5 Mantras To Get The Right Wedding Look For Yourself

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5 Mantras to get the right Wedding look for yourself

Looking the best of her on her wedding day is something every girl desires for the most. Every individual owns a different and unique personality and hence there is no one-rule-applicable-to-all even in the best of the fashion books. Though there are a few things which can be kept in mind while getting festooned for your special day for that wedding look. WedAbout brings you everything you need to consider while preparing yourself to get just the ideal wedding look.

1. Know Your Body Type

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The beauty of women comes in different shapes. Discover which one are you. Are you the apple, banana, pear or hourglass shaped? (Confused? Don’t be!) An apple-shaped body is a triangle downward with broad shoulders and narrow bottom while pear-shaped is a triangle upward with a broad bottom and narrow shoulders. Banana shaped body is straight. And an hourglass-shaped body consists of two triangles opposing. The “mantra” is to balance what you have. Like for a pear-shaped body, it is advisable to go for straight fit or flared bottoms (no fish cuts please!) and broad necked blouses (like a boat neck). While for an apple shaped body, v neck or scoop neck blouses are great.

2. Know Your Body Shape

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Dressing according to the shape and size of the body is a smart idea. Not just the outfit’s design but also its material, work and prints contribute in getting the perfect wedding look. For a lean body, it’s a great idea to go with fuller materials like velvet, Georgette etc. (depending on the season) accompanied with layers (for a more fuller look) while for a heavy or a curvy body, chiffon-like material with delicate work or smaller print is good to go.

3. Know Your Skin

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The colours of the outfit are significantly affected by the skin tone. For cool skin tone colours like beige, bold blue or navy blue, burgundy is sure to bring the best of them whereas one can perfectly compliment their warmer skin tone with colours like purple, aqua, white and cream. These will give you a perfect wedding look.

P.S. – Avoid wearing colours matching your skin tone.

4. Dressing According To Height

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For all the short girls “higher the waist, better the outcome” is the idea.  A mono shaded outfit with work running lengthwise is sure to add inches to your height.  Rest can be assured by adorning a high bun or poof based hairdo. In case you are blessed to be a tall person then there is much to experiment for you. Wear low waist lehenga and show off your tiny waist. Also, you are good to experiment with multicoloured or contrasting outfits.

5. Flaunt Your Best

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It is very important to know which part of your body is to be hidden while which of the rest can be flaunted. Show the best of you. Be it your toned slender arms, long neck with defined collarbone or your little tiny waist, you should be aware of what is the best of you and don’t be shilly-shally in showing them off!

Go girls and get your best dressed and let your confidence and smile do the rest of the magical wonders!

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