Best & Latest Bridal Mehndi Dress Design Ideas to Get That Perfect Look for Your Ceremony

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Best & Latest Bridal Mehndi Dress Design Ideas to Get That Perfect Look for Your Ceremony

The mehndi ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most fun-filled events out of all the pre-wedding festivities. Indian brides wait for this day not only because it comes under the solah shringar but also because the application of mehendi is also considered a sign of good luck. So before the DJ wala plays “Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna Doli Saja Ke Rakhna” for you, make sure you have that perfect bridal mehndi dress ready.

Well, picking the right mehndi dress for the bride can be quite fussy. “What should an Indian bride wear for mehndi”? When such a question arises, let us tell you that today’s fashion market offers a diverse range of mehndi function dresses and dress designs. Which dress is best for your mehndi ceremony certainly depends on the look you want to create. Pick a green dress for your mehendi function for a traditional look. Brides who want a fuss-free outfit can settle for a simple printed lehenga, Indo-western, or suit. Furthermore, those who want to make the most of the grand affair can opt for a designer lehenga or gown. You can also experiment with colours such as purple, dark pink, red, etc. that are in vogue these days.

To ease your wedding planning, we have curated the latest and trendiest designs for mehendi outfits for brides. Pick your favourites and make sure to bookmark them!

New & Latest Green Bridal Mehndi Dresses

A green dress for a mehendi function is undoubtedly the foremost choice of many brides. As per Hinduism, the colour green signifies happiness, auspiciousness, and prosperity. Also, a green mehndi dress for brides looks super classy and chic. Here are some green mehndi function dresses that will inspire traditional as well as contemporary brides.

1. Diviner Designer Mehndi Ceremony Dress

Designer dresses for a mehndi function can’t be missed when it comes to mehendi dress ideas. This mehndi program dress from renowned brand Papa Don’t Preach features a dark green raw silk lehenga adorned with pink and golden lotus motifs. This green dress for mehndi certainly looks stunning when paired with a matching embellished bustier.

This green dress for mehendi is certainly a stylish and classy option for modern brides

2. Embellished Elegance

Who doesn’t want to be the belle of the ball at her wedding? A heavily-embellished mehendi dress for brides can certainly help them look their best at their swedding revelries. Look for a fully embroidered or embellished bottle green lehenga and pair it with an equally adorned blouse.

Count on these heavily embellished mehendi outfits for brides to look like an absolute dream
heavily embroidered mehndi dress for bride with floral motifs
Via: dollyouup_bys

3. Flawless Floral

Looking for floral-inspired mehndi outfits for brides online? There are certainly tons of such mehndi dresses for girls that are trending right now. Opt for a simple floral-printed lehenga choli or something featuring shimmery floral motifs. For now, take inspiration from the mehendi ceremony dresses showcased below.

These pretty floral mehandi dresses for brides are certainly our top favorites!

4. Subtle Glam

Want a mehendi bridal dress that’s not overwhelming? In such a case, look for mehandi function dresses that are neither simple nor heavily embellished. You can also choose a subdued green shade for your bridal mehndi dress.

Certainly, this is the perfect mehndi look for brides who don’t want to go overboard
A subtly embellished lehenga with a heavily embellished choli is undoubtedly the perfect mehndi dress for brides

5. Pale Green Looks Enchanting Too!

Who says a pale green mehndi dress for women isn’t alluring? This hot colour trend can certainly help create that dreamy mehendi look for brides. You can search for an Indo-Western dress for mehendi featuring a deftly crafted pale green skirt. Also, pair this embellished skirt with an off-shoulder crop top rendered with fringe detailing.

Such Indo-Western bridal mehndi dresses are certainly hard to overlook
pale green indo western lehenga with fringe blouse for mehendi
Via: reelsandframes

6. Lime Green is In!

A bright lime green mehndi function dress for the bride certainly captures attention at a glance. The vibrant shade, which was once avoided, has become one of the most sought-after shades in the green colour palette. No matter whether you choose a lime green lehenga for a mehndi function or a lime green suit, the classy color will help you achieve a stunning mehandi look.

How about this mehndi bridal look featuring an embroidered Thai silk lime green lehenga?
sabyasachi lime green silk lehenga for mehndi for bride
Via: hitchedandclicked
Another lime green colour dress for mehndi that’s stylish as well as elegant!

7. Mint Tint

When it comes to green dresses for a mehendi function, mint green outfits can’t be overlooked. This cool shade signifies freshness and creativity, making it undoubtedly ideal for brides who are creative. Slip into a mint-green floral saree like this mehndi bride. Her embroidered saree paired with a strappy blouse exudes sheer elegance.

Also, you can pick a stylish full-length mint green gown for mehendi. What do you think about a classy off-shoulder mint gown for the mehndi function with intricate embroidery and glimmering embellishments? We undoubtedly love this bridal mehendi dress!

In our opinion, this green dress for the mehndi function is certainly a class apart!
This gown for a mehndi function serves as a classy mehndi night dress for contemporary brides

8. Mirror Magic

Looking for a heavy bridal mehndi dress? How about a green dress for mehendi with mirror motifs all over? Get ready to take fashion notes from this bride donning a beautiful green mehndi ceremony dress. While the mirror-adorned lehenga and the hemline look extremely pretty, her matching blouse and dupatta are equally gorgeous. Pair this green dress for mehndi with a fishtail braid and silver jewellery to rock your mehndi function look.

Anyone can be swayed by the allure of these mehndi green colour dresses
mehendi colour mirror work lehenga bridal mehndi dress
Via: reelsandframes
mehndi lehenga dress for bride with mirror embellishments
Via: reelsandframes

9. Full-Sleeve Floor-Length Anarkali Bridal Mehndi Dress

Muslim brides-to-be who wish to wear an Anarkali green dress for a mehendi function can take inspiration from this bride. This green floor-length Anarkali has an embellished bodice and contrasting hemline. Also, a dark pink dupatta contrasts beautifully with the suit.

This green dress for the mehendi function for brides certainly exudes sheer elegance
dark green and pink anarkali suit for mehndi for bride

There are some of the latest green mehndi dresses for brides that certainly drive inspiration. Bookmark these mehendi outfit ideas without giving them a second thought!

Traditional & Simple Mehndi Dresses for Bride

Many women like to keep it simple when it comes to mehndi outfits for brides. Also, some brides opt for simple mehndi dresses since they will prevent them from worrying about their designer outfits getting spoiled with mehendi stains. So, if you are up for simple mehendi dresses for brides, here are some of the trendiest picks.

10. Blush in Pink

Romantic brides or those who want to exude femininity can opt for a blush pink mehendi ceremony dress. How about slipping into a blush pink saree? Just take a closer look at the first two drapes designed by Anamika Khanna. The first bride is showcasing her sartorial elegance in a blush-pink organza saree embellished with beautiful multicoloured threads. On the other hand, we also can’t overlook the designer’s lighter-than-air sari worn by Bollywood actress Dia Mirza. Featuring embroidered floral and foliage motifs, both the saree and blouse have the prettiest details. Moreover, Sabysachi’s designer floral-print light pink lehenga with a contrast top also looks pretty.

These six-yard mehendi outfits for brides are the simplest yet prettiest!
This mehndi function dress is certainly perfect for a summer mehndi ceremony

11. Pakistani Anarkali Suit for Mehendi

Looking for Pakistani mehndi dresses or suits for a mehndi function? If yes, we certainly have a perfect pick for you. You can choose a monochrome, mehandi-coloured Anarkali dress and pair it with an embellished dupatta. This mehndi suit design can feature full sleeves for an alluring look.

This mehndi function dress for the bride is simple as well as elegant

12. Orange Gharara Bridal Mehndi Dress

If you are searching for Pakistani bridal mehndi dresses, a vibrant orange gharara or sharara suit set is another fashionable choice to consider. This mehendi function dress for brides is also ideal for an ubtan or haldi ceremony.

Look how elegant this Pakistani’s mehndi dress design looks
bright orange bridal gharara suit for mehendi
Via: mahasphotographyofficial

13. Splash of Colours

If you are wondering what colors the bride wears for mehendi, let us tell you that white is certainly one of them. A white floral-printed lehenga for a mehendi ceremony is a stunning way to look effortlessly classy. Take cues from the first mehndi bride’s white lehenga, which has a gorgeous print and comes without a dupatta. The second bride’s mehndi wedding dress also comes with a splash of beautiful colours. Count the third and fourth one too!

Such mehendi outfits are hard to miss!
white floral indo western mehndi dress for bride
Via: movieingmoments
unique 3d white lehenga for mehendi ceremony for bride
Via: rahulmishra_7

14. Beloved Blue

Certainly, we have plenty of ideas related to simple mehndi dresses, and these printed blue lehengas are some of them. The first one from Anita Dongre’s collection features a differently patterned lightweight skirt and a short blouse. Moreover, the second one features colourful DIY art. Both mehndi dresses for brides are undoubtedly a perfect option for both summer and winter weddings.

These simple dresses for the mehendi ceremony certainly have a charm of their own

15. Breezy Sea Green Lehenga for Mehndi

If you are planning to wear a green dress for mehndi, the Sabyasachi mehndi rasam dress depicted below is certainly a fantastic choice for a daytime function. The fashion connoisseur’s signature inter-mix of decadent florals on the sea green lehenga and blouse looks enchanting to the core. You can also take heart in the second mehandi dress for the bride, which is equally alluring.

Sea-green bridal mehndi dresses like these certainly have a separate fan base

16. Sartorial Silk

Women who prefer silk can undoubtedly opt for raw silk mehandi function dresses. Just like this bride, who is wearing a deep green lehenga choli with a contrasting hemline. Another key highlight of this mehndi outfit is the blouse with fully embellished sleeves.

This green-colored raw silk mehndi dress for women makes for a great fit for traditional brides

You can never go wrong with simple mehndi dresses. Choose any of your favourites from the options above to achieve the ideal mehendi bridal look.

Best & Latest Mehndi Colour Combinations for Bride

A lot of brides do not opt for a green dress for a mehendi. Instead, they experiment with different colours. In this day and age when brides are leaving no stone unturned to look their best at their mehndi function, there are a lot of trendy colors that can help them do so. If you also want to try something different, here are some of the latest and most unique mehndi colour combinations to rely on.

17. Yellow + Green = Magic!

Whenever it comes to the latest bridal mehndi dresses, green and yellow mehndi dress can’t be missed from the list. This evergreen mehndi color combination is particularly great if you have a combined haldi and mehendi ceremony. You can settle for something like this bridal mehndi lehenga that has the perfect blend of yellow, green, and other trendy colors.

We can’t ignore such bridal mehndi dress ideas

18. Mighty Trifecta

Imagine a simple mehndi dress for brides that has a perfect mix of three colors. Take these mehendi dresses as an example. With the right infusion of green, orange, and golden colors, the first mehndi colour combination is certainly worth the appreciation. Also, the second bride’s Pakistani bridal mehndi dress soaked in orange, pink, and green hues, looks dramatic.

This tri-color mehndi look for a bride is exemplary on its own
green orange golden color combination lehenga for mehndi
Via: dipak_studios

19. Let Those Colourful Patches Do All The Talking!

If you aren’t after simple dresses for the mehndi function, we certainly have a special outfit idea for you. Grab an Indian bridal mehndi dress rendered with colourful patches and a golden hemline. You can follow this route, like this bride wearing such a dress with a bright pink blouse. Look how elegant she looks!

This is undoubtedly the best mehndi dress for a bride who is fond of colours
multi colour patch lehenga bridal mehndi dress with golden border
Via: dipak_studios

20. Yellow & Purple Bridal Mehndi Dress

Colorful mehndi dresses for girls never disappoint. Especially when the outfit for the mehendi ceremony has colors like purple and yellow. You can take cues from this bride, whose dress is nothing less than ethereal. The heavily embroidered sleeves and the dupatta with tassels certainly look as gorgeous as the lehenga.

Searching for colourful mehndi ceremony dresses for brides? Count on this mehndi function lehenga

21. Sorbet Bite

The sorbet colour palette with subdued or pastel shades of mint, peach, yellow, and green can make your mehndi function outfit look outstanding. If you don’t believe us, just look at this bride’s lehenga infused with sorbet hues.

We certainly can’t take our eyes off this outfit for the mehndi function

22. Pretty Pastel

If you don’t like dark mehndi colour combinations, pastel mehendi ceremony outfits are undoubtedly right for you. For now, have a look at this mehndi function dress featuring pretty pastel hues.

This dress for the mehndi ceremony for brides is certainly perfect for those who don’t fancy dark colors

There is a plethora of mehndi colour dress combinations that are in vogue these days. Whether you are looking for a simple dress for the mehndi function or mehndi dresses for Pakistani brides, the mehndi color combinations we have mentioned have got you covered.

Trendy & Modern Bridal Mehndi Dresses

We have already covered many mehndi dresses for brides above. However, if you are looking for something other than a simple green lehenga, fret not. This section covers trendy and modern bridal mehndi dresses that will certainly make you swoon. Have a look!

23. White Delight

When it comes to modern mehendi outfits, Kiara Advani’s white chikankari lehenga can’t be missed. Designed by Manish Malhotra, the gorgeous Bollywood-style lehenga is elegantly paired with an embellished yellow-tone dupatta. We undoubtedly adore such celebrity mehendi outfits!

In our opinion, this is certainly the best dress for a mehndi function!
kiara advani white chikankari lehenga with yellow dupatta
Via: Kiara Advani

24. Bold Blue

Bridal mehendi outfits in unusual hues like electric blue or even royal blue can certainly capture attention in no time. We searched online for such a mehendi dress for brides and eventually found these alluring pieces. These unique dresses for mehendi have shimmery motifs that undoubtedly look glamorous. Complete your mehndi look with gold or diamond jewelry.

Looking for unique Mehndi dress ideas? Wear any of these blue mehndi party dresses and let them do all the talking!
electric blue embroidered and embellished lehenga choli for mehndi
Via: Pinterest

25. Dark Pink Mehndi Dress for Bride

A dark pink mehndi dress design can lend a classy look and make you stand out. Whether you are searching for a simple mehndi dress for the bride or modern attire, this designer dark pink embroidered lehenga choli from Sabyasachi makes for an ideal choice.

Such designer modern mehndi outfits for brides are certainly worth swooning over!

26. Red Bridal Mehndi Dress

We can’t deny that a red outfit is a perfect choice for a mehndi, just as a green dress is ideal for a mehendi function. If you don’t want a green dress for mehendi, try a red one. You can certainly take major inspiration from fashion blogger Isha Multani’s printed red mehndi dress design. This dress for the mehendi ceremony will undoubtedly look extra captivating if paired with white floral jewelry.

Red outfits for mehendi like this one can certainly turn plenty of heads

27. Pleasant Purple

A Punjabi bride looking for a modern and colourful mehndi function dress can count on purple attire without any doubt. Such dulhan mehndi outfits for brides also make for a classy choice for those who don’t want to slip into a green dress for the mehndi function. We have curated a few purple mehndi ceremony dresses for you below; take a look.

This extremely chic and vibrant Punjabi mehendi dress for a bride with a light chunri is an ideal pick
Another designer mehndi function dress for the bride that will certainly inspire millions
designer dark purple painted lehenga for mehndi ceremony
Via: vastra_designer
We certainly can’t get enough of this mehendi look for the bride and groom
purple embroidered lehenga choli with floral leaf motifs for mehendi
Via: hitchedandclicked
Searching for purple mehndi outfits for brides online? Make sure to bookmark this one!
We certainly adore such outfits for the mehendi function

28. Perky Peach

Want a brilliant idea for a mehndi function dress? Here it is! How about picking a peach raw silk lehenga featuring embroidered floral motifs? Such a kind of mehndi costume certainly looks truly classic. If you don’t believe us, have a look at this bride. Her mehendi party dress, featuring a drool-worthy peach lehenga and strappy choli, is certainly exemplary. Pair this bridal mehandi dress with peach-colored real floral jewelry.

We are sure you won’t overlook such mehndi outfit ideas
trendy designer peach floral embroidered lehenga for mehndi
Via: the_wedding_files

29. Short Lehenga with Top

Seeking a unique green mehndi dress for brides? What do you think about short lehengas for the mehndi function? There’s no doubt that full-length mehndi dresses for the bride look classy, but short lehengas with Indo-western touches look captivating too. Just check out these short lehengas. These Indo-Western mehendi outfits with statement tops will certainly do the trick. The best part is that these new bridal mehndi dresses will certainly allow for a fuss-free mehndi application process.

This short lehenga mehndi dress design has its own fan following
Such Indo-Western dresses for the mehndi function will undoubtedly win tons of compliments
These are certainly the best celebrity-inspired Indo-Western bridal mehndi dresses
embellished blue skirt top indo western bridal mehndi dress
Via: Pinterest
trendy multi colour skirt top for mehndi
Via: Pinterest

30. 3-D Glam

Have you ever come across 3-D mehndi-wear dresses? If not, make sure you consider these mehendi function dress ideas. Check out this light blue attire rendered with 3D embroidered motifs. Another key highlight of this mehndi function dress is the ruffled crop top.

Such 3D mehendi function outfits are undoubtedly pleasing to the eyes

31. Offbeat Personalized Mehndi Dress for Bride

These days, brides love everything that has a touch of personalization. Such dress ideas for the mehndi function are not only trendy but one-of-a-kind as well. You can take inspiration from this bride’s quirky mehndi ceremony dress. Her beautiful doodle stitch skirt featuring a white base looks so unique. The contrasting solid mint blue blouse certainly sits perfectly in tune with the embroidered skirt.

Mehndi outfits for brides with personal touches are so special and unique
unique white and sea green personalized indo western skirt top for mehndi
Via: Pinterest

Tired of scrolling through Pinterest for mehndi dress ideas for the bride? Do not wail! No matter whether you are searching for trendy lehenga designs for a mehndi function or wishing for something extra modern and glamorous, these ideas for a mehndi function dress will help you create the desired mehendi look.

If you are looking for the latest mehndi outfit ideas for the bride, your search certainly ends here! Choose your favourite dress for the mehandi function from the list above and eventually create your choicest look. Stay tuned to the WedAbout blog for more fashion updates.

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