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Silver Shopping: A Perspective by Mukta Gupta-WedAbout

Silver has always been an integral part of all auspicious occasions in India. But naturally, weddings are not an exception and silver jewelry, crockery and artifacts take the priority in any wedding shopping list.

In The Wedding Look by WedAbout, you will see an exhibit on this beautiful white metal by the famous retail outlet- Swarn Chandrika based in Gurgaon. The Co-founder, Mukta Gupta, shares her obsession and passion for silver with us. A former French teacher and white metal lover, she is operating this venture successfully from past 5 years. In a discussion with WedAbout she tells us why Silver is an emerging trend in wedding and how can the brides make the most of it.

1.     Advantages of Owning Silver


Silver Shopping

Photocredit@ Swarn Chandrika

When asked on why brides should add silver shopping in their list, Mukta feels that “there are not one but many reasons to it. Silver is a precious metal and any day more affordable than gold and diamonds. At the same time, silver looks beautiful on everyone. Secondly, there is a resale value of silver just like other metals which makes it lucrative. ”

She thinks that “apart from ornaments, silver crockery has always been a symbol of royalty and prestige in our culture. While you cannot ignore the importance of dining and drinking in silverware as its therapeutic value is proven. Also, the idols of deities and other artifacts are always made in silver which makes as best gift or favors in Indian weddings”. We can say that silver is altogether a friendly metal.”

2.     Choosing To Buy From Swarn Chandrika

Silver Shopping

Photocredit@ Swarn Chandrika

There is no dearth of silver shops and silver shopping is easy. What sets Swarn Chandrika apart is their ability to customize. She says that “it is one stop shop for all your silver shopping requirements. We are associated with 6-7 highly skilled craftsmen who are located in Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Thailand. We also make artifacts which are not only beautiful and decorative but have utility value also. For instance, we designed a napkin holder silver box. Instead of a silver box which either gets dumped in bank locker, this became a highly useful piece.”

Swarn Chandrika believes in giving options to its customers in silver shopping. If you talk about jewelry then there are hundreds of earrings and nose rings to show to buyers. The range of items here starts from as low as INR 250 and goes not beyond INR 35000. In fact, we are a rare combination of value for money and unique collection.

3.     The Emerging Bridal Trends In Silver

Silver Shopping Silver Shopping

Photo credit@ Swarn Chandrika

There is a buzzing trend in silver trinkets and Mukta gauges this upcoming trend. According to her, “Aspirational brides are now seeking for silver nose rings, silver waist bands and long necklaces made from silver. While anklets which are a bride’s favorite adornment is always in silver Shopping. Also, those statement cocktail rings are too made from this white metal only.” She adds that “Nowadays, brides come to me with a particular design of gold necklaces and want their replica to be made in silver.”

Well, Silver shopping trend is going to stay forever. Mukta wants to invoke and revive the interest of buyers in silver with her unique designs and affordable collection.

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