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Tips for Planning a Monsoon Wedding-WedAbout

Monsoon is the season of romance and what is a better way than tying the knot to the sound of the rain. The rain will surely make you fall in love with your partner all over again. WedAbout brings you a few points while planning a monsoon wedding to make your wedding one of a kind.


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While planning a monsoon wedding, the venue plays a key role. Ask your wedding planner to arrange for waterproof tents for the outdoors or you may book a banquet hall with a lovely garden attached to it. Put up the waterproof tents in the garden from where the guests can arrive at the banquet hall. Also, make arrangements for the valets with large umbrellas; you don’t really want to get your invitees drenched while they are reaching the hall.


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For your unique monsoon wedding, you can get monsoon theme decorations. Make ‘rain’ the theme of the day. Be creative, use fountains, umbrellas for your rain themed wedding. During monsoon season the typical wedding style decoration with flowers can get insects in them so to avoid this you can do something totally hatke for your wedding. Use small neutral coloured rice lights, or go for bulbs of different shapes to brighten up your wedding. The rain will make the lights look as if they are twinkling; the whole area will look like as if it is glitter-ring just like a fairy tale.


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Monsoon is that time of the year when there is a little chill in the air. It’s the time when nothing sounds better than having a steaming mug of tea in your hand. Arrange for special tea counters which can serve a variety of teas and warm milk like almond milk. You can also have a soup counter which can serve a variety of soups, serve this with jalebis and pakoras or cakes and cookies. This will surely complement with the climate.

Your look

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Monsoon is the most humid time of the year. It is that time when you have a bad hair day almost every day and your make up doesn’t really stay on your face. So how do we tackle this problem on your wedding day?

First off, go for fancy up-dos on your day. You never know when all the humidity makes your hair go a wild frizzy mess, so it is always best to stick with fancy up-dos, not to mention how chic and elegant they look. Next, opt for the make-up that is water-proof and is matte based. You don’t really want your makeup running down on your face while you kiss your partner. Lastly, make sure that your wedding clothing is made of a lighter material, even though it will be a bit chilly, all the humidity can still make you sweat buckets, a lighter outfit will help solve this problem.

Now you see the idea of having a monsoon wedding is not as crazy as it sounds, in fact, it is the perfect opportunity to have a unique styled wedding that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and you can have the perfect fairy-tale like a wedding that you always dreamed of. Do check out our curated list of wedding venues for Monsoon Weddings at the WedAbout App on Android and iOS.

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