Ethnic Bridal Lehenga Styles To Complement Your Body Shape

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Bridal Lehenga Styles to Complement your Body Shape

Whenever we think of an Indian bride’s attire, the word lehenga and choli immediately strikes our mind. However, the word bridal lehenga is a very generic term and there is no one type fits all. There are varied cuts and styles to suit different body shapes.

WedAbout guides you on how to wear those beautiful ethnic bridal lehengas and makes sure that it brings out the best in you.

1.     Straight Cut Bridal Lehenga



Photo credit @Lakshya Manvani Photography

Straight cut lehenga as the name goes does not have much flare or width. It is more or less neat and upright. This is the much-preferred style for it gives slimming effect as well as makes one look taller.

In most cases, it suits as well as flatters all body types except if you are on the extra heavier side. Try this and you might not regret!

2.     A Line Lehenga


Photo credit @Dot Dusk Studios


Just like the alphabet A, this one is slim near the waist and flared at the hem. Still, the flare is not very voluminous. It looks beautiful and glamorous when accompanied with puffed sleeve blouse or blouse which have very ornate and intricate work.

These type of skirts work wonders for those who have a pear like a body-maximum weight around the hips. This will help you to divert attention towards your flare.

3.     Fish Cut Lehenga


Photo credit @Aman Gera photography

This is a cult and bold kind of lehenga which if worn correctly can grab eyeballs for sure. Such kind of attires are body hugging till the knees and then there is a mermaid style flare.

Highly recommended for those who have an hourglass figure; It rightly accentuates your body. A word of caution for those who have heavier hips should avoid this style altogether.


4.     Circular Lehenga


Photo credit@ Aman Gera Photography

It is very feminine and flowy and has ample volume. In fact, when you sit and spread out your lehenga it resembles a beautiful circular flower.

This is a perfect fit for skinny brides as this will give them a good amount of volume. Also, a good pick for those brides who have a strawberry shaped body, heavier on the upper side and thin from the waist and below.


5.     Kalidar Lehenga


Photo credit @ Dot Dusk Studios

 A kalidar or panel length lehenga is embedded with small vertical panels stitched together. it has a lot of embroidery or embedded work into it and thus the lehenga itself speaks out loud. This style looks ravishing when played with proper colours and fabrics as per your body type.

Ideally, it is a great option for all body types and can look beautiful on those with heavier bottoms. The trick is to wear light and muted colours when you are bottom heavy and team it up with the dark and bright top.

6.    Bridal Lehenga With Jacket


Photo credit @LakshyaManwani Photography

In such attires the lehenga is usually kept simple with thick border and jacket is made with rich and elegant work. You can also experiment by wearing trouser or sharara pants instead of lehenga.

This is a marvelous option for people with an hourglass figure, or rectangular body or even apple shape body. It can hide those bulges at the same time make you look taller. However, those with very petite frame should avoid wearing this.

There are a plethora of options for bridal lehengas and multitudes of colours and combinations, but it is up to you to pick the one that suits and complement your body shape the best.

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Palak Shah

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