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Popular Nose Ring options for the Brides

Nose ring is beyond just adornments and holds a much deeper meaning. Nose ring is a sign of married women. There are a wide variety of nose ring to choose from, while in some culture certain types are a must. WedAbout will give you a sneak peek into some popular options for the brides.  So wear the perfect Nose ring adornment and tune to “mara laung gawacha” on your wedding day!!!


Nose ring

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Typical of Gurajat and Rajasthan, this hoop shaped nose ring is extremely popular with the brides. The hoop is often made of gold and the hoop is adorned with precious and semi precious stones and pearls. The hoop is connected to a chain which is pinned to the hair in this Nose ring.

2.Maharashtrian Nath

Nose ring

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In the shape of a cashew nut, the Maharashtrian nath, Nose ring is a vital piece of the bridal jewellery. Pearls, beads and colourful stones adorn the nath.

3.Punjabi Nath

Nose ring

Photo credit@DeepakStudios

This is the more adorned version of the nathni worn by the Punjabi brides. The hoop is usually medium to large in size and decorated with small latkans which sometimes also follows up to the chain in this Nose ring. This is a very popular form of bridal jewellery in India. It is seen in different colours, sizes and styles.

4.Laung And Classic Pins

Nose ring

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Extremely light weight and a comfortable Nose ring. They will always remain evergreen and can also be worn daily. They are single studs and sometimes the studs are in shape of a laung. The studs are colourful gem stones or diamond. Usually, north Indian brides wear such kind of pin.

5.Spoked Nose Ring

Nose ring

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Brides from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are often spotted in spoked shaped nose ring. The spokes are seen along the circle which makes it unique and extremely appealing.

6.Diamond Circles

Nose ring

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Simple, elegant and a safe option, it comprises of small diamond pieces in a circular shape. For those who want to keep is sophisticated!

These are some of the admired nose rings choices for the brides. Apart from the traditional significance, they are great fashion accessory which enhances the facial beauty. Brides all you need is to carry it with flair!

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Ankita Rai

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