comfortable. Hydraulic jaimala theme is one of the most sought after theme, so grab on this one if you love taking the centre stage! You can keep your marriage jaimala stage simple as the whole setup is very imposing as it is.

19. Wedding Dance Group For Jaimala

wedding dance troupe latest jaimala theme
Via BMP Weddings
apsara wedding dance troupe jaimala ideas
Via Studio Kelley
wedding dance troupe all jaimala themes
Credits Tanishq Wedding Planner

Shine the brightest and make your big fat Indian wedding even grander with a wedding dance group for your varmala theme 2024! The event can be more dynamic and exciting by making the best of themed dance groups! You can choose from Rajasthani, English dancers, apsara theme and what not. Hired dancers will perform synchronized and choreographed dances at your wedding. 

20. Low Fog Machine Wedding Varmala Theme

low fog machine wedding varmala creative ideas
Via Gargi & Saurabh’s Wedding
low fog machine wedding jaimala stage
Via Dipak Studios Photography

All things magical and fairy tale themes need that mysterious out-of-the-world vibe in their décor. That’s where the all-purpose and ever popular smoke machine comes in! Even if your jaimala is simple, a low fog machine wedding theme can single-handedly spice things up. It won’t cost much and the picture will be absolutely ethereal! These couple photos for low fog machine wedding varmala ideas are proof for that. 

21. Smoke Bomb Jaimala Theme

blue smoke bomb wedding jaimala theme
Via Memoirs Jaipur
blue smoke bomb wedding stage ideas
Via Nikita & Rishabh’s Wedding

Smoke bombs are the latest trends that have taken the wedding jaimala theme world by a storm! While they’re budget friendly and easy to use, these are an amazing prop for breath-taking jaimala photos for weddings. You won’t even need to hire help, your friends have your back! Blue smoke bombs are the best choice as they go with most themes and are easy to find. Get ready to pose, because your jaimala photos will be (smoke)bomb for sure!

That’s the end of our all jaimala theme list! What was your favourite pick? Bookmark, pin and follow before you loose track of it. Go ahead and have the jaimala of your dreams! 


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