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Quirky Bride entry Ideas for you: WedAbout

“A Happy Bride is the prettiest”

And what more to make the bride happy than a creative yet cute, new yet beautiful and awesome as hell quirky bride entry. A grand entry for your Wedding is the latest add-ons to make your wedding all about you. After all, it’s your wedding. You are the star of this event, everything should be about you.

Pic credit- Jodi Clickers

1. The Bold Biker Bride-to-be

We don’t need words for this one. The pictures speak volumes. Make a grand-talk-of-the-town Bride entry on Bike. Add Royal Enfield to it for the coveted royalty touch.

Quirky Bride entry

Quirky Bride entry Pic Credit – wedding StoryQuirky Bride entry

2. Star of the event “Bride”

Make an entry with all the sparkles and lightning for your grand affair.

Quirky Bride entry

Quirky Bride entry Pic Credit @ wedding Story

3. Chariot for the Princess Bride.

Add the fairytale effect to your entry. Come in full royalty as the princess in a carriage decorated with flowers. This will be the dream entry for every girl at your wedding and everyone will be Aww…

Quirky Bride entry Pic credit – Happy FlashbacksQuirky Bride entry Pic credit – Reels and Frames
Quirky bride entry

4. Cool Rickshaw entry

Here is how we Go Green on a wedding. Make a bride entry on Rickshaw. This will be quirky and Fun. Plus you are supporting the environment by using rickshaws.(A valid reason to support the fun)
Quirky Bride entry Pic Credit – Reels and FramesQuirky bride entry

5. Auto-matic Bride.

Imagine the fun when you make an entrance in an auto. It will be a wedding to remember.

Quirky Bride entry Pic Credit –Shutter InkQuirky bride entry Pic Credit – Reels and Frames

6. A Flowery Affair

Adding to the list, we will add the traditional bridal entry with flowers. The bride entering with lots and lots of flowers will create a beautiful sequence.
Quirky bride entry
Pic Credit –Gautam Khullar Photography Pic Credit – Jodi Clickers

7. Dancing with your friends

Dance your way to the mandap with your girlfriends and your cousins. This is a great way to show how happy you are. It will lighten the mood of the wedding from serious to fun.

Quirky bride entry

Quirky bride entry

Quirky Bride entry Pic Credit – Nitin Arora PhotographyQuirky bride entry Pic Credit – Nitin Arora Photography

8. Make that grand quirky bride entry with your hero

Who better than your groom to make that awesome entry. This will all be so filmy for your memorable wedding.

Quirky bride entry idea Pic Credit – Nitin Arora PhotographyQuirky bride entry ideas

Quirky bride entry Pic Credit – Conceptonestudios

9. Quirky Bride entry with performance artists.

Why not make it more dramatic by your entrance with performance artists. This will the grand larger than life sequence for the guests to remember.

Quirky bride entry

10. Lotus-shaped Doli

The latest trend in this list is to make an entry in a doli which is in lotus shape. It is a new form of modern doli for the beautiful bride.Quirky Bride entry


Quirky bride entry

All these ideas will not only make your entry but also your wedding memorable. Add some creativity and this will be inspiring for all the other young bride-to-be. Add that feel of quirkiness to your wedding to make it more fun.

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