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Selecting The Right Wedding Invitation For You

Selecting the right wedding invitation for your special day brings oodles of thoughts churning the wheels of your mind. Owing to so many governing factors in selecting the right card for wedding (like color, pattern, theme and most importantly budget!), the process becomes a perplexing task. Understanding that difficulty of yours, we at WedAbout bring you a few guidelines for you with the help of our expert Chander Shekhar, who has graduated from NID with masters in graphics, printing with simultaneous automotive diploma. He is the first one ever to be campus appointed as chief designer by UNICEF at the age of 21. He has designed over 500 logos; established SHADE the first advertising and design studio with its own photography and print production skills. These guidelines for sure are gonna ease your course of selecting the right wedding invitation card.

1. Setting the Budget

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It is not just the first and the foremost thing to do but also is very crucial. Having a clear set of range is a good thing for it further helps in narrowing the choices. Market is flooded with variety of cards posing a massive range starting from 20-30 INR per card to 500-1000 INR per card. (Phew! That’s fulsome. Isn’t it?) In such a case going only for what your budget desires is a wise thing to do.

2. Know Your Requirements

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Having a brief knowledge of your own priorities will definitely lead you to the right direction and having a little brainstorm with your family would help you do that. Our expert says “There are no limits that market provide you. Different people have different priorities and market serves them all. Knowing your requirements helps you and the card designer as well.”

3. Variety of Cards

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“Assorting from embossed cards to fancy glitters to the brochure or leaflet style, you have a lot of variety to grab from. There can be as many details given in an invite as to make it a 25 paged wedding invitation! There are floral patterns, color- coordinated patterns, cards with printed palki/ dulhan on them and so much more” quotes Shekhar.

4. Places in Delhi to Get Your Wedding Invitation Card From

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Old Delhi Sadar Bazar and Noida Market are places to visit to get your card from the massive range available. Chawri Bazar is Asia’s biggest market to look for the wedding invitations. Shekhar suggests “The local markets provide many different templates which vary according to price and preference. There are cards available at the rate of 20-30 INR each along with envelopes not costing more than 5-10 INR. While a fairly decent wedding invitation card can be purchased at the rate of 100-150 INR each.” He adds “for people opting for a higher range or more sophisticated cards, heading to wedding planners or event managers and get their card customized for perfection is an option.”

Armed with all the information to get through the card-selecting-process, you are now set to go for it. So edge forward and get your wedding invitation card designed for the special day coming.

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