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Lehenga style to suit your body type-WedAbout

The dream of every bride is that perfect wedding dress, which will make her look like the most beautiful bride the groom and the crowd have ever seen. Selecting a wedding dress is a process, it is a memory in making. No doubt, it is the most difficult task for the bride.

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A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride. It should suit your skin tone and body type. As hefty as it sounds, we are here to help you.


Along with a lot of options of colours, you can go for traditional wedding colours such as Red, maroon and Pink. There is a wide range of colours to experiment with for the adventurous bride such as blue, marsala, off-white, or Golden. Also, there is an option of soothing pastel colours for a softer look such as Olive, mauve or peach.

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The next hefty task is choosing lehenga according to your body type. Traditionally there is five body type I,e. Apple shaped, Pear-shaped, Hour-glass shaped and square straight shaped female body type.


According to body shape, here is our expert guide for that perfect wedding dress that will make you look like a dream:

1. Balancing the bridal look of the Pear-shaped girls:

If you belong to this sexy category with heavy bottoms, well here is an idea to flaunt your sexiness. Show your curves by wearing a low-waist lehenga or drape that saree along your navel for that slim look. Go for a blouse that has both detailing and will add volume to your upper body.


Lehenga pic credit @ Nitin Arora Photography

Lehenga pic credit The Wedding Salad

2. Lehenga for the sexy bride with Hour-Glass figure 

If you are blessed with this coveted type of figure, first thank god. Now the tough part, Selecting the perfect wedding dress. A fishtail lehenga will be perfect for you. Add a halter blouse or corset to enhance your oomph effect. You can also try an A-line lehenga in a flowy fabric with some layers.

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3. Lehenga for the Apple figured bride-to-be

Apple figure is referred to those women who are heavier on their upper body side. You can try a longer blouse or choli with a deep V cut to balance your look. For fabric, you should try the lighter and flowy fabric like chiffon and Georgette. A heavily embellished neckline would be better. You should also try empire-length lehengas. Avoid heavier and still fabrics like brocade and tissue. Wear a blouse of a darker colour for slimming effect on the upper body.

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4. Wedding Lehenga for the Straight square-shaped bride

If you are more of skinny and straight than girly and curvy, this is the section for you. The motive of your lehenga is giving you more feminine and curvy look. You can try lehenga which accentuates your waist curves. This will draw attention to your slim waist. Try choli cut blouses with deep embellished necklines. Fish cut lehengas are a great choice. Wear shorter blouses instead of kurtas. You can also use the luxury of heavily embellished dupatta in a stiff material. You can try corsets to define curves. Wearing a lot of jewellery is also a good idea for that coveted feminine look.

lehenga Pic Credit @ Nitin Arora

lehenga pic credit The Wedding Salad


We hope this helped you with the tough wedding dress selection process. This is indeed a very important and tough task. You can play with colours for a better understanding of your style and look.

Your wedding dress is one of the most important parts of your wedding. Take your time for this. If you need our help with it, we would be happy to arrange for such Wedding services.

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