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Wedding decor –The Essence of every Indian Wedding

The wedding decor gives the first impression of the wedding to the guests. It is one of the major aspects of every Indian wedding. From entrance to the main venue to food corner and to everything needs to be perfectly decorated.  To add uniqueness to your wedding your decoration ideas should also be unique and impressive. The old classic way may not appeal the guests. Give the bright color and add innovation to the decoration for giving a magical look to your wedding. These wedding decor ideas are sure to create WOW! moments for your guests.

WedAbout has curated a list of few very impressive and majestic wedding decor ideas just for you.

The Colorful Umbrellas Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor using Umbrellas

Wedding Decor Wedding Decor with Umbrellas

Nothing can give your wedding a more vibrant look than the colorful umbrellas. Let them hang from the top or let them stand on the walls, they are sure to give an impressive look to your wedding.

Let the Pom Poms Brighten up your Wedding

Wedding Decor Magic of Pom Poms

Wedding Decor Subtle Pom Poms

Wedding Decor Photo Credit @ FotoWalle

Wedding Decor Photo Credit @ Girl In Pink

Pom Poms has become a big craze of the new generation. So give your wedding a colorful and fun decor with hundreds of pom poms. Big or small, they can be used in various ways for wedding decor. Complement your dress and give it the craze of pom poms too.

The Sparkle of Candles and Diyas

Wedding Decor Photo Credit @ Happy Frames

Wedding Decor Candles And Diyas

Wedding Décor Photo Credit @ Omair Syed Photography

Candles and Diyas can be used impeccably for wedding decor. Use candles in beautiful holders to light up your wedding. They can bring a new elegant look to the wedding area. They can be used anywhere for a truly amazing look. Light up the entrance panel with hundreds of flickering lights of candles and diyas. Let them also adorn the tables and the wedding stage.

Give your Wedding a Rustic Look

Wedding Décor For A Rustic Look

Wedding Decor photo Credit @ Taniyah Seth

For A Rustic look

photo Credit @ Taniyah Seth

Try out something new and take your guests to a bucolic ride to a rustic wedding. Give your wedding a real feel of rustic traditions and culture. Let the earthen pots, the lanterns, carts, bicycles, etc. Give a rustic look to your wedding. This wedding decor is sure to make your wedding truly memorable.

Go Techno with LED Screens Wedding Decor

Wedding Décor The Techies Way

Wedding Décor Go Technical

LED screen is still very rarely seen as wedding decor. But the fact is that they can be very impressively used to give a new and lively look to your wedding. You can choose to display the geometric designs. You can also align the screens to play a sequence of romantic scenes along with some very romantic music. Giving your wedding a more personal look let them display the personal videos and images.

Signboards are Completely Trendy these Days

Tell Your Story

Photo Credit @ Jamie Howell Photography

Wedding decor

Fun with Words

Signboards are very trendy wedding decor these days. They can be strikingly used giving a fresh look to your wedding. They not only provide easy pointers to the guests but also look amazingly good. They can be used to point the venues for different ceremonies. They can also be beautifully used to give a brief description of the event to as pointers to every tiny detail.

The Royal Look

Wedding decor photo Credit @ Taniyah Seth

Wedding decor photo Credit @ Taniyah Seth

Wedding Decor Photo Credit @ Happy Frames Photography

Wedding Decor

Indian weddings are no less than any royal event. So why not give them a truly royal feel with royal wedding decor. The royal seating arrangement, the imperial lightening, the regal wall decor, etc. can all bring a magic to your wedding.

Magic of Classic Drapes

Wedding Decor Colourful Drapes

Wedding Decor Photo credit @ Hitched and Clicked

Colorful drapes are a very common idea for Wedding Decor. But these drapes can be used in a variety of ways to give them a unique and trendy look. Give wings to your imagination and use drapes in the trendiest way. If used wisely, the drapes can give the most stunning look to your wedding.

Experiment with Flowers

Wedding Decor Flowers

Wedding Decor

Flowers, for ages, are being extensively used for wedding decor. Their fragrance and beauty are believed to bloom the newlywed couple’s life. Nothing can better decorate the start of a new life than the blossoming fresh flowers. Be it tulips, roses, lilies, or any other flower, a unique arrangement of these flowers can be used for amazing wedding decor. Try out something new and give your wedding a stunning wedding decor with an age-old prop.

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