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Types Of Wedding Bangles – Choora Worn In Different Regions

For a married woman, a choora is not just a mere ornament, it’s a sign of love and prosperity between the couple. It is also one of the most important parts of the solah shringar for a newly-wed bride. Since India is a country of diverse cultures with different regions, there is one thing common between these regions which are the rituals. Hence, wearing choora, especially lac, glass or shell is a must for a bride.

So, We at WedAbout will take a look at types of choora worn in different regions of India.

1. Choora Worn by a Punjabi Bride


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A Punjabi bride wears Ivory choora in red and white color which is studded with stones and glitters. An auspicious choora wearing ceremony is held on the morning of the wedding, where the bride’s maternal uncle gives her a set of bangles after washing them in milk. It is mandatory for the bride to wear these bangles for a minimum of 45 days up to a year after the wedding.

2. Choora Worn By a Bengali and Odiya Bride

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Bengali and Odiya regions imbibe age-old traditions of shankha, pola, sindoor and toe rings. The newly-wed bride adorns white conch shell bangles and red coral bangles called as Shankha Pola. Shankha Pola holds a great value and are meant for great health and prosperity.

3. Choora Worn by a Rajasthani and Gujarati Bride

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In Rajasthan and Gujrat, a set of 52 ivory bangles which is also called as Hathi dant ki churi, is worn in both hands. The Ivory choora is usually gifted by the bride’s mother. Ivory Bangles hold a major importance in these regions as the ‘Saptapati’ ritual or Saat phere can’t be performed without wearing these bangles.

4. Choora Worn by a Maharashtrian Bride


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Unlike the red choora, a Maharashtrian bride wears green color glass bangles which are a symbol of new life, fertility, and creativity. The green bangles are accompanied by solid gold bangles called Patlya and carved gold kadas called Tode. Conventionally, a bride has to wear these bangles in odd numbers only.

So, whenever you see a pair of pretty bangles resting delicately on the wrist of a newly-wed bride, make sure you give them a second look. As you might get inspired to wear some yourself in future.

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