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4 Interesting Options for Bridal Doli-WedAbout

A bride-to-be is always pampered the most while prepping for the Big Day. The excitement doubles in a wedding when the bride wallows in the magical world of her own. But this is not where the fun ends! The most important and heart-stopping moment for everyone is when a bride makes a grand entry in the wedding. This is when all her hard work from applying the best make-up to selecting the right outfit and all other minor details gets noticed. The right entry is where it all pays off!

So, We at WedAbout present to you 4 options for Bridal Doli to make an enthralling entry in the nuptials.

1. Traditional Royal Palanquin


Bridal Doli

One of the traditional way to enter a wedding venue is through a palanquin (doli) which is usually carried by bride’s brothers, uncles or other relatives. This also symbolizes the love and bonding between the bride and her family.

2. The Shahi Car Entry


Bridal Doliphotocredit@Design Aqua

If you are a car lover, then why not do something out-of-the-ordinary and add a shahi luxurious limousine to make a splash when you enter. It is also one of the most comfortable ways to reach the wedding without any hustle and bustle.

3. Horse (Ghodi) Drawn Carriage


Bridal Doli Bridal DoliPhotocredit@Dipak Studios Photography

To get a magical feel, you can incorporate a horse-drawn carriage in your wedding. It always looks classy and gives a princess feel to the bride. The good thing about carriages is that it is slower than a car and gives you time to savour those precious moments of your life.

4. Peacock Chariot (Rath)

Bridal Doli

A chariot is a great option for that big entrance and what can be better than an exquisite peacock design. It gives a surprise element to the audience and catches all the attention of the bride.

Every bride wants her wedding to be one of the most memorable moments of her life. So, in order to last an impression on the guests, you have to add some royal elements in your wedding. A Bridal Doli is always a great way to do something out-of-the-box. So these were our some of the most unique and interesting ideas for the doli.

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Chitransha Chauhan

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