5 Possible Gestures To Make Your Honeymoon Memorable

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5 Possible Gestures to make your Honeymoon Memorable

The honeymoon is the only time succeeding to all the eventful marriage business whilst a couple gets some quality time to spend with each other and treasure it for the lifetime. It can be anything you can think of doing (or even beyond) for your other half on your honeymoon. Be it a floral or a chocolaty surprise or reserve an evening for a candle light dinner or walking hand in hand along the beach under moonlit sky! WedAbout brings you the 5 possible gestures which can help you make your honeymoon all the more special.

1. Hidden Tiny Love Letters


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Let the letters speak up for you on your Honeymoon! Tiny little surprises never fail to add spark to your love life. Pen down everything you feel, like, love or adore about your spouse that made you fall for him in the form of tiny love letters. Either give him/ her directly or play a little treasure hunt with them or hide them somewhere you know for sure they’ll find it.

2. Thoughtful Surprises



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Think of all the things your love ever spoke to you about during your courtship period. There can be something you both might have talked about to do on your honeymoon or your other half might have expected you to do. Do it. Make it possible on your Honeymoon. Being effortful and thoughtful at all times brings smiles on faces.

3. Song Affair



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Make a medley of all the songs which connect you to the first time you met or the courtship period and surprise your significant half with them. It will help revive the good old memories and bring back the love on Honeymoon.

4. Mini Massages


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It is an all time pleasure to get the couple massages but giving each other a massage is even better on Honeymoon! Go ahead learn some skills to give a seductive surprise of mini massage session to your partner and spice up your honeymoon.

5. Bed Surprises


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There may be a good deal of things which your spouse may not let you know directly, especially when it comes to what he/ she is fond of in bed. Discover those things and understand them for a honeymoon is the best time to do that. Be effortful and do those things for him/ her. Also, don’t hesitate to surprise him with something new you learned.

Your first honeymoon is something which would never come back. So live every bit of it. Let your partner know about the crazy filmy side of yours!

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