5 Top Ring Designs You Can Opt for Engagement Rings

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5 Top Ring Designs you can opt for an Engagement Rings

Definitely, an engagement ring is one ornament that every girl wishes to wear for eternity. It not only reflects your marital status but it deepens the bond between you and your partner. It is got to be completely perfect and a token of love that proudly boasts about the love and the bond you share with your partner.

It is really very important that you must match your ring with your engagement attire.You can explore the beautiful ring designs out in the market and choose the best for your special day. Let WedAbout help you out and present 5 top ring designs you can opt for engagement rings:


Engagement rings

Photo Credit @Sunanda Agarwal Photography

An all time favorite evergreen ring design that every girl may die for is the “Solitaire”. Be it in any metal gold or platinum it is one exquisite ring design that makes you feel like a princess wearing her prized possession. There are many types of solitaires available in the market. They differ according to their size. Choose the right size according to your budget and flash that ring forever.

2.Floral Accents

Engagement rings

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A ring that appears as if it is decorated with freshly plucked flowers, vines, leaves; the floral accents is in vogue right now. They have a beautiful diamond vine climbing to the centre where a splendid colorful diamond sits mesmerizingly. The ring makes you a lot more beautiful on your engagement day.

3.Vintage Designs

Engagement rings

Photo Credit @Sunanda Agarwal Photography

Old is gold, and the Vintage design rings back in fashion just prove it right to the core. You can always choose a ring with a Victorian accent or with art décor. This timeless beauty will definitely make you appear unique and trust us they never go out of fashion.

4.Three Stones Settings

Engagement rings


Photo Credit @Dream Weavers

One-two-three; the three stone settings rings are the true representation of shine and sparkle. The perfectly placed three differently cut diamonds make the ring sparkle like a comet. Moreover, the three diamonds are the symbol of your past, present, and the future. Definitely, this makes your life partner an integral part of every phase of your life hence it is a must grab.

5.Square Bands

Engagement rings

Photo Credit @Design Aqua

A little off the league the square bands deliver you elegance and class. These bands are completely exquisite and sleek in appearance. They are much comfortable than the other rings as they do not restrict your finger movement.

With many designs to choose from you must consider the above on priority as these are the chosen one. We assure you that with one of these in your hands you will be the most beautiful bride ever.

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