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6-Month Wedding Planning Checklist For Every Bride


Excited to begin a new journey…? Hey there! the time has come to embark on a new adventure…to taste some new flavors!!

Dear, this day won’t come back. You surely don’t want to have any regrets afterwards. There are so many things that require your utmost care, after all it’s your weddingday!!. Thus, it would be really good to have a wedding planning beforehand to start with so that everything works well according to the plan and no mishaps happen.

An Indian wedding planning checklist will not only save you from any unpredictable, abrupt situations but also will take care that the proceedings are all well- coordinated, everything happens on time and nothing is missed. 

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Thinking from where to start for your wedding planning list? No worries at all! We have come up with  a very unique “6 month wedding planning checklist for every bride” so that your burden are lessen. Our              Indian wedding planning checklist will guide you through 6 months of wedding planning and help you to manage your time until your big day!

In short, this Indian wedding planning checklist will allow you to concentrate on all the things carefully and gradually proceed towards your big day. So have a glimpse, and get inspired! If you are organized, you will have more time to enjoy the wedding journey and most importantly no regrets!!!!

Plan the budget

indian wedding planning chechlist

Well begun is half done! This stage should get your due attention. Figure your basics absolutely well and you will see that the rest of the things will flow perfectly and will seem like  a piece of cake!

The wedding ceremonies are the core of a traditional Indian wedding. If your wedding is going to be a typical Indian wedding then it is sure that you are soon going to enjoy many upcoming wedding events and ceremonies!! Decide the locality, date and time of all these wedding ceremonies. Also, draft a rough budget estimate. A wedding planner can come to your rescue acquainting you with the approximate range of expenses required while finalizing the venue, catering, decoration etc

No wedding planning is successful without a proper budget. Plan the budget judiciously. Next sit with a pen and paper and jot down all the names of the people that you wish to make a part of your special day ! Forgetting some may have a little unpleasant consequences later, so take care! 

Start Researching

indian wedding vendors
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The best always demands efforts! Start researching for videographers, photographers, makeup artist, decorators, caterers, and outfits. Entertainment- most important! Search for the best bands/performers/choreographers you would like to have to enlighten your guest and enjoy to the fullest!! 

The more you will research, the more you will get to know which will eventually help you to take a good decision. Prepare a list of all and then select the one which impresses you the most! The realization that a very good opportunity flew away just because you didn’t come across it at the right time will surely plunge you in the pool of grief!! Thus take your time and research extremely well

In fact, the Honeymoon is no far away! Research for the best venues according to you and your partner’s wish since these days are going to be a lifetime memory for you both!!  

Venue and Caterers: Two most valuable ingredients

wedding cake

A perfect venue for the wedding does half of the work.

The right setting and a mesmerizing atmosphere adds the perfect taste to your wedding events and marriage moments. Try to find the venue according to the wedding style you would have. You can go for a beachside or some resorts or grand hotels too, whatever suits you the best!

Take care of the details such as policies regarding carrying out rituals, alcohol, postponing and cancelling the events etc.

If you are fond of attending weddings then you might definitely know how important the food is. I know you want your guests to remember the taste for long. One of the most important stage of the wedding planning involves choosing  the right caterers. If the venue does not has an in-house caterer then book your own caterer.

Gear the wheels: Book vendors!

Wedding is no single person’s cup of tea. Proper management and coordination is a sure fire so that different elements can combine beautifully and result in a day that you and your partner along with both of your families can cherish forever.

Book vendors – photographer, videographer, DJ, band etc. A wedding planner can really help you in getting the perfect deals and bit of negotiation too.


indian wedding photographer


Unfortunately, these moments will vanish but your albums and videos will always keep the memories of these special moments fresh in your memory. Thus book the photographers and videographers carefully. Check whether they have the required number of cameras and other equipment and expertise in wedding photography.

Hire a wedding planner!!

The Indian wedding planner acts as a catalyst. Best  Indian wedding planner guides you through the wedding events to the wedding day and beyond. He takes immense care that things go according to your will and no stone is left unturned to make your big day as beautiful and memorable as possible.

An Indian wedding planner minimizes your task by assisting you in taking a crucial decision and negotiating with other vendors. Thus hiring a wedding planner is surely a worthy investment. wedding planning checklist for a wedding planner may differ from what you have decided on your own.

Let the wedding planner know your plans and desires so that he can customize accordingly and then see how both of your thoughts and imagination come together to do wonders!!


indian wedding choreographers
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Dance is the core of wedding entertainment. Let’s add the cherry on the cake and hire a choreographer for some stunning performances to surprise your guests in the wedding ceremonies and on the wedding day.

Mehendi artist

mehendi artist

If it’s the shaadi season it may happen that the best Mehendi artists are already booked. Thus make sure that you bring them on board before anyone else takes away the opportunity.

Plan for a perfect wedding decor theme

An innovative and creative wedding decor theme on being implemented can bring the surroundings alive!  An Indian wedding planner can really simplify the process.

Look for a such a theme which can multiply your joy by rendering a positive and energetic atmosphere so that whenever you dive into the flashback it seems that your big day was just a matter of yesterday!

Book the Panditji!

6 months planning checklist

Get ready for all the blessings to be showered on the beautiful pair that you and your partner make! Book your pandit ji so that all the rituals and proceedings are followed properly and both of you take vows for living happily ever after. The knot that both of you will soon will be a symbol of the unison of the two souls for an eternal journey 🙂

Now the groom’s turn!

Not always the bride steals the show!! Being a groom the eyes of the audience are all set to you too. She may earn a bit more praise, but that’s ok. You have to prepare well to give a tough competition. So dear grooms, get ready to make all the hot ladies out their jealous with the most handsome and killing look you have work till date. Get the perfect outfit that suits you well. Groom well and let your face show how proud and happy you are to win your princess!

Shop for a princess looking wedding attire

As a girl you have dreamt long of astonishing everyone through your amazing wedding looks. Finally the time has come! Get the perfect wedding attire for you so that you can blow minds and make it difficult for the guests to take their eyes off you.

Get ready to kill everyone with stunning looks of yours on that very day.

Get some pretty accessories

A  bride is incomplete without her wedding day accessories.

Whether you are planning for a traditional or modern look, accessories will surely enhance the overall getup of yours and render the finishing touch. Get your shoes, jewellery, hair accessories and more. This is going to be the best time for you to shop all your favorite item. Don’t let it go..!

Start beauty routines

indian wedding planning checklist

Start beauty routines some 4 months ahead of your wedding day. Many girls who have not been indulged into the same before should always try some new stuff on their skins at least a little before to find out what actually suits them. Accordingly you can prepare well for the final wedding day. Moreover these routines will also help to attain a natural glowing look to your skin which not only contribute to look gorgeous at your wedding but also keep you fresh throughout!

Finalize makeup artist and hair stylist

makeup artist and hairstylist

All set to look the most beautiful and stunning?? If you already have a favourite in your list well and good otherwise explore who can be the right choice! Look for people around, ask from your friends, relatives etc. Visit some parlours and saloons to get an idea what will eventually suit you. Experimenting on the final day can also become a blunder. Therefore identify what makeup style and hair styling suits you the best beforehand.

Finalize engagement rings

wedding planning checklist

Before three months prior to your engagement, you should finalize the engagement rings. At the same time if there are any other jewelry requirements, decide the same as well. These are vital things that should not be done in hurry and devoted full time and attention.

It’s time for a pre-wedding shoot!

pre wedding shoot

Woahh! this is one of the most interesting part. Believe me, you will surely be rejoicing the pre-wedding shoot a lot after your wedding too. Try all kinds of poses, some romantic as well as some crazy ones too..!!

Invitation cards: Tell the world!

The different invitation cards coming at your home for quite some long would have seldom made you ponder on how would yours look like someday? That day has come! Start shopping for your invitation cards and tell the world about who the lucky one is!

Prioritize the comfort of your guest: 

This is extremely important point in our indian wedding planning checklist! I mean, you definitely want to make sure that  the folks that have come to shower all the blessings and make your day even bigger are not left with any wishes unfulfilled.

Ensure booking comfortable rooms for your guests and check accommodation, facilities and charges properly.

Finalize and confirm everything

This isprobably one of the most crucial part of the 6 month wedding planning checlist. Now the time has come to recheck if something is left and confirm everything. Confirm all the bookings and check that things are going as per the plan. Confirm all the vendors and send final pre-wedding payment to all of them. Give final head count to all the vendors( caterers, rentals like chair etc.). Make sure to taste the food once before confirming the same. Ensure that hotel and transport booking is in place. 

Send transport vendor the schedule, addresses and contact phone numbers for people to be picked up. 
Confirm wedding day beauty appointments and ensure that the outfits and accessories are ready. Before one week visit your beautician for facial, waxing, manicure & pedicure etc. Always keep an emergency kit by your side. Always be in constant touch with the wedding planner to get frequent updates and clear confusions if any.

Post wedding

indian wedding planning
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Confirm that full wedding payments are made to all the vendors and other people whose services were provided. Wrap up everything. See that nothing is left and your guests are happy. Get your outfits cleaned..!! Relax and start preparing for your honeymoon!!!

This Indian wedding planning checklist has strived to cover all the important points that you should keep in mind for having a well-planned and easy going wedding journey. The 6-month wedding planning checklist will guide you to take all the decisions in an orderly fashion in order to search and decide the best for your wedding day. It’s definitely a personal choice to decide how and in what way to proceed. 

Hope the points listed above were helpful!! Still, if you have some other point which can add to, please mention the same in the comment section. Would love to welcome suggestions!


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