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8 Tips for your Wedding Shopping-WedAbout

Wedding shopping is one fun filled yet brain wracking event for every bride and groom. From the nail color to the lehenga and from your pocket square to the cravat you wear; everything needs to be planned, synchronized and purchased. WedAbout tries to eases the mammoth task for you by proffering you with some handy tips for your wedding shopping.

1. Know Your Body

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Being blessed with a unique body, you should be aware of what would suit you the best. The color of the attire, the designs and pattern and the fabric too; you should be able to choose the bestyou’re your body. Learn about the flaws you would want to hide for the perfect look on your special day and customize your shopping accordingly.

2. Research Is Helpful

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Do an exhaustive research before doing your wedding shopping. The more the research, the clearer is your outlook. Dive in the limitless information “Guru Google” and magazines provide you and it will help you get clear with your preference.

3. The Season Factor

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Keep it as a base of your wedding shopping. It is very important for you to be comfortably stylish on your wedding day. Dress according to the season and flaunt with confidence. For instance, velvets comfort you in winters and should be avoided in summer weddings while chiffon is a summery thing which makes you feel light and easy.

4. Plan Your Budget

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Your budget gives you a window to do your shopping. Set a separate budget for everything you want to buy as a part of your wedding and do your research exercises accordingly. Setting a budget saves you from all the mess of confusion as it helps you do a focused shopping.

5. Be Trendy; Not Blindly Though

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Being in vogue and trendy on your wedding day is a thing you deserve. But doing a reality check on what suits you and what not is a good idea to save yourself from any disaster. The idea is NOT to follow the trending fashion blindly. Be rational in analyzing because you know you will have all eyes glued on you on the day of your wedding.

6. Trust Your Instincts

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Let your inner instinct guide you right amongst all the advice pouring in from your friends and relatives for your wedding shopping. Believe yourself in getting the right thing for you because it’s you who knows the best of what type you want your wedding look to be, right?

7. The Complementing Accessories

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Your jewellery and your accessories impart all the life to your wedding look. Make sure to couple your jewellery, accessories and outfit well before you shop any of them. You may want your accessories with a contrasting or complimenting theme. Shop duly!

8. Trials are good!

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wedding shopping


Don’t hesitate in getting a trial of everything before buying. Things may look different on wearing than what you might have imagined them to be. So go get a reality check with the trial and help yourself in getting the right thing for you.

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