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Deciding How and Where to Host Your Bachelorette Party

Every girl has dreams of getting married and being taken away by her prince charming but the life after marriage welcomes you to the world of reality which has many roles and responsibilities for you in store.To bid goodbye to your carefree bachelorhood you must plan something special. Why be partial to the boys and let them enjoy, it’s the girl’s time now. Plan yourself an awesome bachelorette party and bid a great goodbye to the days spent as a single. Here are a few WedAbout’s ideas that will make you through an awesome bachelorette party:

1. Beach Party With A Volleyball Match


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This indeed is a fun to happen party. All draped up in sexy bikinis and flowery hats you can make an awesome bachelorette party theme. On top of everything, an exciting Volley Ball match will add up the perfect spice to your party. Just throw the invites and see your friends coming all dressed up in sexy outfits.

2.A Pool Party With Sparkling Cocktails


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Do you have a private pool? We just heard a yes! So why not make the optimum use of it. Plan a poolside bachelorette party and enjoy the splashes. You can use many floating props to grace the pool and serve the guests with sparkling cocktails or mocktails. Cheers!!

3.A Hill Top Party With Bonfire


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If you are a nature lover and feel awesome in the lap of nature then plan your bachelorette party on the mountains. An awesome party with your close friends sitting around the bonfire and sipping the perfect cup of coffee is the ideal and probably the best idea for a Bachelorette party.

4.Retro Theme Party With Fun Games


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Oh, let us call back the black and white era!! The idea of throwing a retro style bachelorette party is not only different but also fun loving. Imagine all your friends in the retro style with sticky and curly hairstyles. Doesn’t it sound great!! What more plan some great games for the party and enjoy to your fullest.

5.A Garden Party Under Open Sun


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A sophisticated party theme that will leave you rich with everlasting memories, the garden party under the open sun is the best. A lunch with lots of laughter and recalling old memories is the best thing to do for your bachelorette party. But remember to keep lots of sunscreen and sun hats handy to keep your skin safe.

With all these awesome ideas you are all set to bid a farewell to the days of childhood and carefree youth. With the advice, you seek on your bachelorette and the blessings you receive from your friends you are all set to enter your new life with the fond memories of your bachelorhood.

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