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Choreographed Dance at Wedding Sangeet!

“Banno Re Banno Meri Chali Sasuraal Ko
Ankhiyon Mein Paani De Gayi
Duaa Mein Meethi Gud Dhaani Le Gayi…”

Wedding Sangeet Special

Wedding Sangeet

Kalki in Yeh jawaani hai deewani

Hello, lovely girls out there! Before you wonder ahead, let me help you with the most planned & sought after segment of wedding preparations- The Choreographed Wedding Sangeet Ceremony. The only thing that one reminisces after their wedding is the lovely coordination they maintained throughout the Dance while for a close-knit family it brings a matter of getting happier about it over & over again!!!

Dance has always been a part of all Indian wedding events & we can’t deny it as this is the only time where the whole family can come all over together & take a chill pill for the wedding. What about trying a choreographed dance at your wedding sangeet this time!!!

Wedding Sangeet

Dance on Your Sangeet like never before

Many of us get into this habit of doing arrangements in the most lavish manner but when it comes to your Sangeet, you totally get a surprise from your relatives & dear friends only!

Ever thought you want to be that dancing queen of the event?

You have your own sense of conveying to your would-be & in-laws;

You want to enjoy your wedding like it’s your own & would want to do something unique in your wedding besides having a grand entry!

Wedding Sangeet

It’s your moment; Your day!

If you say yes to all of those said above, welcome to WedAbout’s section of Choreographed Dance at your Wedding Sangeet where we would want all of you too closely understand how much difference it can bring in your own personalities apart from adding & creating one more memory together, that too, for the very first time.

A choreography is a manner of presenting a song in a coordinated dance, such that the true sense of happiness can be conveyed to the people around you. Each couple is different in its own sense & we totally can comprehend where one might not be too comfortable while dancing in front of so many people; of course the fear of missing out on steps & doing vague things!

Wedding Sangeet

Matching steps with a cool sync is what you need to make it a hit!

In order to avoid all such scary moments, a well-choreographed dance gives you enough moments to stay together, understand each other & also tells a lot about your coordination in a life-long relationship that you are going to share.

Dear Brides,

First of all, it’s very important to build that sense of confidence within us to stand & present your creative part in front of guests & we don’t think you would want to miss out on that! Agreed?

So what are we waiting for, let’s quickly check out the segments you can certainly have a look upon:

  • Bride herself dancing solo!!!
Wedding Sangeet

Bride dancing solo! Credit: Biyani Photography


Wedding Sangeet

Be happy & Be You while you dance.

  • Bride dancing with her friends…
Wedding Sangeet

Bride dancing with her friends.


Wedding Sangeet

Girls Gang With the bride                                  Credit: COOLBLUEZ PHOTOGRAPHY


Wedding Sangeet

Aishwarya dancing with Madhuri

  • Bride dancing with her Dad…
Wedding Sangeet

Bride dancing with her dad!


Wedding Sangeet

Bride dancing with her dad.

  • Why should boys be left behind, ever thought the groom dancing at his own sangeet? Here it is!
Wedding Sangeet

Groom dancing with his close pals.

  • The trendiest of All- Couple dance: Bride & Groom Together!
Wedding Sangeet

You & me make us complete on our first dance!


Wedding Sangeet

Couple grooving together!


Wedding Sangeet

Making the most at your Sangeet to pose & create memories!

Excited to know more about how this Choreography changes the whole scenario of your wedding sangeet, connect with us!

WedAbout brings you a glimpse of happy glory what anyone can avail it with us, do watch it; Don’t miss out on the coordination that was kept alive in this video!!!

For Sangeet Choreography, contact WedAbout at 9910697867.

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