5 Magical Tricks to an Exciting Married Life

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5 Magical Tricks to an exciting married life

Your wedding planner will not advise you about the first night and all the following nights you will spend with your companion. Today we talk about the most important ingredient of marriage, Sex! Often considered a taboo topic, it eventually is the only act that sustained the human race or for that matter any living race on this planet?
The greatest act of intimacy is often shunned, but today we want to explore top five ingredients to escalate this gift to mankind by God. Five must do’s to have a bed-rocking time on your bed… or couch…or wait just about anywhere you feel it’s going to be great! Read along for a happy married life.

1. Always start from the neck

married life

Whisper with gentle hot blows on the neck when you need to guide your companion’s way towards the destination. A little hot air with a brisk touch of lips sensitise senses that cannot be resisted. After all, no expensive bridal jewellery can be above the hot lips of your life partner.

2. Go deep with kisses

married life

Gentle ones are to show care but when on a bed, eat the other like they were served hot on a platter and you cannot get enough of them. Ruin that expensive bridal makeup because it’s more fun to remove than put on.

3. Strip down from your bridal lehenga because its time for show

married life

Foreplay plays 70% of the major role in the great act, the longer and sensual it is the most satisfactory your outcome in sex will be. Make your limbs to greater use and make sure you flex all your muscles.

4. Say his/her name

married life
Make the other person hear that you are fully aware of the fact that your body is being shared by that name. Reserve your heaving & growls and focus on grunting your companion’s name. It’s a major turn on.

5. Last but not the least, do not start and end in one position

married life
Show your moves, show your dominatrix side and see the other succumbing to your powerful vibes that will eventually help you both pant for more breath than you could have imagined.
While these 5 tricks work flawlessly for a lustful time, the most important is a consensus. Both partners need to be ignited to produce flames of passion that cannot be put off by anything. So while packing that wedding trousseau keep these dirty little secrets in mind to have a fabulous ‘ride’ ahead. No pun intended.
All images and GIFs courtesy: www.tumblr.com.
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