Peacock Themed Wedding, Add A Little Glam With These 10 Ideas

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Peacock Themed Wedding, Add A Little Glam With These 10 Ideas

Weddings are all about decors, music, dresses, accessories and much more but themed weddings especially steal the show. Peacock themed weddings are bright and colorful just like a peacock. The blue, green and gold colors of decorations, dresses and mandap look very pleasing and give a magical touch to the wedding.Here are some WedAbout’s ideas for a peacock themed weddings which can help you to plan a super cool and classy wedding:


Themed Wedding

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From the bouquets to chairs and stage, decorate everything with peacock colours and you are ready to make the wedding unique and exotic with golden blue lights all over.


Themed Wedding

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To give the theme a starry touch, arrange the great wedding cake in the shape of a peacock for the bride and the groom and make their special day worth it.

3.Invitation Card

Themed Wedding

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Invitation cards are an important part of any wedding. Make them super attractive with the glittery touch and let the people look forward to the royal wedding.

4.Bridal Lehenga

Themed Wedding

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The bride being the star of the wedding, everybody looks forward to seeing how she looks and what is she wearing. Get your bridal lehenga designed according to the theme of the wedding with blue/green/golden colours.

5.Accessories/Make Up

Themed Wedding

Photo Credit@whitealbumweddings

Since peacock is the symbol of beauty, use peacock feather accessories like hair pins or hair bands. Brighten the makeup too with the blue/green coloured eye shadows and nail paints.

6.Pre-Wedding Shoot

Themed Wedding

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Ah! Pre-wedding shoots with turquoise coloured shiny dresses and the colourful background is all you need to do to make it rememberable.


Themed Wedding

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That’s a great idea, the peacock shaped Mehendi designs on the hands of the beautiful bride and the bridesmaids will look super amazing.

8.Peacock Theme Mandap

Themed Wedding

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The heart of the wedding is the mandap. Give it a totally different look with the bluish golden look and let it stand out in the wedding.


Themed Wedding

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Make the accessories look really interesting, imagine the peacock shaped necklaces, earrings, bangles, anklets, all adding a unique shine to the wedding.

10.Groom’s Attire

Themed Wedding

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Give the groom’s outfit a smart look with the peacock touch sherwani and make him feel confident with his best looks.

Above were the things which makes a peacock theme wedding a super hit event. Also, do check out our app WedAbout on Android and iOS.


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