Winning His Heart On The Wedding Night

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Winning His Heart On The Wedding Night

The first night of your wedding is the most special night for you. The wedding night marks the beginning of the new golden chapter of your life with your husband. Add some spark to the magical night to craft beautiful memories for the lifetime. Make the most of the precious time to bond with your husband dear; cuddle around, be sensuous, make love and win his heart for once and for all!

WedAbout shares with you all the pretty secrets you should know to mould the night to its perfection! (Thank us later!)

1. Setting The Ambience

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Right ambience does big wonders. Champagne, rose petals, candles and a sexy music would never fail to please him amazingly! Let him soak in every bit of the passionate ambience set. Cozy cuddly ambience will get your half of the job already done. He will be pleased to the core of his heart, we guarantee!

2. Be Skillful

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Learn the art of making love and don’t be afraid to do the new. Let the vast information on internet and in the magazines be your guiding angel. Get acquainted with methods to turn him on. Surprise your man by letting him uncover the seductive side of you.

3. Play Around

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Playing in bed with your partner is one of the most lovey-dovey things to do. Make use of the time to discover what pleases your husband. Play around and go cuddly. Unearth those exclusive gentle touches which turn on your love. Let him be surprised with your art of doing things just the right.

4. Rightly Dressed And Accessorized

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Let him fall for you again the minute his eyes stop at you. Be dressed in lingerie you know he would like (maybe flaunting his favorite color or style). Don’t let the details get ignored. Guys do notice the nail color you sport or the lipstick shade you wear. Bring out the sexy shade of you by choosing the right shades of makeup. Don’t forget to choose the right cologne to fragrant your night.

5. Surprise Him

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Men love surprises as much as we do! Surprise him on your wedding night by the way you think would please him. Get him a bouquet of his favorite chocolates or show him some unseen moves of you. Let your eyes and moves do the talking. A dull night is the last thing you would want your wedding night to be.

Now with all the good secrets for a successful wedding night known to you, you are well equipped to please your spouse dear on your wedding night!

Good luck!

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