Pom Pom: Fun Trendsetters this Season

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Pom Pom: Fun Trendsetters this Season

A bunch of Happy Pom Pom Balls have made an entry to Indian Weddings. These fun balls are used as Bridal Jewellery to Wedding Favors. From Wedding fashion to décor to the knic-knacks, Pom Pom balls seem to catch the fancy of one and all.

WedAbout explores how Pom Pom add cuteness to your wedding:-


Pom Pom Rules the Decor


Photocredit@GirlinPink Photography




Photocredit@Girl in Pink Photography

Indian Wedding decor currently sees very innovative trends. Use of colourful Pom Pom balls picking up pace in the wedding scene. Hang down string of them and set a super happy tone to the venue. Not only decor, it can be used to accessorize little knick-knacks for the wedding. From wedding favours to fun clue cards they are great way to brighten things in the simplest way.


Boho Wedding Jewellery


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wedding Pom pom

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wedding Pom pom

Photo credit@Thelovestruckweddings

Indian brides are quitting on the gold jewellery and setting new Boho trends with Pom Pom. A statement “haar” with hanging Pom Pom balls is a head-turner piece.  You get to add some grace with dangling Pom Pom earrings. Pom Pom bracelets or  “haath phool” will keep you chic.


Kaleere with Pom Pom Panache

Pom Pom

Photo credit@White Frog Productions

The traditional “kaleere” have undergone customization. From balls to shells to jhumkas “kaleere” we have seen it all, beat the trend with Pom Pom “kaleere.” Get them fitted in bright hues and you have the best spice-up for the season.


Ghoonghat Ki Aad Se

New Pic 30

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new pic 27

Photocredit@Lakshya Manwani Photography

The timeless “ghoonghat” of an Indian bride is now looking for ways to look trendier. Colorful Pom Poms are just the perfect accessory complimenting the “ghoonghat.” They will add some fun and punk to it.


Trousseau Packaging for Trendy Bride

New Pic 25


New Pic 24


Leave alone your wedding, Pom Pom seems to follow you all the way to honeymoon. Trousseau packing for trendy look has to be equally unique and attractive. A cotton dress with Pom Pom lace or nice top bejeweled with funky balls set happy hippie mood.


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