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At What Budget You Should Hire a Wedding Event Planner

Getting married may sound a lot dreamy but actually executing a wedding could be pretty stressful. Hiring a good wedding planner could take that extra burden off you and your partner’s shoulders.

Whether you are planning on throwing an intimate wedding reception or if you’ve shook on having an outdoorsy affair, investing in an efficient wedding planner could really come in handy.

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Factors affecting the cost of wedding planners

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When it comes to Indian wedding planners, there’s a multitude of factors you need to take in consideration. You should be able to get on board a proficient team of wedding planners without burning a hole in your pockets.

Wedding budget

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Various couples may have a different idea of a perfect wedding day and one must choose their wedding planners as per those requirements. Let us help you figure out at what wedding budget you should hire a wedding planner. Let’s dive right into this article.

Types of wedding planners

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First off, let’s get this thing clear that a wedding planner is to meet and execute your wedding day vision and they will customize their offering best suiting your needs. There are several types of wedding planners for you to opt from- full-service, month-of, day-of planner, or a wedding planner who specializes in destination weddings.

We’ve listed down some of the most common services that your wedding planner may have to offer you.

  • Coordinating well among various teams and vendors associated with your wedding.
  • Selecting a venue and vendors fitting your budget and requirements.
  • Scoring better deals to meet with the budget and needs of the wedding. Organization is a must.
  • Making arrangements for all the wedding preparations such as assembling invitations, hiring a caterer, setting up the interior decor, assisting with your seating chart, and the list goes on because is there such a thing as too many chores when it comes to planning a wedding?
  • Running post-wedding errands, such as returning rental items, clearing bills for various services, clean-up, and more.

Let’s discuss various kinds of wedding planners you can choose from:

  • Full-Scale wedding planners
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As the name suggests, full-scale wedding planners are the ones who handle everything right from beginning to end. They help groom and bride visualize their dream wedding and execute the entire vision. They hire vendors and coordinate among various teams involved in a wedding while slashing down monetary expenses as much as possible.

It is highly recommendable to go for a wedding planner who’s had quite an experience of running and planning weddings in the past. Depending on their experience,number of guests and other aspects, full-scale wedding planners typically charge 10-20 percent of your total wedding budget. 

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Day-of wedding planners are hired especially to ensure that the D-day goes smoothly without facing any hassles. They create timelines to different procedures and coordinate among all the vendors so that the groom and bride can cherish those memorable moments stress-free.

[A day-of wedding planner can cost you 4 to 15 Lac; depending upon your requirements, budget and their period of experience. It can go as high as 50 Lac if you’re planning on splurging enough on your wedding day.

  • Coordinators & Consultants
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If you have budget constraints and want everything to go fluently, wedding coordinators and consultants are to your rescue. A day-of wedding planner doesn’t get done much of work as a full-scale wedding planner.

Pro Tip
If you’re willing to spend a tad more than day-of and lesser than full-scale ones, these wedding coordinators are definitely your go-to people.

They schedule events & timelines along with giving their life-saving advice; albeit you get a fair share of work responsibility for yourselves. You find vendors and make a few emails and phone calls here and there. These kind of wedding consultants usually charge you 5-15 percent of your total budget.

Number of guests

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Wedding event planners usually charge as per the number of guests and budget proposed by you. 

Wedding location

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Big event planners of India usually charge their fee as a certain percentage of the entire wedding budget (~15-20%), whereas, small to medium wedding planners charge a fixed fee for organizing a wedding. 

If you’re planning on getting married in a metropolitan city than it’ll be comparatively costlier than being in a non-metropolitan location.
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Bottom line is that you make up your mind what kind of wedding planners you need in order to live your dream wedding. The range of wedding planners differs extensively, so be clear on your expectations for wedding planning services.

Consult your soon-to-be partner and family members to help you seal the deal and enjoy the most mesmerizing time of your life.

Have a happy wedding!


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