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6 Ways to build a Healthy Relationship with your In Laws

Marriage takes you not only to a new phase of life but also gets you introduced to your new family. It may not be a cake walk to get along with them right in the beginning itself. Patience and right efforts shall give the desired outcome of the blossoming relations.

Let WedAbout be your Agony Aunt and give you ways to build a healthy relationship with your in laws.

1. Psychological Analysis



Having a positive empathetic attitude towards your new family members will help you understand their perspective. Take time to understand each other. Have an optimistic attitude towards their behavior. To what you may consider as nagging might just be a helpful concern towards you!

2. Being Respectful



Your in-laws are your elders. They deserve respect and gratitude as much as your own parents do. Respect them ALWAYS. It will help you keep intact the sacredness of your relationship with them. You may experience variations in customs and family traditions (we Indians have a lot many of them, we understand!) but your respectful approach will help you understand and learn them better.

3. Celebrate Uniqueness Of Personalities



No two personalities reflect mirror-like same traits. It is very important to accept the individuality of a person. Accepting one whole heartedly along with their flaws is the key. It is unjust to expect your mother in law to be exactly like your mother. She has walked a long way in her life and got her personality moulded the way she holds.  She is trying to fit into the new role of her life, just like you.

4. Be True



For a relationship to be strong and healthy in long run, it is crucial to be honest to one another. You cannot wear a mask for the whole of your life. Let them know you individually. Give them time to know you and understand you. You hold your own views and thoughts, we comprehend. Present them gracefully in an un-arguing manner.

5. Build To Bridge



Bridge the gap between you and your in-laws by multiple small efforts. Celebrate the festivals together. Surprise them on their anniversaries with the cake of their favorite flavor.  Understand their necessities as they grow old. They need time and attention. Attend their phone calls and share your life events with them. Trust us! Nothing else shall make them (and you) happier!

6. Let It Go!



Be brave enough to let go off all those intentional/ unintentional hurtful things which bother you. They ruin the relations. Admit the fact that everyone commits mistakes (Yes! You do too). Learn from the past and start a fresh.


Respect your spouse’s attachment and connection (historic, genetic and emotional) to his family.  Get acquainted with the fact that they are adjusting to their son’s post marriage changes in their family as much as you. Appreciate that. Be open to communication. It will only help you understand your new family better.

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