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6 Wedding Return Gift Ideas which will be Remembered for Long

There is nothing more vibrant and cheerful than a big fat Indian wedding with lots of music, sweets, lights, decorations and most important gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts? Whether you are a child or a grown-up, you will always feel happy when you receive a gift.Now that you have brought all the jewellery, clothes, accessories or matching footwear for the wedding, it’s time to buy “return gifts” for all the guests attending the wedding.You have a huge variety available in the markets from a flower vase to hang bags or jewellery or maybe a set of glasses.

Confused? Let us now solve your confusion, here are some WedAbout ideas for Return Gifts that are going to be a big hit for the guests:

1. Elegant Earthen Pots

Return Gift

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The handmade earthen pots with beautiful painting or traditional designs crafted on these look really elegant and can be considered as return gifts.In fact, crystal vases too will give an elegant and classy look as the Return Gifts.

2.Jams, Sauce and Honey Jars

Return Gift

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Women love accessories for their kitchens. So this one is really gonna make all the ladies happy. These jars come in various shapes and sizes and are easily available. You can buy as many  as per your requirement.

3.Scented Candles

Return Gift

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A set of beautiful scented candles is a great option for gifting since it can be used as a decorative item. These candles have beautiful fragrance and are available in various funky designs. Go for some unique flavors and attractive packagings.

4.Personalized Return Gifts

Return Gift

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You can choose some gift items like bags with a photo collage or some cushion covers and cups with beautiful pictures and thank you notes on them, biding a thankful goodbye to your guests for their presence in the wedding.


Return Gift

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Artifacts are the handmade items that can be one of the options for wedding return gift. These include beautiful paintings, wall hangings or dream catchers. The incense boxes, canvas paintings and sculptures are also trending these days.These can be a great gift for the “culture lovers”.


Return Gift

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Go Green this time! Visit a nursery and choose a good range of plants which can be used as a gift item. Try something different this time and save the planet too by gifting a plant. Go Green, Support Environment!

Return gifts are nothing but just another way to say “ThankYou” to your guests. Make them happy and honoured at the same time by reciprocating their gestures as pretty return gifts. Choose whatever suits your budget.

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