5 Things Which Make Cross-Cultural Wedding Fun

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5 Things which make Cross-Cultural Wedding fun

India is a land of cultural diversity and so are its marriages. If Punjabi weddings are loud and flamboyant then Tamil weddings are simple and serene. If Gujarati wedding ceremony is filled with traditional rituals and customs then a Christian wedding is modern and fun-filled. So, what happens when there is a cross-cultural wedding? Well, when two cultures blend there can be only fun and merriment.

We at WedAbout bring to you some of those pleasurable moments when north weds the south or when the east weds the west

1.     Endless Marriage Festival

Cross-Cultural wedding

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In a cross-cultural wedding, both the sides want to give equal importance to their rituals and customs. And thus the marriage is arranged in such a way that they follow each and every tradition.  This leads to a long and elaborated gala marriage celebration. Also, the bride and the groom have the privilege to feel special and important for a long time.

2.     The Peculiarity of Different Cultures

Cross-Cultural wedding

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Every culture has some unique and eccentric rituals.  People from other cultures often find them amusing. In a Gujarati wedding a groom is welcomed by his mother-in-law by pulling his nose playfully. In a Tamil wedding, before entering the wedding mandap the groom decides to become sanyaasi. Then the bride’s father convinces him to enter grahastham and lead a family life. While in a Bihari wedding the bride is asked to balance earthen pots on her head.

3.     The Variations in Dance And Music

Cross-Cultural wedding

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In Bengali weddings the women make an ooli sound by beating their palms against their mouth. In Gujarati weddings they perform Garba in circle by clapping their hands and other body movements. While the Punjabis, are known for their high energy Bhangra and Gidda performances. And when one culture tries to emulate the other, it creates everlasting enjoyable moments.

4.     The Foodie Extravaganza

Cross-Cultural wedding

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Imagine a sprawling buffet with rich and mouth-watering Punjabi cuisine with unlimited bouts of liquor. Add to it some tasty and sweet Gujarati platter. Well, it can be truly a food lover’s paradise. A multi-cultural wedding aims at satisfying the taste-buds of all. Therefore the food servings is always lavish and extensive which makes the guests happy.

5.     The Look Of The Bride And The Groom

Cross-Cultural wedding

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With culture comes the unique dressing and attire. If it is a Maharashtrian and Punjabi wedding then the Maharashtrian bride will be clad in her traditional navri sari while the groom in his Sherwani. And both will wear the typical headpiece called as mundavalya on their heads. The fusion surely lends some thrill and excitement.

Thus cross-cultural weddings should not only be accepted but celebrated with open hearts. Such marriages are an ode to our unity in the cultural mix because true love knows no boundaries and no barriers.

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