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Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Wedding Planner

Are you someone who is tying the knot soon? Are you looking to hire a wedding planner?

Then stay and read because this might make things a little easy for you on your wedding day before you hire the best wedding planner for your big day. Be it an Indian wedding, a destination wedding or an intimate close wedding ceremony,  they are the soul behind your wedding event. As everything today is a trend, same way following blindly the trend can go the other way for you.

Since they are the main source behind planning your wedding, keep in mind these important questions before hiring one.

1. Does your preferred date and location match theirs?

First things first, does your preferred date matches wedding planners schedule, are they free to organize your special day and does not clash with other functions under the same planner. Now since many of us have dreams about the perfect wedding, another important part of this dream is location or venue as well as accessibility to it, and what locations do they have in their mind, and have they planned any wedding before in that location. And also if you a venue or location in mind, then discuss before they give options to you.  Some are specialized in destination wedding planning, so if you are looking for destination wedding, then you should look for the ones who previously have done destination weddings.

2. The big budget question ?

Every planner organizes the weddings in a budget or estimate given to them, before hiring them for your wedding, keep in mind to discuss if they can plan your planning in a given estimate. Discuss the ideas that you have in your mind with different wedding planners and see who brings the best deal and the idea with their unique concept of organizing and making your wedding the most important and memorable day of your life. If you have plans for destination wedding then you must also have a budget to avoid the overhead expenses, can they meet your budget expectations.

3. What weddings they have done past and does it match your taste?

Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor| Source: hernigloriosa

Ask for previous wedding done by them, the budgets of the wedding, the guest list for the specific budgets, the types of themes they work in, portfolio etc. As they already have a set a vendors to plan your wedding, ask the names and services provided by vendors and their portfolios in previous weddings. Look for what they have done or achieved in their previous weddings. Also if you possible talk to the persons whose wedding they have organised if that could help you a little in making a decision.


4. Ask them what they have in their mind for you .

deepika ranveer wedding

Deepika’s Wedding| Source: indianweddingplanner

Focus and ask the little details in your wedding like how will the bride and groom enter the venue, or what kind of theme will follow from day functions to night functions, the performances prepared by family members for the sangeet night, etc. The main highlight for any wedding is the wedding photographer, if they have in mind any photographer that they can recommend in your budget, that would be great. Also remember to ask them about your pre wedding shoots to match up with your overall theme of wedding and your wedding story. Carefully analyse what they have in mind for your, does it match your idea of wedding, this is something only you can decide.

5. Will there be meet ups before wedding and how much will be your role in planning?

wedding cake, wedding planning

wedding cake| Source: weddingplannergoa

Regular meet ups are an essential part for the updates on the wedding preparations as well as make sure they give a thumbs up for the meetings so that both the parties are on the same page. And how much would be your role in planning your own wedding, how often they would consult you or ask you for your taste or opinion.

6. What will they cover and what not?

mehendi designs

mehendi designs| Source: indianweddingplanner

Deepa Khosla's haldi ceremony, wedding planning

Haldi ceremony| Source: Deepakhosla

Now the most essential part before hiring them to plan your most important day is to not only ask, but question as well as discuss about what all will they cover in organizing in your day, from decor to customized gift to themes to groom and bride’s outfits as well as the dress code of the close family members to the music or band on the wedding as well as food decor to the invitations, the list is big but worth discussing before you hire them.

7. Are they ready to think out of box

wedding decorSource: indianweddingplanner

How willing are they to take a risk with a new concept or taste to be introduced or something they have not done on any wedding before. Keep in mind to ask about the back-up options they have in mind if there is some of miss happening or something unwanted happened and all the safety measures during the wedding events.

And at the end don’t forget to ask for a discount..!!

Chitransha Chauhan

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