Bookmark these 50+ Latest & Attractive South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for 2024 Weddings

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Bookmark these 50+ Latest & Attractive South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for 2024 Weddings

Although every Hindu bride’s Solah Shringar is incomplete without flowers in the hair, the right hairstyle elevates her overall look. When it comes to South Indian brides, the kattu-bottu-juttu tradition becomes a bridal necessity. South Indian bridal hairstyles are quite elaborate, thanks to those beautiful garlands of flowers and hair embellishments that make these hairstyles certainly one-of-a-kind. But before settling for the classic poola jada for your wedding, let us tell you there’s a lot to experiment with. Also, you should choose a South Indian bridal hairstyle just right for your hair length, face type, and forehead. For instance, brides with medium-length hair can go for a fishtail braid; those with round faces can elongate their face shape with a low bun, and so on.

To let you pick the best South Indian bridal hairstyle, we have curated this blog with the latest & trendiest hairstyles along with helpful tips. From traditional south Indian bridal hairstyles like jadas to buns, braids, and hairdos with flowers, there’s certainly something for every bride out there.

Front South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Pondering which traditional South Indian bridal front hairstyles are on-trend these days? From puff and twisted front hairstyles to the latest bridal hairstyles for a saree, we have indeed covered them all.

Embellished jada with subtle back puff and Nethi Chutti

A mid-parted jada with a back puff and Nethi Chutti will certainly suit brides with oval faces. Furthermore, accessorize this front South Indian bridal hairstyle with minimal netted embellishments to make it look one-of-a-kind.

French crown braided hairstyle

Need a simple South Indian hairstyle that’s elegant as well as classy? If you have medium-to-long hair, try this French crown braided hairdo, where the braid starts from the top of the head and then takes the form of a braid. Furthermore, adorn this South Indian bridal hairstyle with jasmine flowers and also a Matha Patti.

Bridal hairstyle for South Indian wedding with twisted front & side braids

This bride chose a middle-part Maang Tikka hairstyle with messy, twisted braids on the front & sides that look effortlessly elegant. In our opinion, this hairdo is certainly a perfect muhurtham hairstyle for brides with a big forehead.

Subtle front puff hairstyle with minimal Nethi Chutti

If you are looking for bridal hairstyles for sarees, try the subtle front puff hairdo and also accessorize it with a Nethi Chutti featuring a minimal design. Moreover, this hairstyle best suits brides with round or long faces, as it balances out the roundness of the face.

traditional south indian bridal hairstyle with puff front view
Via: snapshot_wedding_
Multi-strand Nethi Chutti front south Indian bridal hairstyle

See how interesting this front hairstyle for a south Indian bride looks. The bride wore a multi-strand Nethi Chutti as well as rakodi hair ornaments.

muhurtham south indian wedding hairstyle for long hair with head jewels
Via: Pinterest
South Indian bridal twisted hairstyle

While this bride’s bangs are perfectly twisted on the front and the sides, the jasmine venis occupying a small portion at the end of her hairdo look equally enchanting. You can opt for this south Indian bridal front hairstyle for your engagement, wedding, and reception.

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Side puff hairstyle

Make your hairstyle on a saree for a wedding look more appealing with a side puff. If you have thin hair, get two voluminous side puffs with a bun or jada.

bridal front hairstyle for south indian wedding with side puff
Via: Pinterest

These were some south Indian bridal hairstyles with a front view. Pick the one that best suits your hair length as well as face shape.

Poola Jada – Traditional South Indian Bridal Hairstyle

Poola jada is certainly the foremost and classic choice for most Southern brides. Those layered jasmines and rose venis adorning the bride’s hair look exceptionally stunning in every way. Whether you are looking for this traditional South Indian bridal hairstyle with flowers or South Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair, these jada hairstyles are hard to miss.

The classic poola jada

This traditional South Indian hairstyle is certainly unrivaled, whether it completely or subtly adorns the bride’s plait.

poola jada traditional south indian bridal hairstyle for saree
Via: Pinterest
traditional south indian bridal hairstyle front and back with jasmine flowers
Image via: divinemantra
south indian bridal hairstyle with flowers for medium and long hair
Via: Pinterest
Two-toned South Indian hairstyle with flowers

Here, the bride chose mogra buds to achieve a breathtaking South Indian wedding hairstyle. If you have a big forehead, opt for a majestic matha patti and also some side flicks. Furthermore, brides with round faces can pick a puff muhurtham hairstyle.

Traditional bridal hairstyles for saree with multiple flowers & billai hair accessory

Look at these brides donning contrasting poola jada like pros. Choose this wedding hairstyle for a saree or carry it off at your engagement or reception.

traditional hairstyle for south indian bride with flowers and billai hair accessory
Via: Pinterest
poola jada hairstyle for tamil nadu bride with saree
Image via: Pinterest
Floral bridal bun with netted gajra braid

South Indian bridal hairstyles like these will certainly never go out of fashion. Pick a puffed bun or crown braided bun. Furthermore, complement it with a netted jada.

floral bun with netted gajra braid hairstyle
Via: Pinterest
south indian bridal hairdo with netted gajra braid
Image via: Pinterest
Full mogra bridal bun & braid

Searching for inspiration for South Indian hairstyles for short hair? Let your MUA assist you in wearing an artificial bun braid and covering it with jasmine flowers beginning at your crown.

south indian gajra hairstyle for saree for short and long hair
Via: Pinterest
All-over poola jada hairstyle

If you are looking for elegant South Indian wedding hairstyles for short or medium hair, this all-over poola jada hairstyle is certainly apt for you.

Wear this simple south Indian hairstyle and rock your D-day look. These classic braids also serve as perfect engagement hairstyles for South Indian brides.

Embellished Jada: A Fashionable Take on the Traditional South Indian Bridal Hairstyle

If you are not really into classic poola jada, try an embellished jada hairdo for your wedding. Be it a golden poola jada hairstyle on a saree for a wedding or a two-toned embellished jada reception bridal hairstyle, here are a few choices you can count on:

Gold-toned jada hairstyle

Bridal golden poola jadas feature embellished gold Jada billas that run along the length of the braid. Such wedding, engagement, and reception hairstyles for sarees are perfect for traditional as well as contemporary brides.

gold poola jada south indian hairstyle for short and long hair
Via: Pinterest
Silver-toned or diamond jada south Indian hairstyle

Diamond Jada South Indian bridal hairstyles for weddings can undoubtedly create magic in no time. If you are planning to wear silver or white Kanjeevaram at your engagement or wedding, a diamond jada bridal hairstyle can indeed elevate your overall look effortlessly.

traditional south indian hairstyle for bride on saree
Image via: Pinterest
Jada with multi-coloured billas or pins

Brides who love to do the bare minimum can certainly make their traditional South Indian bridal hairstyle look classy by inserting multi-coloured billas or pins in their braids. Such south Indian braided hairstyles look simple as well as elegant!

traditional jada hairstyle on south indian saree
Via: Pinterest
Artificial jada hairstyle

Not fond of south Indian bridal hairstyles with real flowers? No worries! Make your South Indian hairstyle look interesting with artificial flowers that certainly look as ethereal as natural blooms.

engagement hairstyle on south Indian saree for round face
Via: Pinterest
Jada hairstyle with embellishments & gajra

Look how gorgeous this south Indian saree hairstyle is, thanks to its minimal embellishments as well as the gajra that lend it a classy feel.

simple gajra bridal hairstyle for south indian wedding
South Indian hairstyle look with rose petals

This bride is certainly rocking her saree hairstyle for weddings with rose petals. You can get a netted jada filled with rose petals or pick a jadai adorned with the petals.

Easy & Simple South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Are you a Telugu or Kannada bride looking for a simple South Indian hairstyle for your muhurtham? Or looking for inspiration for easy South Indian reception hairstyles? These hairdos given below are certainly worth trying.

Subtly curled half-tied hair with Nethi Chutti

If you have thin and long hair, curl them subtly, half-tie them, and then add a Nethi Chutti. Not to mention, this hairstyle will suit round, oval, and square faces.

easy and simple front bridal hairstyle for tamil telugu bride for saree
Via: Pinterest
Half-up half-down hairdo

Need an elegant wedding engagement hairstyle for a saree? Women with long or round faces can get a half-up, half-down hairdo just like these brides. Something that’s undoubtedly great for curly hair too!

easy and simple ponytail hairstyle for engagement in saree
Via: Pinterest
muhurtham and engagement hairstyle on saree for south indian bride
Image via: Pinterest
half tie south indian engagement and reception hairstyle for saree
Image via: sejal_savaliya22

Go for any of these easy and simple South Indian hairstyles to elevate your D-Day look!

South Indian Bun Hairstyles

How about a messy bun for your engagement or reception? Why not opt for a twisted bun as your muhurtham hairstyle? Here are some south Indian bun hairstyles for sarees you can subsequently give a try:

Donut bun hairstyle

Donut bun hairstyles serve as easy modern reception hairstyles for sarees that certainly work well for weddings too!

Andal bridal kondai hairstyle

This traditional Tamil Iyengar hairdo is certainly unique as well as special in every way.

andal bridal kondai hairstyle for tamil iyengar brides with long hair
Via: Pinterest
Classy & trendy floral bun

Even if you are a Kerala bride with thin or curly hair, a classy low or high bun adorned with fresh blooms will certainly look perfect on you.

south indian floral bun hairstyle for saree for reception
Via: shadeandlight_photography
floral bun hairdo for south bride for reception
Image via: Pinterest
Bun with a puff

If you are looking for South Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair or something that will suit oval or round faces, a bun with a puff is certainly your savior.

braided bun with puff and flowers for south indian reception
Via: Pinterest
Floral bun with pearls

There’s no doubt that south Indian bridal hairstyles with flowers look great, but accessories like pearls can certainly take their look up a notch.

Braided bun hairstyle

Women who are looking for an exceptional wedding or reception Indian bridal hairstyle can undoubtedly count on a braided bun.

modern braided bun with flowers for reception
Via: Pinterest
Messy bun

Messy buns are versatile modern reception hairstyles for sarees that can subsequently take your glam quotient several notches up.

Gajra bun

South Indian bun hairstyles for sarees accessorized with real or artificial gajra are an elegant as well as ethnic choice for brides.

simple and traditional gajra bun for south indian bride
Via: Pinterest
Twisted bun

Take your tresses and then twist them up into a knot to form a twisted bun. This hairdo serves as an excellent choice for a reception or engagement hairstyle for a saree. Furthermore, don’t forget to leave the ends loose to make it extra appealing.

chic and modern twisted bun hairstyle
Via: Pinterest
Bun with baby’s breath

Not fond of floral buns? No matter whether you opt for a low or side bun, a few Baby’s Breaths on your hairdo can certainly make you look elegant in a jiffy!

bridal bun hairstyle for saree for engagement and reception
Via: Pinterest

South Indian Braid Hairstyles

Aside from the classic Jada hairstyle, traditional as well as modern brides can choose from a multitude of Indian bridal braid hairstyles. Have a look!

Simple braid south Indian hairstyle

A simple braid is certainly a versatile hairdo any Telugu, Kerala, or Kannada bride can count on.

simple braid south indian bridal muhurtham hairstyle
Via: Pinterest
Bubble braid hairstyle

Those looking for refreshing bridal hairstyle ideas can undoubtedly try a bubble braid. Furthermore, adorn the braid with hair accessories like butterflies, mogras, pearls, and the like.

simple and traditional bubble braid indian bridal hairstyle
Via: Pinterest
Fishtail hairstyle for South Indian wedding

Do you have medium-to-long hair? Try a fishtail braid that can certainly add a unique twist to your standard braid hairstyle. Check out these south Indian bridal hairstyles from the front and back, and we are sure these pictures will certainly inspire you.

fishtail braid hairstyle for engagement in saree
Via: studio31chennai
fishtail braid south indian engagement and wedding hairstyle

If you were searching for south Indian wedding hairstyles for long, curly, or thin hair, your search certainly ends here. Pick your favorite braided hairstyle to add glam to your wedding, engagement, or reception look.

Open Hairstyle For South Indian Brides

Brides who have long hair and want to display their gorgeous tresses can undoubtedly choose an open hairstyle for their engagement, reception, and even wedding. Here are some south Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair for those who want to let it loose.

Half-tie curls with accessories

A half-tie hairstyle featuring voluminous curls and a pretty hair accessory in the middle certainly serves as a perfect pick for Telugu, Kannada, or Kerala brides. Even if your hair lacks volume, such south Indian bridal hairstyles for thin hair will undoubtedly do the trick!

reception bridal hairstyle for south indian bride for curly hair
Picture via: Ritika Kadam
thin hair long hair reception hairstyle for saree featuring half tie curls
Via: Pinterest
half tie curls with flowers hairdo for engagement in saree
Image via: srushtimakeovers
Half-moon gajra hairstyle

Want a statement-making south Indian wedding or engagement hairstyle for a saree? Try this half-moon gajra look that’s minimal as well as elegant.

Half-tie curls with braided crown

Another trendy half-tie muhurtham hairstyle is a gorgeous crown braid complemented with loose curls and some Baby’s Breath or pins.

braided crown hairdo for engagement for south wedding
Via: Pinterest
Fishtail braid coupled with curls

Looking for elegant fishtail braid hairstyles for an Indian wedding? How about this wedding hair look? It will subsequently offer brides the best of both worlds—a fishtail braid as well as curls.

Minimal gajra hairstyle

South Indian bridal hairstyle ideas that feature minimal gajra are undoubtedly as enchanting as other hairdos.

Unique braid hairstyle

If you want to break the monotony of south Indian choti, go for a unique & quirky braid hairstyle. This wedding cum reception Indian bridal hairstyle certainly suits almost all face shapes.

Open curls with bling accessory

A South Indian bridal hairstyle comprising of open curls accentuated with a bling accessory certainly garners attention in no time.

We hope you are now acquainted with trendy south Indian bridal hairstyle ideas. Stay tuned to the WedAbout blog for everything related to weddings!

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