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Bridal Makeup Trails : A must have- WedAbout

For a Bride, her personal preparations including her attire, her ornaments, her accessories and her bridal makeup, of course, are her primary concern.

Wearing the right bridal makeup which goes along with her skin tone, her outfit, and her jewellery is no less than any Herculean task! WedAbout suggests all the would-be brides out there; go and get your bridal makeup trial too (just like your wedding dress).

WedAbout draws from their experience of helping brides decide their Makeup artist and bring to you their learning.

A bridal makeup trial is important before choosing your makeup artist. Why?

1. Cut the risks


bridal makeup Dance floor décor for reception

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When you are already struggling with all the stress of the wedding and the preparations related, another burden on your shoulders is the last thing you need! Getting a bridal makeup trial well before D- Day will let you know how it actually turns out. It will help cut the risk factors (if any) and help you deal with them before time.


2. Can they do justice to your unique face?

bridal makeup

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Each face and every personality are entirely different from the other. The bride’s make up you liked at a random friend’s cousin’s wedding may not suit you the way it did on her. You are unique. Your skin, your face type, your features and your personality are inimitable. A bridal makeup trial is definitely a solution in such a case.

3. Check Dream v/s reality

bridal makeup

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It is important to check on how far dreams can be turned into reality. Bright red lipstick with that heavy jewellery along with your favourite eye shadow may not come out to be as stunning as you always thought it would. It’s time for a reality check before you end up with a disaster on your wedding day.

4. Preparing to be picture perfect

bridal makeup


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The camera is going to capture your moments forever. And you would never want to say “I wish” looking at your wedding pictures at any moment in your entire life! Why go Blind? go for bridal makeup trials

On one hand you have experienced artists and on the other hand, you have new artists.

The tried and tested- an experienced artist will know how to deal with the real life situations But remember every artist has a signature style. If you want a innovate and experiment they may not be that open.

The newbie notch- probably would be a lot more open to experimenting and innovating and circuiting with you your bridal makeup.

So who to choose? You need to choose who works for you.

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