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Latest Indian Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 || Best & Trending Outfits for the Bride’s Sister & Friends

As the bride’s sister or friend, you would certainly want to look like the belle of the ball on her D-day. The right wedding dress for the bride’s sister will not only help set the tone of the wedding but will also let you have those picture-perfect photos. Although the bride would be choosing the bridesmaids’ outfits, you need to ensure you are selecting the right kind of outfit for your dear sister’s or friend’s special day. Since you will be paying for it, you need to be extra mindful before buying a particular dress. And when the question arises, “What do Indian bridesmaids wear?” there are a lot of options to consider, such as contemporary lehengas, trendy gowns, simple sarees, and so on. Talking about the best colours for Indian bridesmaid dresses, the right color will depend on the wedding theme and, of course, the bride’s outfit too.

To help you out, we have curated the latest Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses for 2024. Whether you are planning to slip into coordinating outfits or looking for something that will stay perfectly in contrast with the bride’s dress, these Indian bridesmaid dress ideas have got you covered.

Latest Indian Bridesmaid Gowns

Looking for inspiration for a modern dress for your sister’s marriage?How about slipping into a classy gown? Also, if you are looking for the perfect engagement or reception dress for the bride’s sister, wearing a gown can turn heads in no time. Off-shoulder gowns, one-shoulder frocks, and pastel gowns are just a few of the latest Indian bridesmaid gown ideas to rock your look.

1. Sassy Sequin

If you fancy Indian bridesmaid dresses crafted from shimmery sequin fabric, consider wearing a sequin gown. A full-length bodycon gown, an ankle-length frock, and a floor-length A-line gown are certainly some classy gown ideas for your sister’s wedding. From plunging necklines and commanding capes to side slits and fancy bodice drapes, these modern dresses for a sister marriage are sure to enthrall the guests.

These glimmering celebrity gowns are certainly one of the best bridesmaids dresses out there
These wedding brides’ sister dresses from Kalki Fashion won’t disappoint
Count on these new-style Indian wedding dresses for girls for your sister’s special day
latest golden off shoulder sequin gown for sister wedding
sequin gown ideas for friend and sister wedding
modern green sequin gown dress for sister marriage

2. Lace Love

If you are looking for simple Indian wedding dresses for the bride’s sister, consider getting a lace gown. The beauty and serenity of lacework, when complemented with the right outfit color, can work wonders.

A lace wedding gown for a bridesmaid can be simple and elegant at the same time
We undoubtedly adore this wedding dress for the bride’s sister from KYNAH
This gorgeous Indian bridesmaid dress in pastel hues featuring intricate lace, sequin, and pearl embroidery is certainly a treat to the eyes
Who can resist the magic of this Indian bridesmaid outfit rendered with intricate embroidery?
The same goes for this one-piece Pakistani wedding dress for the bride’s sister!

3. Trendy Tulle

When it comes to dresses for a friend’s or sister’s wedding, tulle gowns can’t be missed. Look for something in darker shades, like dark pink, for your clan. Furthermore, count on bridesmaid dress ideas that involve lighter hues like cream, peach, pastel pink, and the like.

These wedding outfits for the sister of the bride will certainly drive inspiration

4. Pretty Pastel

Pastel Indian bridesmaid dresses can certainly add oodles of glam to your look without overdoing it. In India, you will find tons of bridesmaid gowns online in pretty hues like pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel blue, and so on. For now, check out these latest bridesmaid dresses inspired by the pastel palette.

A pleasing pastel bridesmaid dress like this has a separate fan following
best pastel wedding gown dress for bride sister
Via: Pinterest

5. White or Ivory Indian Bridesmaid Gown Dresses

Girls who fancy light colors can undoubtedly slip into a white or ivory bridesmaid gown. Get something in unique styling with minimal embellishments.

Such designer dresses for a sister’s wedding are certainly icons in their own right!

Whether you are seeking inspiration for a modern dress for your sister’s marriage or simple wedding bridesmaid dresses, these bridesmaid’s gowns will certainly help you create the look you want.

Best & Trending Indian Bridesmaid Lehenga Designs

Many women prefer wearing a lehenga at their sister’s wedding since it offers a more youthful and festive look. If you too belong to this category, you can opt for a designer lehenga or a simple lehenga choli, depending on the look you want to create. Whether you are looking for a classy mehndi dress for the bride’s sister or a beautiful dress for your sister’s engagement, these lehenga ideas for bridesmaids have got you covered.

6. Wonderful White

A white lehenga is one of the latest wedding dresses for bridesmaids that is perfect for both traditional and modern women. A crop-top sequin lehenga, a white chikankari lehenga choli, or even a delicate silk lehenga in white hues are some interesting choices. Check out these trending Indian bridesmaid dresses for 2024, featuring simple as well as modern lehengas.

Indian bridesmaid lehengas in white featuring mirrors, sequins, and beads are equally enchanting
A white chikankari lehenga is undoubtedly the best wedding dress for the bride’s sister
designer white chikankari lehenga with strappy blouse
Via: Pinterest

7. Celebrity-Approved Sequin Lehengas

Sequin lehengas make for the best engagement dress for the bride’s sister and even a perfect reception dress for bridesmaids. So, count on a designer sequin lehenga for your sissy’s wedding without any doubt.

This designer dress for a friend’s wedding is perfect for her wedding, sangeet, engagement, and reception
Indian bridesmaids in shimmery ethnic wear will perfectly contrast the bridal lehenga
Indian bridesmaid dresses in light hues for the perfect wedding photography

8. Designer Lehenga for Sister’s Wedding

If you are a fan of fashion connoisseurs like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, or Payal Keyal, we certainly have enchanting bridesmaid outfit ideas for you. Opt for a silk lehenga from Sabyaachi with a minimalistic style to look impressive at your friend’s or sister’s wedding. Girls searching for modern bridesmaid dresses online can undoubtedly settle for a contemporary lehenga with a statement blouse or sleeves.

We are sure you will certainly like this bridesmaid look
Such sister wedding dress ideas are certainly great for sangeet and engagement

9. Remarkable Red

Who says red outfits are only for the bride? If you are the bride’s sister or friend, you can undoubtedly opt for a red dress for her wedding, reception, or even engagement. Those looking for modern or traditional Indian bridesmaid dresses can eventually count on these red lehenga cholis.

Embellished wedding reception and sangeet outfits for bridesmaids to showcase your taste in fashion
best red bridesmaid lehenga
Via: asthanarangofficial
Let a monotone wedding look for the bride’s sister to do all the talking!
What do you think about this mehndi dress for the bride’s sister?
red mehndi dress for bride sister
Via: Pinterest

10. Green Lehengas for Sister’s Mehendi

Searching for a trendy mehndi dress for the bride’s sister? If the dress code for her mehendi function is green, classy green Indian bridesmaid dresses, including a chic green lehenga choli, are certainly great for you. You can undoubtedly get inspiration from the mehendi look for bridesmaids showcased below.

Such a mehndi outfit for bridesmaids is certainly unique and elegant in every way

11. Perfect Purple

Purple Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses never fail to impress. You can resort to your favorite shades of purple, such as lavender, lilac, dusty purple, deep purple, and so on. Those looking for simple Indian wedding dresses for the bride’s sister can get something rendered with minimal embroidery or embellishment. As the bride’s sister, be ready to hit the dance floor in any of these purple lehengas that are certainly perfect to make a statement.

This latest Indian wedding dress idea will certainly create a look everyone will remember forever

12. Pretty Pink

A pink wedding dress for your sister’s marriage is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to look gorgeous. How about carrying an embellished lehenga in baby pink or onion pink hues? You can also settle for deep pink or pastel pink colors when it comes to a wedding or engagement dress for the bride’s sister.

Baby pink Indian bridesmaid dresses like these can instantly woo anyone
baby pink wedding dress for sister marriage
Via: Pixel Chronicles
The same goes for the onion-pink wedding dress for the bride’s sister
Go for a dark pink bridesmaid lehenga adorned with dainty mirrors
modern pink dress for friends wedding
Via: Pinterest

13. Beige & Cream Lehengas

Neutral hues like beige and cream are some of the trendiest colors when it comes to the best Indian dress for a sister’s wedding. You can buy a beige lehenga featuring silver embellishments, a cream lehenga adorned with sequins, or even something with embroidery and mirror embellishments.

Women’s bridesmaid dresses in gorgeous neutral hues will certainly make you the belle of the ball
We are sure you will adore this wedding bridesmaid dress too
cream engagement dress for bride sister
Via: mahasphotographyofficial

14. Mirror Indian Bridesmaid Dresses

Those looking for modern wedding outfits for the bride’s sister or even simple bridesmaid dresses can certainly count on a mirror-adorned lehenga. Such an outfit will undoubtedly add elegance to your bridesmaid look without letting you go overboard.

These gorgeous sisters dressed in Abhinav Mishra couture celebrating sisterhood
Every embellishment shimmers and this Pinterest-inspired Indian bridesmaid dress certainly prove that!

15. Youthful Yellow

Want to make your look at your sister’s haldi a remarkable and youthful one? Grab a marigold lehenga or a lime yellow lehenga. Your wedding attire can also feature lime green hues for a perfect Haldi look.

A beautiful yellow raw silk lehenga with gold embroidery all over makes for one of the best Indian bridesmaid dresses
We certainly can’t get enough of these beautiful bridesmaids donning pretty lehengas in shades of lime yellow and lime green

16. Awesome Orange

Just like yellow and green, orange Indian bridesmaid dress ideas are undoubtedly the best for mehendi and haldi. A floral-print lehenga, an embellished skirt with a top, and also a net lehenga choli are some exceptional choices.

Searching online for a haldi dress for the bride’s sister? Your search certainly ends with this orange outfit
trendy mehendi look for bridesmaid
Via: thecisterco
A dress for a friend’s wedding with a strappy top can certainly garner attention in no time
orange engagement and sangeet dress for bridesmaid
Via: nikimehra
Walima dresses for sister in deep orange hues can make anyone stand out
modern orange engagement dress for bridesmaid
Via: Pinterest

17. Colorful Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

We know the monotone bride and bridesmaid’s dresses are appealing to the core, but we also can’t deny that colorful outfits are equally alluring. So if you fancy colors, look for a bride’s sister dress with a multitude of colorful hues. Grab any of these lehengas that are indeed perfect for guests to wear to any bridal party.

Who wouldn’t adore this unique engagement dress for a bridesmaid?
best yellow and grey engagement dress for sister
Via: Pinterest

18. Black Beauty

Our list of the latest Indian bridesmaid dresses for 2024 also features gorgeous black lehengas. Slip into a beaded, sequin, or mirror-adorned lehenga in classic black hues. You can also look for a black modern dress for your sister’s marriage featuring a tired skirt.

Check out these Indian bridesmaid looks that are undoubtedly mesmerizing
trendy and latest bridesmaid engagement look featuring black lehenga
Via: Pinterest

Looking for traditional bridesmaid dresses? Slip into a simple monochromatic lehenga. If you are looking for modern Indian bridesmaids’ outfits, pick a contemporary lehenga from the list above.

Classy Sarees for Bride’s Sister

Planning to wear an Indian bridesmaid saree at your sister’s or a friend’s wedding? If yes, there are undoubtedly innumerable options to experiment with. Sequin sarees, lace-adorned bridesmaid sarees, or something in trendy colors like sky blue are certainly some of the best options to rely on.

19. Sequin Bridesmaid Sarees

A sequin wedding saree for the bride’s sister is not only glamorous but also perfect for any nighttime event, be it a sangeet, engagement, or reception. Check out these trendy sequin bridesmaid saree ideas that you will certainly adore.

Some of the best Indian bridesmaid dresses are undoubtedly here!
pink sequin saree for bride sister
Via: Pinterest

20. Ravishing Red

Whoever said a red saree is just for brides might be wrong. To achieve a perfect bridesmaid engagement look, you can undoubtedly count on a red bandhej sari or something featuring embellishments.

Traditional wedding brides’ sister dresses like the ones showcased here are certainly the best
fancy red wedding saree for brides sister
Via: asthanarangofficial

21. Black Bridesmaid Saree

Imagine yourself in a scintillating black saree that will let you dazzle just like the bride. So, it goes without saying that a black saree would certainly do the trick.

Such Indian wedding dresses for the bride’s sister are great for sangeet, cocktail hour, and the reception
black reception and sangeet saree for bridesmaid
Via: Pinterest

22. Sky Blue Saree

Searching for a sky-blue engagement dress for your sister? How about donning a trendy sky-blue sari that’s all the rage these days? Take fashion notes from Katrina Kaif, who is effortlessly rocking her bridesmaid look.

Such a modern dress for a sister’s marriage can certainly take your glam quotient up a notch

Wedding-function dress ideas like sarees never disappoint. Pick any trendy saree from the ones showcased above and eventually rock your bridesmaid look.

Indo-Western Indian Bridesmaid Dresses

If you don’t want to follow the traditional route, there are certainly many Indian bridesmaid dresses with Indo-Western touches you can rely on. Go for a short lehenga with a crop top or blouse, or a lehenga choli with a statement blouse and without a dupatta. Whether you are looking for engagement bridesmaid dresses or sangeet dresses for bridesmaids, these Indo-Western outfits are an ideal pick.

23. Lehenga Without Dupatta

The bride’s sister’s dress for the wedding, featuring a contemporary lehenga without a dupatta, certainly looks one-of-a-kind. Rock this trend by opting for a bridesmaid outfit with a long skirt and a one-shoulder or off-shoulder blouse. A statement crop-top lehenga without a dupatta is also one of the best wedding bridesmaid dresses.

A unique as well as chic Indian wedding dress for the bride’s sister and friends
modern beige reception dress for bride sister
Via: thecisterco
This bridesmaid engagement look is undoubtedly the most coveted one!
blue sangeet bridesmaid look
Via: nikimehra

24. Short Lehenga

Looking for an appealing mehndi dress for the bride’s sister? Then grab a short lehenga without any doubt. A lehenga with a short skirt and blouse can certainly capture attention in no time. Even if you are looking for a simple bridesmaid outfit, a printed short lehenga in neutral hues can be your BFF.

We found this exceptional Indian fusion bridesmaid dress online and found it too adorable

25. Bollywood-Inspired Celebrity Indo-Western Lehenga

Many women are inspired by Bollywood actresses’ high-end designer outfits. If you are one of them, we have plenty of Indian bridesmaid dress ideas for weddings for you. Check them out!

This outfit makes for the perfect engagement, mehndi, and reception dress for an Indian bridesmaid
kiara advani designer and modern indian bridesmaid dress
Via: Pinterest

Traditional bridesmaid dresses are fascinating, but Indo-western dresses for bridesmaids in India have a distinctive charm that won’t let you down. Count on these bridesmaid dress designs that are the perfect blend of Indian and western fashion.

Trendy Bridesmaid Suits

Planning to wear a suit at your sister’s or friend’s wedding? Like other bridesmaid outfits, there are certainly myriad options for those looking for bridesmaid suits. You can opt for an Anarkali, a sharara or gharara, a frock suit, or something in a straight silhouette.

26. Sharara Suits

We all know sharara suits make for the best Indian as well as Pakistani wedding dresses for the bride’s sister. You can look for a heavily embellished silver or golden sharara suit set. One can also opt for something featuring beautiful lace embroidery.

What do you think about these walima dresses for the bride’s sisters?
indian bridesmaid sharara suit dresses
Via: Pinterest
We have no words for these embellished bridesmaid suits
sparkly modern bridesmaid suits
Via: Pinterest

27. Anarkali Indian Bridesmaid Dress

Wondering what to wear to your sister’s wedding? If you want to follow a laid-back approach that will let you stay comfortable for hours, wear an Anarkali suit. Anarkali bridesmaid frocks like these will undoubtedly make heads turn.

You can settle for this dress for your sister’s engagement
anarkali bridesmaid suits for friend wedding
Via: mahasphotographyofficial

28. Straight Suit

Just like Anarkali suits, a straight suit is undoubtedly a perennial classic. If you are seeking ideas for simple Indian wedding dresses for the bride’s sister, try wearing a suit featuring a straight silhouette.

Such designer Indian wedding dresses for girls featuring delicate embroidery certainly win tons of compliments
trendy burgundy reception dress for bridesmaid
Via: mahasphotographyofficial

Are you searching for a traditional dress for your sister’s marriage or need simple Indian bridesmaid dresses? Grab a suit from the list above, and you are done.

Matching or Coordinating Indian Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning to wear matching outfits at your sister’s or friend’s wedding? That’s wonderful! In this case, the perfect Kerala wedding dress for the bride’s sister can be a simple cream saree or a pastel pink frock. Those looking for contemporary long bridesmaid dresses can undoubtedly settle for a burgundy off-shoulder gown or something with coordinating printed skirts. Also, if you are wondering where to buy these Indian bridesmaid dresses, visit a fashion e-commerce store and order online.

For now, check out these North and South Indian bridesmaid dresses.

Simple Indian-style bridesmaid dresses with a contemporary blouse
simple coordinating silver indian bridesmaid dresses
Via: Pinterest
matching cream saree ideas for sister wedding
Via: Pinterest
Indian bridesmaid dress patterns in Kerala featuring cream, off-white, and beige hues
coordinating beige indian bridesmaid dresses
Via: Pinterest
Love darker shades? Try a red bridesmaid saree
simple bridesmaid dresses for sister wedding
Via: Pinterest
Try pastel-coloured bridesmaid dresses or something in light pink, dark pink, or onion pink hues
modern and best pink bridesmaid dresses
Via: Pinterest
Minimalist Indian bridesmaid wedding dresses like these certainly have a separate fan base
simple bridesmaid dresses for friend marriage
Via: Pinterest
simple and plain light colour bridesmaid dresses
Via: Pinterest
simple and plain coordinating light colour bridesmaid dresses
Via: Pinterest
modern bridesmaid dresses for sister wedding
Via: Pinterest
These are undoubtedly the perfect bridesmaid dresses for an Indian Christian wedding
simple frock bridesmaid dresses
Via: tuesdaylights
Looking for unique cousin bridesmaid dresses in Kerala? How about these two-tone frock designs?
simple and trendy bridesmaid dresses
Via: Pinterest
These coordinating skirts of Indian bridesmaids are certainly pleasing to the eye
coordinating matching skirts bridesmaid dresses
Via: Sam & Ekta
Matching bridesmaid outfits in white or off-white hues certainly look elegant to the core
white modern indian bridesmaid dresses for sister wedding
Via: lifestyleasia
white coordinating lehenga bridesmaid dresses
Via: asthanarangofficial
You can undoubtedly count on these beige & golden Indian bridesmaid dresses too!
modern brown matching indian bridesmaid dresses
Via: Pinterest
A glimmering sangeet look for bridesmaids will undoubtedly make heads turn

No matter whether you are looking for simple coordinating bridesmaid dress styles or modern long bridesmaid dress patterns in similar styling, these outfits are your savior.

Mismatched Bride’s Sister’s Wedding Dresses

Don’t you have a dress code to follow? In this case, Indian wedding bridesmaids can opt for mismatched outfits. Check out these mismatched wedding outfits for bridesmaids for inspiration.

Pastel bridesmaid dresses for South Indian girls or any other Hindu wedding
modern pastel indian bridesmaid dresses
Via: Reels & Frames
Such mismatched dresses for a friend’s or sister’s marriage are certainly exemplary
These friends’ dresses for an Indian wedding will undoubtedly delight other party guests
How about these dress ideas for a friend’s wedding featuring lighter hues?

A mismatched dress for a girl in her sister’s marriage is perfect if you are not following a dress code. These trendy dresses for a wedding are indeed the best to create the unique look you desire.

We have certainly covered the latest Indian bridesmaid dresses in this blog. Whether you are looking for a friend’s wedding dress ideas or a unique dress for your sister’s marriage, these bridesmaid outfits are perfect to bookmark.

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