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Wedding Rituals to Build Bond Between The Couple

Indian Weddings are elaborate. Our “Shaadi” have lavish customs, rituals and wedding games. The special day should be filled with romance. That is exactly where fun wedding games come into play. The Indian Wedding Rituals include few light-hearted games to build couple bonding. These sweet-nothings create magic between the couple.

WedAbout takes a note of fun wedding games in Indian Weddings:-

Ring Rules Relationship

Wedding Rituals

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Wedding Rituals

Photo credit@PixelStory

Hindu weddings boast of wedding ritual. Here the ring decides who will dominate the marriage. Wedding rings will be hidden inside a basket of uncooked rice. The fun is that the bride must identify the groom’s ring by touch before fitting it into her finger. The groom follows the same. Whoever is successful in locating the right ring first is believed to take charge ahead.

Warm up with Mehendi

Wedding Rituals

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Wedding Rituals

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Mehendi represents the bond of matrimony. The bride adorns intricate Mehendi. This has the name of the groom hidden. The most intimate ice-breaking wedding game is that the groom has to find his initials in the beautiful mehendi of the bride. This wedding game creates a sense of belonging to the couple.

Sweet Wedding Ritual in Betel Leaf

Wedding Rituals

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Wedding Rituals

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In Bengali marriages, the couple does not get to see each other. The first time they catch glimpse of each other is on the wedding evening. The bride covers her face with a betel leaf. She is carried around the groom. After the last round, the bride removes the betel leaf. She unveils her face to look at her husband. The fun is that they both have to look at each other thrice without flickering eyelids. This is very coy yet charming moment.

When Coconuts Spark Off

Wedding Rituals

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Wedding Rituals

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South Indian Weddings see a cheerful coconut wedding ritual. Post wedding, the couple sits together and roll down coconuts towards each other, if the coconuts collide it is a sign of long lasting marriage. This wedding ritual entertains the couple.

Game of Patience

Wedding Rituals

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A simple happy wedding ritual is to untie the knot together. The groom’s sister ties a string of knots in his hand. Then the bride is responsible to open the knots. The groom gets to help his wife in this game. If the couple opens all the strings, it is signal that they will face all crisis ahead together with patience and determination. The ritual involves laughter and banter from family around.

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