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Top 5 Bridal Eye Make-Up Trends, 2017

Are you are a bold and beautiful bride-to-be? Do you want to have the hottest eye make-up on your D-day which is trending in 2017? We know it’s difficult and you don’t have time to search the latest eye make-up trends, so we have compiled the hottest trends for your gorgeous eyes. Let your eyes do the talking on your wedding day with these amazing eye make-up trends.

From glitter to blue hue, WedAbout, India’s leading wedding app brings to you top 5 bridal eye make-up trends, 2017.

1. Blue Eyes : Rock the Trend

eye make-up

PhotoCredit @ Youtube

eye make-up

PhotoCredit @ VivahMoments

From a simple swipe on the lid to inner corners of the eyes, blue colour is having a moment. Blue eye-liner and shadows are being experimented with and brides are following the trend of runways and celebrities. 80’s beauty trend are making a comeback with frosty blue shadows.

2. Shimmery Eyes : Get Glamorous

eye make-up

eye make-up

PhotoCredit @ Dreamweavers

eye make-up

PhotoCredit @ TicklishBlink

One of the biggest trends to look out for in 2017 is glittery eyes. Silver and gold eye-shadows or glitter splattered on the lashline, brides are going to love this trend. Glitter is fun, trendy and brides can experiment by using glitter on the eye-brows as well.

3. False Eyelashes : For the Picture Perfect Look

eye make-up

PhotoCredit @ DreamWeaverphotography

falselashes-Amit Puri Photography

PhotoCredit @ Amitpuriphotography

Ditch your natural lashes for bigger and bolder eye-lashes which yields some amazing D-day pictures. Try out the lashes with your beautician and pick the one which suits you the best.

4. Graphic Eye Make-Up with Pencil Technique

eye make-up

PhotoCredit  @ Maybelline

eye make-up

PhotoCredit  @ All4women

Right strokes, sharp eye pencil and a beautiful colour palette, graphic eye-makeup with a sharp pencil are all this and much more. It is a visual delight and needs correct technique. Brides are experimenting with graphic eyes which use radiant hues and short strokes to get beautiful eyes.

5. Princess Crown Eye Make-up : For The Experimental Bride

eye make-up

PhotoCredit @ Youtube

eye make-up

PhotoCredit @ youtube

You are the princess and sport a crown on your eyes rather than your hair for a royal look. Metallic hues, rhinestones and glitter are merged together to give a crown shape which is different and bold for the new-age bride.

Now, it’s time to dare and try these sexy eye make-up trends to look your best on the most important day of your life.

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