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Taking Care of your Wedding Jewellery

For every girl, her wedding jewellery is one of the most prized possessions. We understand how precious these precious stones are. There is a bundle of memories embedded in it. While it is important to choose your wedding jewellery, more important is to take care of the same to ensure its longevity.

WedAbout is to your rescue. With a few tips which might help you keep your worthy wedding jewellery in a sound condition till eternity!

1. Cleaning wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

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While you use your wedding jewellery, there is a big possibility that dirt and other particulates ruin its beauty. Therefore it becomes vital to clean your jewellery and that too in the right manner (else it may harm your precious even more!). Use 100% cotton cloth for cleaning. Dab it with lukewarm water and gently wipe off all the dirt from your jewellery. Soft muslin cloth can also be used for gentle cleaning. Avoid using tissue paper for the same. It might cause scratches to your jewellery. You can use any jewellery cleaning solution available at the jewellery store.

2. Storing wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

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After you’ve done the cleaning, be patient enough for the jewellery to dry out completely before storing it. It is advisable to store your wedding jewellery in air tight containers. This will protect them from moisture. Place the jewellery separately. It should be in velvet lined boxes to avoid scratching. Silica gel sachets will help you keep away the excess moisture from jewellery. Also, ensure that you neither wear nor keep the silver and gold jewellery together. The very-much-trending silver jewellery can be stored in tarnish resistant cloth.

3. Protecting wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

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Your wedding jewellery is surely a thing to flaunt off! But it also needs to be protected from things which can damage it deeply. Shield your jewellery from extreme temperatures. Sunlight deteriorates the gemstones so beware about it. Moisture steals away all the shine and brightness from your ornaments, hence protect them from the same.

4. Miscellaneous wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

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One should Take all the necessary actions mentioned above. Here we have few more important precautionary measures. It should extend the life of your jewellery a little more.

  • Wear your jewellery only after 2 min of wearing your makeup, perfume, hair spray and lotions.
  • Don’t wear your precious engagement ring, while doing rough household work. You can wear gloves.

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