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Pre Wedding Skin Care Tips Every Bride Should Know

When it comes to wedding there are a lot of things that comes to a brides mind. Her hair, her jewellery, dresses, shoot, booking bridal makeup, decoration, theme, and the invitation lists etc. in the midst of all of the wedding preparation the bride forgets that she is the star of the wedding and should take care of her skin. 

When someone is getting married there is no such thing as starting too early or too soon. This article provides an in-depth about how should a bride take care of her skin before she gets married. Pre wedding skin care is important so that the bridal makeup radiates the fact that the bride is a happy bride. Have a look. 

CTM (Cleansing! Toning! Moisturising!)

bridal makeup

The bride should never leave her skin care for the last moment. It is suggested that she should start with her skin care routine as soon as possible so that the deep rooted dead tissue sand other skin problems are taken care of.

Regular cleaning, toning and moisturizing is suggested. 

Homemade magic 

skin care tips
homemade magic
prewedding skin care tips

It is advised for the brides to not try any new product three weeks before the wedding. This includes skincare, hair care or any skin and makeup products. The brides can maintain their glow by using home products like rubbing banana, papaya, watermelon, potato over her skin or using mom’s made Ubtan.

Green tea a life savior 

green tea

Drinking green tea is a very healthy routine. It should be included as a part of the skin care routine for the brides who can invest too much time on their skin. 

Eating it right 

skin care tips

Eat the correct amount of nutrients needed by your skin and hair. Omega oil is also a good option and will enhance your bridal makeup look. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Don’t skip your meals.

Avoid oily food, junk food, ice creams and sodas if you want to speak through your bridal makeup.

Pro Tip
Avoid oily food, junk food, ice creams and sodas, if you want to speak through your bridal makeup.

Sleeping- The Golden Rule

pre wedding skin care
beauty sleep

Sleeping is always advisable. Lack of sleep means tired skin, dark circles under your eyes which will hamper your bridal look.

Wake up, it’s your wedding 

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If you have a summer wedding then it is advised that you start wearing SPF 50 everyday starting 4 weeks before the wedding. Salicylic products are good for the brides who suffer from hormonal spots on the skin or chin.

Taking care of hands and lips 

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Apart from skin and hair, a lot of focus is put on the hands and lips. Apply almond oil, massage your hands and keep them hydrated and moisturized.

Meditation is all you need

bridal skin care tips
bridal skin care tips

The mantra is to not be stressed. Any kind of stress shows on the face. Meditate, keep calm, drink lots of water, drink green tea and just enjoy the fact that you are getting married. 

Hair removal 

pre bridal beauty tips

Keep yourself properly groomed. If there is any extra hair on your hands, legs, chin or any other body part get it removed. Keep your eyebrows in proper shape. Maintain a monthly or bi-monthly routine when it comes to hair removal.


Pro Tip
It should be noted that beautiful bridal makeup looks good on flawless skin. No foundation will look good without you having an exfoliated skin base. Once your skin care is in check, try wearing matte primer for longer stay bridal makeup and to keep oil in place.

Just remember, everybody deserves ‘me time’ and when you are a bride you deserve it the most. So pamper your skin, book the best bridal makeup artist, indulge into regular skincare routine, go for HD or airbrush bridal makeup and just be a happy bride. The inner glow is what is reflected on your face after all.


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