Latest Bridal Matha Patti Designs: Gold, Headband, Kundan, & More!

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Latest Bridal Matha Patti Designs: Gold, Headband, Kundan, & More!

When it comes to an Indian bride’s Solah Shringar, there is no dearth of head jewellery pieces that can amp up her bridal look. And bridal matha patti is one of them. Unlike its minimal counterpart, which is maang tikka, a matha patti for brides can make the forehead look more dramatic. Furthermore, if you have a square or oval face, you can wear a shish patti without giving it a second thought.

Well, when the talk is about different types of matha pattis, there is a cornucopia of beautiful colours, fuss-free designs, and trending styles available. Whether you prefer South Indian-style dulhan matha patti like Deepika Padukone, a minimal kundan sheeshphool, or one with uncut diamonds, this blog has got you covered. Come, explore all the latest bridal matha patti designs, and elevate your D-day look effortlessly.

Latest Matha Patti Designs

As a bride-to-be, you would certainly like to keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest head jewelry trends. And when it comes to the latest bridal matha patti designs, a lot of styles are in vogue these days. From traditional red and gold matha patti and crescent kundan matha patti to Baraat procession-themed mang patti, check out these trending shish patti designs.

1. Classic Red

Are you searching for a traditional red matha patti online? For inspiration, take cues from this bridal matha patti design that certainly has the right mix of red and golden hues. Something that’s undoubtedly perfect for traditional brides with oval faces.

This red & golden patti is certainly perfect to keep your traditional nuances intact
simple and traditional red matha patti design
Via: Pinterest

2. Gobs of Pearls

Contemporary brides who fancy pearls can certainly count on a mang patti featuring tiny pearl bobbles. If you have a big forehead, rely on this matha patti design without any doubt.

We are sure modern girls will certainly love this head jewellery
This green & white head patti design is undoubtedly elegant to the core!
What about this eye-catching head piece?
unique pearl and kundan bridal matha patti design
Via: safarsaga_films

3. Oversized Kundan Patti

For brides who love everything that’s OTT, a broad matha patti will certainly do the trick. Take inspiration from this multi-layered, heavy matha patti featuring a giant crescent-shaped maang tikka.

Just look at this bride; her head jewelry is sure to turn heads!

4. Trending Wedding Baraat Gold Matha Patti

Who says artificial gold matha patti and maang tikka designs aren’t alluring? If you are seeking a unique mang patti design, rely on a wedding baraat procession-themed head patti. The best part is that such a design suits almost every face shape.

This baraat-style gold maang patti looks so stylish

5. Colour Fantasy

Are you someone who adores colours? Instead of settling for a simple matha patti, get your hands on a matha patti tikka that’s loaded with colorful hues. Match these latest styles of bridal matha patti designs with your bridal outfit and pick something that complements your attire perfectly.

The right fusion of colors is here!
Pakistani brides can certainly take heart in this head jewellery
We certainly adore this stunningly beautiful and colourful piece of head jewellery
latest maang patti with white and pink stones
Via: dipak_studios

6. Lively Polki

Those chains of uncut diamonds in a polki matha patti certainly can take your bridal look up a notch. If you are not fond of a gold-plated matha patti and want to wear something elegant, this head jewelry is undoubtedly an ideal fit for you.

This polki matha patti certainly has got no match!
What do you say about this one?
Wear this head jewellery and let it do all the talking!
gorgeous bride wearing beautiful polki maang patti
Via: Pinterest
We certainly love this one too!

7. Gorgeous Pastel

Looking for new designs of mathapati online? Don’t miss out on headset jewellery deftly crafted from pastel beads. Try to get your hands on a forehead ornament that also features Kundan.

Just look at this head piece; it is so stylish and chic!

8. Floral Aura

A floral matha patti or sheeshphool can’t be missed when the talk is about the latest bridal matha patti designs. If it’s your mehndi, haldi, or wedding day, you can complement your outfit with a floral shish patti and subsequently make a statement.

For now, have a look at this delicate dulhan matha patti in pink
bride wearing beautiful pink floral matha patti
Via: Pinterest

9. Alluring Chandbali Matha Patti

A crescent-shaped matha patti or maang tikka certainly looks stunning on brides with a big forehead. Even if you choose an open hairstyle with this matha patti, it can work like magic.

This Chandbali maang tikka patti is a stylish piece of head chain you can team up with your D-day outfit
Even these half-crescent headband maang tikkas look so classy
two layer golden bridal matha patti design
Via: Pinterest
latest indian bridal headband maang tikka
Via: Pinterest

10. Pearl Magic

Those stylish single- or double-layered pearl mathapatti designs certainly never fail to charm. Go for a single-string elaborate matha patti. You can also pick a multi-stringed pearl necklace if you wish for something elaborate. Moreover, if you love to do the bare minimum, look for minimal pearl tikka designs.

These matha patti and maang tikka sets can certainly make anyone swoon
three strand pearl bridal matha patti
Via: Pinterest
This shringar patti looks stylish too
simple and traditional two tier pearl bridal matha patti design
Via: Pinterest

These are the new and latest matha patti designs for traditional as well as modern women. Pick any of the aforementioned head jewellery for brides that you think will be in tune with your style.

Gold Maang Patti for Bride

For women, gold jewellery is certainly one of their most prized possessions. If you are someone looking for alluring matha patti gold designs, there are indeed plenty of options to choose from. Opt for an all-gold matha patti. You can also grab an artificial gold-plated bridal maang patti. Here are some gold matha patti designs that will undoubtedly impress you.

11. Love for Gold

A double-layered, all-gold matha patti design looks best on traditional brides or when paired with Kaanjivaram sarees. You can choose to go for a plain gold matha patti, just like the one shown below.

You certainly can’t overlook these gold maang patti designs
simple and beautiful gold matha patti for bride
Via: Moving Pictures

12. When Minimalism is the Key

We know an elaborate gold mang patti looks beautiful, but a minimal matha patti bridal set is equally captivating. If you have a round face or a small forehead, count on minimal headgear jewellery.

This dainty shish patti featuring a gold matha mani and thin embellished strings is certainly breathtaking

13. Elaborate Elegance

If you want to cover most of your forehead and crown, elaborate bridal head jewellery is certainly a perfect fit for you.

Make a statement with this celebrity-inspired bridal matha patti in gold

Looking for a bridal gold matha patti with a price? The price of a simple gold matha patti ranges from thousands to lakhs. But the best part is that you can grab the above designs without breaking the bank.

Headband Bridal Matha Patti Designs

A headband maang tikka can instantly transform your bridal look. So, you should certainly include a headband matha patti in your bridal jewelry collection. For now, take inspiration from these Pinterest-inspired maang tikka patti headband designs.

14. Headband Crescent Maang Tikka

A crescent headband maang tikka subtly covered with beads, pearls, and Kundan can certainly capture attention at a glance. Go for a broad maatha patti if you want to cover most of your crown.

Our favorite crescent headband maang tikka designs are here

15. Majestic Pearl Headband Maang Tikka

Brides who do not want to wear a simple matha patti can opt for a broad headband embellished with giant pearls or a large Kundan tikka. 

These headband maang tikka designs are certainly icons in their own right!
broad headband kundan maang tikka with big pearls

These headband matha pattis for brides that we discovered online are certainly elegant.

Kundan Bridal Matha Patti Designs

Kundan jewellery is the epitome of elegance and grandeur. If you like Kundan, add kundan head jewellery to your wedding attire. Here are our favourite picks related to kundan matha patti designs.

16. Single-Strand Kundan Patti

Searching for Kundan sheeshphool online? A simple single-strand kundan matha patti adorned with tiny pearl embellishments makes a perfect fit for traditional as well as modern brides.

These Kundan matha patti styles are certainly a class apart!
simple single strand kundan bridal matha patti
Via: Pinterest
simple double layer kundan matha patti for bride
Via: dipak_studios
kundan bridal matha patti with ghungroo
Via: rashisehgalofficial
single strand kundan matha patti with droppings
Via: The Videowala

17. 3-Tier Kundan Tikka with Borla

A three-tiered kundan tikka with Borla can undoubtedly accentuate your bridal look in no time.

Check out this bride wearing a multi-stringed matha patti with an open hairstyle

18. Give OTT a Shot!

If you love head ornaments that speak volumes, an over-the-top matha patti for brides certainly makes for an ideal pick for you.

This matha mani design is certainly the perfect head jewelry for a wedding
OTT double strand kundan matha patti
Via: Pinterest

19. Kundan + Pearl

Those layers of delicate pearls carefully beset over a gorgeous strand of kundan matha patti undoubtedly look enchanting to the core. No matter whether you are looking for a matha patti for a round face or a broad headband maang tikka adorned with pearls and Kundan, these designs have got you covered.

These matha patti designs certainly have the perfect blend of Kundan and pearls
kundan and gemstone maang tikka patti with pearl string
Via: Pinterest
single strand kundan bridal matha patti with pearl droppings
Via: Pinterest
bride wearing simple pearl and kundan matha patti
Via: Pinterest

If you are searching for Kundan bridal matha patti online, your search ends here. Any of these Kundan mathapati designs will give you the perfect D-day look.

Simple & Traditional Matha Patti Designs

Are you a Kashmiri or Pakistani bride exploring bridal matha patti designs online? We have plenty of simple and traditional shish patti styles inspired by Pinterest. Here are such mathapatti designs for brides that are certainly worth considering.

20. Chandbali Patti with Pearl Droppings

This bridal look with matha patti features a Chandbali matha patti with suspended pearl details. Also, if you are looking for a simple matha patti online, this one is the right fit for you.

A traditional head jewellery that certainly can’t be overlooked
simple and traditional red kundan bridal matha patti
Via: Pinterest
broad kundan matha patti for wedding with green beads
Via: Dipak Studios

21. Intricate Charm

Kashmiri or Muslim brides looking for a heavy bridal set with matha patti can certainly opt for a heavily embellished, intricate forehead chain with patti just like this one.

We certainly have no words for this OTT bridal maang tikka with patti

22. Rajasthani-Style Borla Matha Patti

A Rajasthani matha patti not only looks traditional but also exudes sheer royalty. If you are looking for a royal matha patti for your wedding, try a single or double borla shish patti or sheeshphool.

Look how enchanting these traditional head jewellery pieces are!
double borla kundan matha patti for wedding
Via: parulgargmakeup
pearl and kundan matha patti with borla
Via: Instagram

23. Magnificent South Indian Bridal Maang Patti

Want to wear a beautiful matha patti with a saree at your South Indian wedding? Choose a patti made entirely of gold or one inspired by temple designs. For now, check out these South Indian matha patti designs.

This South Indian matha patti set in gold is undoubtedly perfect for any traditional bride

Traditional brides can count on these simple bridal matha patti designs.

Heavy Dulhan Matha Patti Designs

While some brides like a lightweight or minimal mang patti, others love oversized and heavy tikka jewellery. If you are looking for a heavy bridal jewellery set with matha patti, these designs won’t disappoint you.

24. Oversized Glam

If you don’t want to settle for a simple matha patti, a piece of heavy and oversized head jewelry is undoubtedly your savior. Just like this broad kundan bridal matha patti that’s accented with green beads.

Definitely one of our favourite pieces of sheeshphool jewellery!
broad kundan bridal matha patti with green beads
Via: Dipak Studios Photography

25. South-Indian Guttapusalu Matha Patti

Seeking a south Indian matha patti with heavy guttapusalu work? Those dangling fringes of pearls paired with red stones certainly look exceptionally beautiful. If you are a traditional bride looking for simple matha patti designs or someone looking for a South Indian guttapusalu matha patti, you can subsequently settle for the style showcased below.

This dulhan matha patti can certainly do wonders for your bridal look
south indian red and white guttapusalu maang patti
Via: Pinterest

26. Heavy Pearl & Kundan – The Ultimate Combo!

A matha patti for brides with multiple kundan strings embellished with pearls at the end will look stunning on a big forehead. This kind of heavy head chain jewelry will also add some roundness to brides with square faces.

These multi-stringed pearl & Kundan matha patti will certainly lend a wow factor to your wedding attire
kundan and pearl matha patti with multi strands
Via: Pinterest
multi string pearl matha patti
Via: Pinterest

Searching for a heavy matha patti for brides online? Select any style from the pictures above and eventually rock your D-Day look.

Modern Head Patti Designs

Many brides who don’t want to follow the traditional route entirely can look for modern bridal matha patti online. You can settle for a sleek and dainty gold matha patti, a diamond matha patti for the bride, or something rendered with precious gemstones. Undoubtedly, you can rely on any of these matha-patti sets.

27. Dainty Love

A thin, embellished head chain for a wedding can certainly do wonders and elevate your bridal look in a jiffy. Also, if you have a small forehead or face, a dainty Kundan matha patti is a perfect choice for you.

This simple yet elegant matha patti style is a classy choice for North Indian, Bengali, or South Indian brides
modern dainty kundan matha patti
Via: poojakhuranamakeovers

28. Thrilling Diamond

Diamonds are certainly every woman’s best friend, and these brides wearing diamond matha pattis have proved it. If you don’t want to settle for a simple matha patti, grab a bridal matha patti set.

Matha Patti Tikka designs that are deftly crafted from precious diamonds certainly exude sheer elegance
royal and elegant thin diamond matha patti for saree
Via: Pinterest
south indian bride wearing dainty and beautiful diamond matha patti
Via: Tamanna Makeup Studio
diamond and gemstone matha patti for wedding
Via: Pinterest

29. Designer Desire

Just like a diamond bridal head chain & patti, a designer dulhan matha patti undoubtedly looks regal and classy. If you are searching for a North Indian or Bengali bridal matha patti, designer forehead chain jewelry is certainly the way to go.

Looking for Sabyasachi head jewellery online? Take inspiration from Katrina Kaif’s shish patti

Certainly, brides can make matha patti online shopping a breeze by opting for any of these modern pieces of head jewelry.

Before you buy matha patti online, bookmark these designs. Undoubtedly, these shish pattis are the best jewellery pieces for traditional as well as contemporary brides.

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