South Indian Bridal Look Ideas that are Breathtakingly Gorgeous!

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70+ South Indian Bridal Look Ideas that are Breathtakingly Gorgeous

When it comes to Indian weddings, South Indian brides are a sight to behold. A typical South Indian bridal look is certainly characterized by a stunning Kanjeevaram saree complemented with a maggam blouse, elaborate temple jewellery, and classic jadas adorned with fresh florals. However, today’s brides leave no stone unturned to make their look unique and contemporary. From experimenting with offbeat saree blouses and the dupatta trend to picking pastel pattu silk bridal sarees and nude makeup, South Indian brides are inspiring everyone with their refreshing choices.

We thought of curating a few South Indian wedding looks that are trending and inspiring for brides-to-be. No matter whether you are looking for inspiration for a traditional South Indian bridal look, new bridal hairstyles, makeup tips, or contemporary bridal looks, this blog has got you covered.

Natural and Refreshing South Indian bridal look

This bride rocking her bridal glam in a red and cream wedding silk saree with a contrasting blouse has certainly left us spellbound. Moreover, other key highlights of her look that appear ravishing are a beige dupatta, diamond jewellery, a puffed bun hairstyle, and nude makeup.

Certainly a different South Indian bridal getup in a saree

Vibrant colours are an integral part of South Indian wedding fashion, and this bride has certainly proved it. Look how different yet elegant she is looking in a purple Kanjeevaram with a contrasting blouse. Also, her natural makeup and simple jewellery balance her extravagant saree perfectly.

south indian bride in purple kanjeevaram saree and contrast blouse
Via: vijayeesamandco
Something that will certainly drive inspiration for traditional South Indian brides!

This bride undoubtedly shines like a goddess in her South Indian bridal red saree, half-open hair with floral gajra, and dramatic eye makeup. If you also decide to opt for this simple South Indian look, make sure to complete it with temple jewelry-inspired Kamarbandh and necklaces.

We are crushing over this South Indian bridal makeup and hairstyle

Aren’t you awestruck by this Tamil bride rocking her bridal glam in a white wedding saree? Furthermore, other key highlights of her look that certainly appear ravishing are temple jewellery, gajra hairstyle, and subtle makeup.

The most unique and offbeat blouse designs for a modern South Indian bride

Contemporary brides who are after modern South Indian bridal blouse designs can simply opt for something like these. These engraved and heavily embellished maggam work back blouse designs are indeed one-of-a-kind and sophisticated. Also, wear a mogra flower bun hairstyle and a simple dark pink or red bridal pattu silk saree to be the best South Indian bride in town.

trendy embroidered south indian bridal blouse design
Via: Shades
Maggam work back blouse design in red
Via: Pinterest
Take notes from these embellished Poola Jada hairstyles

If you are looking for inspiration for South Indian bridal hairstyles, these images will certainly inspire you. The embellished long braid paired with a few gajras can indeed make your Solah Shringar complete. You can slip into a matching Kanjeevaram South Indian bridal saree. Also, add a belted blouse or a deep-back neck blouse to your traditional South Indian saree look.

embellished phool jada south indian bridal hairstyle
Via: Pinterest
These quintessential South Indian bride in nine yards of elegant are looking no less than a fairy

This is certainly one of the best South Indian bridal looks we have come across so far. The brides chose a traditional saree look for their wedding. Their red Kanjeevaram south Indian bridal saree with a green blouse undoubtedly matches their personalities. The traditional front South Indian bridal hairstyle looks equally enchanting.

Simple South Indian bridal looks featuring classic white or cream pattu sarees

These beautiful south Indian brides in white and cream pattu sarees are beauty personified. You can balance your overall appearance by wearing minimal jewellery as well as bold makeup. On the other hand, you can wear a heavily embroidered blouse and traditional south Indian bridal jewellery sets.

simple south indian bridal look with dupatta and traditional jewellery sets
A mix of lehenga and saree

If you want to try something other than a Kanjeevaram South Indian bridal saree, wear a lehenga saree or half saree. Take cues from these South Indian looks in a lehenga/half saree. If you want to be a contemporary South Indian wedding bride, get a lehenga saree in unique hues and peacock motifs. Moreover, to be a traditional South Indian bride, don a red, yellow, green, or white half saree. Furthermore, complete your traditional South Indian look with an embellished blouse and dupatta, minimal jewellery, and a bun hairstyle.

So simple and serene South Indian marriage look…

This bride’s eyes certainly speak for themselves. After all, they have become extremely captivating with the perfect eye makeup. If you pick a bridal white saree with a red border, wear bright red lipstick. Also, wear an illuminating highlighter for a traditional South Indian look.

Simple South Indian look with striking ensembles

You can certainly manage to make your South Indian look for your wedding fashionable by opting for a Cuperic golden Kanjivaram saree, matching dupatta, and diamond & emerald jewellery. For South Indian bridal makeup, you can also wear dramatic eyelashes, nude lipstick, and bold brows.

Do you love something or everything about this South Indian bride?

Whether you are a Tamil, Telugu, or Karnataka bride, this South Indian bridal getup will undoubtedly catch your eye.

We certainly have no words for this simple and traditional saree look 

You can learn from Kannada actress Ashika Ranganath how to keep traditional nuances intact while still managing to look elegant. Her bridal white silk saree with a pink border and unique temple jewellery set certainly complement her natural pink makeup and simplistic bun hairstyle.

So soothing to the eyes!

This South Indian bridal getup in a white & onion pink saree and classic floral braid has undoubtedly become our instant favourite.

South Indian bridal blouse design that has got no match!

No doubt, this golden Kanjeevaram saree looks beautiful, but this heavily embellished South Indian bridal blouse design is so unique and exceptional.

If you want to stay connected to your roots, this look is for you!

This south Indian white wedding saree look is undoubtedly perfect for all those Telugu and Tamil brides who want to exude their traditional and cultural values. 

south indian bride look in white pelli kuthuru saree with dupatta
Via: sruvamstudios
We have succumbed to the charms of this dulhan in a South Indian bridal look with a dupatta

At this time, we will only say that we completely adore this lovely bride.

More South Indian bridal looks with dupatta

If you want to rock the south Indian bridal look with dupatta trend, here are some more images for your inspiration.

south indian dulhan in red saree with dupatta
Via: Pinterest
We cannot stop gushing over this sophisticated yet traditional South Indian bridal getup!

Besides her elegant sari and makeup, this bride’s sleek front South Indian bridal hairstyle has garnered our attention. Another simple South Indian look that’s worth our praise! 

traditional front south indian bridal hairstyle and makeup
Via: Pinterest
This bride is looking nothing less than a Goddess!

If you wish to opt for a white pattu saree for your wedding, get something like this. Also, finish the look with nude makeup and a crown-braided bun. 

South Indian wedding bridal hairstyles like buns never disappoint

Take inspiration from these south Indian bridal hairstyles featuring buns adorned with mogra flowers and embellished hair accessories and make your bridal hairdo standout.

bridal gajra bun hairstyle for south indian wedding
Via: Pinterest
south indian bridal bun hairstyle photo
Via: Pinterest
These heavy, pure gold temple-style jewellery sets look so precious

Right from their saree and blouse designs to their makeup and jewellery sets, everything about these bridal looks is indeed precious.

A million-dollar bride indeed!

This bride wearing an orange Kanjeevaram (pattu) saree, extravagant diamond jewellery sets, and dramatic makeup is displaying traditional fashion at its best.

A new South Indian bridal getup to try if you are a contemporary bride

If you want to follow the contemporary route, get a bridal look like this. We are sure it won’t disappoint you!

Offbeat but modern Indian bridal look

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Instead of settling for a traditional South Indian bridal saree look, be a bold Indian bride by wearing something offbeat like these brides. They picked offbeat and contemporary colours for their south Indian wedding saree. Also, the first bride’s no-makeup look is drawing more attention toward her outfit and jewellery.

Beauty lies in simplicity

This traditional South Indian bridal look is a perfect example of being simple and elegant.

Want to try something offbeat yet elegant? Take notes from this bride

If you don’t have a penchant for traditional wedding pattu sarees, wear something different like this: a solid off-white saree with an embellished silver blouse. Also, wear antique gold South Indian bridal jewellery sets to balance everything out.

This open hair bridal look in saree is for every modern South Indian bride

Don’t you think this South Indian bridal saree looks ethereal when combined with an open hairstyle? If you want to opt for this contemporary South Indian marriage getup, go for it without giving it a second thought. This is also a great South Indian look for engagement or reception.

Golden Goddesses!

If you are not fond of South Indian bridal white or red sarees, this getup is certainly for you! This South Indian look for brides is completely unique, thanks to the gorgeous golden Kanjeevaram South Indian bridal saree and dupatta styling. Complete this South Indian bridal look with dupatta by pairing it with contemporary jewellery sets.

simple south indian bride in golden kanchivaram silk saree
Via: Pinterest
We just love the palette and freshness of this picture

The colour palette chosen by the bride for her entire look is so calming. Her traditional South Indian saree style completely matches her pearl and crystal jewellery sets.

These kohl-rimmed eyes are undoubtedly full of dreams

This traditional South Indian bridal makeup is certainly ruling our hearts right now. So simple, natural, and elegant!

Another traditional South Indian bridal look that’s so simple yet mesmerizing at the same time

You can’t deny that this simple south Indian saree look is undoubtedly very appealing to the eyes.

In our opinion, soft eyes and nude lips combo is certainly the best South Indian bridal makeup one can opt for

Looking for some inspiration for South Indian bridal makeup? Do not think much and go for soft eyes and extended eyelashes. Undoubtedly, complement this South Indian eye makeup with nude lips.

Elegant yet simple south Indian saree look

If you wish for a simple South Indian saree look, wear a traditional red saree, a bun hairstyle with gajra, and traditional south Indian bridal jewellery sets in gold.

simple south indian bride in red wedding saree and bun hairstyle
Via: Pinterest
Bold lips are in

Do you want a simple South Indian bridal makeup look? In the first place, go bold with your lips and keep the rest of the makeup simple. 

south indian look for engagement and marriage
Via: Pinterest
Classic or quirky?

Want a classic bridal look in a saree? Wear the traditional poola jada hairstyle with your saree. On the other hand, you can wear a crown poola jada for a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Not to mention, you can take inspiration from the South Indian bridal hairstyle front look depicted below.

traditional south indian bride wearing red silk saree and poola jada hairstyle
Via: Pinterest
These South Indian bridal blouse designs have enthralled us in no time!

We are confident that you will certainly be inspired by these heavily embroidered and embellished South Indian bridal blouse designs

embellished south indian bridal back blouse design
Via: Womenewera
peacock south indian bridal blouse sleeve design
Via: Pinterest
Diamond jewellery is perfect for brides who don’t want to wear traditional South Indian bridal jewellery sets

Your South Indian look for a traditional day shouldn’t have to be solely traditional. Instead of wearing simple South Indian bridal jewellery, accessorize your outfit with exquisite Swarovski crystal or diamond jewellery. Also, take inspiration from these South wedding bridal looks to elevate your wedding attire. 

How about this bridal look in beautiful South Indian bridal jewellery inspired by temple designs?

To achieve a traditional South Indian look, simply settle for gold temple jewellery as well as a classy South Indian wedding saree.

Golden yellow Kanjeevaram silk sarees for modern as well as traditional brides

Are you getting ready for your D-day or want to achieve the best South Indian engagement look? Grab a yellow Kanjeevaram pattu saree or something that’s a mix of yellow and golden hues, as these colours never go out of fashion. Additionally, team up your South Indian bridal saree with traditional temple jewellery or contemporary jewellery sets—whatever you fancy.

Whether you want to look simple and traditional or wish to be a modern bride, these South Indian bridal looks will surely help you dress up like a dreamy bride.

Parul Dhamija

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