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Honeymoon Essentials You Cannot Forget

‘Honeymoon is the most beautiful start to a journey called love.’ These moments of fresh love and togetherness where your heart stops at the very glance of your new wife or husband remain for the entire lifetime with you.

To enjoy this fun and relaxing time with each other without any hassles, WedAbout recommends the list of honeymoon essentials to keep you prepared and be under control for the lovely time waiting ahead:

1.Birth Control and Contraception

honeymoon essentials

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Enjoy your carefree honeymoon by opting for birth control contraceptives as honeymoon essentials. The couple can take precautions by discussing this with each other well in advance and adopting it consistently to avoid unwanted consequences. It is up to the newlyweds to decide amongst the oral pills, condoms, hormonal injections or the natural way of having a safe intercourse. Have round the clock fun just by embracing these safety measures with these honeymoon essentials.

2. Passport, visa and currency

honeymoon essentials

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Obviously! Passport is one of the most important must haves of the list. If going abroad, this is a vital document without which you will not be able to leave the country as it is an important piece of identification proof which has all the information like address, photo etc. Apply for a visa well in advance to avoid any hassles later.

While travelling if you are hesitant to carry a lot of cash, Traveler’s Checks are the best option. Carrying credit and debit cards are convenient, doesn’t limit your flow of money and are easy and safe methods of carrying enough cash. Get your money converted into the currency of the destination country. This is the easiest form and widely acceptable.

3. Sexy Lingerie

honeymoon essentials

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These sexy little things are a honeymoon essentials in your honeymoon luggage. Woo your partner with those matching thong and a lacy brazier. Wrap yourself in that sensual silk robe. Relive your wedding night by slipping into that pretty negligee before bed.

4. Hottest clothes

honeymoon essentials

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Opt for long skirts, sexy elegant cocktail dress for the romantic evenings and frill and satin tops to make you feel your best ever. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you when clad in that sexy beachwear bikini. Lastly, don’t forget to carry that gorgeous, romantic pieces to add a little spice to your honeymoon as honeymoon essentials.

5. Medicines

honeymoon essentials


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To remain healthy during your trip, you need to always carry your medicines with you which might not be available at the medical stores at the honeymoon destination as honeymoon essentials. In case you intend staying longer, carry enough medicines. Also take a few over-the-counter medicines like antacids, aspirins, Band-Aids, medicines for fever, diarrhoea, motion sickness and allergies.

In a nutshell, your honeymoon has to be well organized and planned. Every minute detail has to be well thought of to make sure this becomes the perfect and the most romantic holiday of your life. Lastly, don’t forget to carry all the love in the world with you. Bon Voyage!

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