30 Beautiful & New Bridal (Dulhan) Payal Designs 2024: Silver, Fancy, Heavy, & More!

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30 Beautiful & New Bridal (Dulhan) Payal Designs 2024: Silver, Fancy, Heavy, & More!

Payal (or Pajeb) is certainly an indispensable part of every Indian bride’s Solah Shringar. A fancy and beautiful bridal payal design can enrich the bride’s feet in a way that cannot be described in words. It goes without saying that this ceremonious ornament undoubtedly deserves to be elegant. Well, there are tons of bridal pajeb or anklet designs trending right now. Traditional brides can look for a simple payal design that’s ornate and royal. Furthermore, contemporary brides can opt for a heavy designer wedding payal or something set in stone. Whether you are searching for a dulhan payal design in silver, Kundan payal, gold bridal payal designs, or anything else, this blog will surely help.

Keep reading to discover some of the most beautiful and new wedding payal designs for the 2024 bride.

Stylish Silver Payal Designs for Bride

When it comes to dulhan payal designs, chandi anklets never fail to shine. Even if you are looking for an artificial silver payal design, there are plenty of options, such as oxidised wedding silver payals, sterling silver anklets, ghunroo payals, pajebs adorned with beads, and so on. Here are a few dulhan payal designs in silver that are sure to enchant you.

1. Truly Classic

These latest silver payal designs are every bride’s favorite. Those dainty embellishments adorning the length of these anklets make them even more alluring. Some new silver payal designs also feature oxidized motifs that lend an edgier look to the bride’s feet. These chandi payal designs are indeed perfect for any traditional North Indian or South Indian bride.

Classic silver anklets can certainly charm anyone with their elaborate design
beautiful and simple dulhan payal design in silver
Via: Pinterest

2. Layered Chain Silver Payal Design

A bridal payal design featuring layered chains attached to the anklet can undoubtedly woo anyone. Take, for instance, these silver dulhan payals that also have a touch of colour. What certainly makes these dulhan payal designs extra alluring are the dainty embellishments that hang from the chains.

These beautiful silver payal designs can certainly make anyone swoon!
latest and new bridal silver layered payal with ghungroo
Via: Pinterest

3. Silver Bling

Are you looking for enticing chandi ki payal ke designs? Don’t want a heavy silver payal? Take inspiration from these Rajputi-style chandi dulhan payals that are lightweight and will also add the desired silvery shine to your mehndi-laden feet.

We certainly adore these silver dulhan payal designs
latest payal and anklet design in silver
Via: Pinterest

4. Peacock Dulhan Payal Design

Peacock motifs certainly look great on jewelry, and we can’t deny that. Such wedding payal designs for the bride possess a regal look, making them the perfect ornament for royal Rajasthani brides.

Emphasize your feet with this silver bridal payal design
new model peacock bridal payal in silver
Via: Candid Framez

5. Dainty Love

Many brides adore thin dulhan payal designs in silver. Whether it’s a chandi pajeb design or a new payal design in minimal styling, dainty anklets can effortlessly add elegance to your look.

Our most-favorite wedding payal ki design!
thin and light dulhan payal design in silver
Via: :Pinterest
Undoubtedly, this is also another dainty payal design that we adore
Count these too!
minimal pajeb design in silver for bride
Via: Pinterest
heavy pajeb dulhan payal design in silver
Via: Pinterest

6. Dreamy Jewel

Silver bridal payals or anklets that are adorned with colourful jewels can undoubtedly make your bridal feet stand out. Some fancy payal designs have a stone in the centre that lends a subtle colour to the anklet. Case in point: this beautiful silver payal design embellished with colourful stones will certainly enhance your feet in no time.

This latest dulhan payal design with colourful stones is certainly the perfect pair for your feet

Pick any of your favourite dulhan payal designs in silver to accessorise your D-day outfit.

Simple Payal Designs for Bride

Searching for simple dulhan payal designs in silver or gold? Traditional or contemporary brides who love to do the bare minimum can opt for a simple silver payal design that’s stylish and chic. These simple payal designs given below will certainly complement your wedding attire like nothing else.

7. Subtly Sophisticated Oxidized Bridal Payal Design

Oxidized chandi payal designs look sophisticated, especially when worn on special occasions. And when the talk is about your wedding, how about accessorizing your D-day outfit with an oxidized pajeb or anklet? If you are looking for simple and new payal ke designs, then we recommend trying this.

A simple oxidized payal certainly looks attractive
bridal wearing heavy oxidized payal in silver
Via: Pinterest

8. Gold + Kundan + Pearls

Looking for a bridal heavy payal design in gold with Kundans and pearls? Brides who don’t fancy silver can opt for this new dulhan payal design that’s chic as well as classy.

bride wearing beautiful and trendy golden kundan and pearl anklet
Via: Vogue

9. Traditional Wedding Payal Design with Ghungroo

Traditional wedding silver payal designs accented with ghungroos will not only add bling to your wedding outfit but will also produce a melodious sound as you move. Such simple payal designs can also feature subtly coloured motifs for that wow factor.

These wedding payal designs for the bride look simple and traditional

10. Golden Glam

Fancy payal designs set in golden hues can certainly give brides the feeling of being royal. They can take inspiration from these new payal designs. The first anklet featuring golden interlocked motifs and tiny ghungroos is undoubtedly stunning in every way. Also, the second dulhan payal design with pearl embellishments is equally enchanting.

These new gold payal designs can certainly stun anyone at a single glance
latest payal design for dulhan in gold with pearls
Via: Pinterest

11. Minimal Anklet Payal Designs for Bride

Are you a fan of minimalism or don’t want to wear a heavy bridal payal? Then, a minimal anklet or pajeb is an ideal pick for you. You can settle for a minimal kundan or polki payal design or look for a thin silver- or gold-plated string.

In our opinion, these anklets are certainly perfect for brides who don’t want a heavy payal design
beautiful fancy kundan dulhan payal design
Via: Pinterest
lightweight kundan bridal payal for wedding
Via: Pinterest
new and latest payal design for bride
Via: Pinterest
light golden payal for bride with crystals
Via: Pinterest

12. Stunning Kundan

We know some brides adore kundan-embellished bridal payal designs. A two- or three-layered kundan anklet is undoubtedly enough to fall in love with. If you want to see Kundan Payal Ke new designs, take a look at these photos.

Do not want a heavy payal for the bride? This kundan anklet is certainly great for making a statement!
heavy kundan dulhan payal for indian bride
Via: shakeela__photography

We are sure these latest simple payal designs will indeed help you make a statement.

Latest & New Dulhan Payal Designs

Brides who are searching for “payal ki new designs” can certainly take a breath of relief now. We are introducing new payal designs that are trending in the market right now. From the latest payal designs in silver to anklet designs deftly crafted from gold, here are dulhan payal images to take inspiration from.

13. Intricate Dulhan Payal Design

Searching for a new model of bridal payal? You can choose your wedding day payal, featuring an intricate design with golden chains attached in an asymmetrical pattern. This is undoubtedly the best wedding payal design for those who are not fond of silver anklets with ghungroos.

This new & latest payal design for dulhan emphasizes intricate craftsmanship on a serious note
heavy intricate golden dulhan payal design
Via: Pinterest

14. Exquisite Charm

Just like simple silver payal designs, golden anklets, whether artificial or polished, are in huge demand. For classy brides, this new payal ki design can certainly do wonders. Featuring subtly-spaced ghungroos, this chic statement piece is undoubtedly ideal for brides who want to add a contemporary style to their bridal attire.

We are swooning over this latest pajeb design
fancy golden payal with beads
Via: thephototodayphotography

15. Tiny Wow

Everybody knows that Kundan and pearl are a fantastic combination. And when it comes to this dulhan payal design’s price, you can easily grab the gold- or silver-plated version without spending much. This dulhan payal price usually ranges between 300 INR and 2000 INR.

Just look at this pajeb’s new design, featuring tiny pearls and Kundan
bride wearing fancy kundan and pearl anklet
Via: Pinterest

These payal ke new designs have certainly become our favorites.

Heavy Payal Designs for Bride

We know thin anklets are beautiful, but heavy payal designs are icons in their own right. Also, many brides love elaborate dulhan payal designs that can provide their feet with the desired femininity. Here are some heavy bridal payal designs that certainly drive inspiration.

16. Elaborate & Oxidized Pajeb with Ghungroo

Oxidized pajeb jewellery is certainly the most tempting fashion ensemble in the eyes of many. Brides who adore fancy payal designs that can help them keep traditional nuances intact can undoubtedly settle for an elaborate, oxidized new model payal design with gobs of ghunghroos.

Check out these beautiful silver payal designs! The new pajeb designs with an oxidised silver look are certainly elegant!
Rajasthani dulhan payal design in oxidized silver
Via: Pinterest
two layer silver oxidized bridal payal with ghungroo
Via: Pinterest

17. Elaborate Shine

If you are fond of fancy modern silver anklets with stones or crystals, we must say you have a splendid choice! This new payal ki design, in which sparkling crystals or stones deftly adorn a broad anklet and provide the desired glittering look, has no match.

Just look at these new models of payal design; they are glamorous as well as stylish!

18. Stone-Studded Dulhan Payal Ki Designs

Searching for a unique payal design that’s heavy and elegant? In this case, broad payal designs studded with big stones won’t disappoint you. Whether you are a Punjabi bride or seeking the renowned Jodha Akbar anklet, the designer payals depicted below are sure to grab your attention.

These heavy marriage kolusu designs will certainly lend a gorgeous look to your feet!
traditional layered silver payal for bride with stones
Via: Pinterest
traditional and trendy red and green gemstone bridal payal
Via: Pinterest

19. Silver Shine

Brides looking for heavy North or South Indian payal designs can count on a silver payal design featuring a shimmery layered payal with suspended details. This new and heavy pajeb design with ghungroos or bells is perfect for both modern and traditional brides.

For now, have a look at this elegant wedding payal design
broad wedding payal design in silver
Via: mauritiusphotographer.com

20. Blend of Silver and Gold

Some brides are fond of both silver and gold jewellery. If you are one of them, get your hands on an anklet that offers you the best of both worlds. Check out this pajeb design image for now. It features the latest heavy payal design featuring silver and golden pajeb adorned with beautiful Ghungroo bells.

We are sure you will certainly adore this payal heavy design

21. Kundan Fantasy

Don’t want to wear a silver wedding payal on your D-day? Then you must seek a heavy payal design featuring big polki or Kundan stones just like the ones shown in these pictures. These Kundan payals are certainly a one-of-a-kind addition to your bridal trousseau.

These dulhan payal designs photographed below can certainly be an elegant addition to your collection
modern and fancy kundan and bead payal for bride
Via: Pinterest
fancy and beautiful kundan dulhan payal design for wedding
Via: Pinterest

Whether you are looking for the latest chandi payal designs or heavily embellished anklets, the bridal payal designs showcased above have certainly got you covered. Keep scrolling to discover more about the latest anklet designs.

Fancy & Beautiful Wedding Payal Designs

Many brides have a penchant for fancy payal designs. Reason: They help them keep up with the latest fashion trends while making them look elegant. Whether you are searching for the latest fancy payal designs or beautiful silver payal designs, here are some pictures to get inspired by.

22. Kundan + Pearl

When the talk is about stylish payal designs, broad kundan & pearl pajebs can’t be missed. Also, if you are seeking a simple, fashionable payal design, such a piece of jewellery is an incredible choice. Alternatively, go for a pairphool with kundan & pearls and let this latest bridal payal design do all the talking.

What do you think about these pajeb ki designs with pearl and kundan embellishments? 
fancy kundan and pearl bridal payal
Via: Pinterest
fancy kundan and pearl payal for women and brides
Via: Pinterest
thin and minimal pearl and kundan stone payal
Via: Pinterest
beautiful broad kundan and pearl payal with jhumki
Via: chandni.jewellery

23. Payal with Toe Ring

Toe ring anklets handcrafted in elegant motifs can undoubtedly take the look of your bridal feet several notches up. Traditional brides can opt for a payal chandi ki design with a chunky toe-ring anklet encrusted with gemstones. On the other hand, contemporary brides can get something adorned with kundan and pearls.

These beautiful and fancy payal designs featuring toe ring anklets are certainly an ideal pick for traditional brides
golden toe ring anklet for bride
Via: Pinterest
traditional and simple bridal toe ring anklet payal in silver
Via: Pinterest
We have certainly fallen for this simple toe-ring payal design with pearls
heavy and fancy pearl toe ring payal for bride
Via: Pinterest

24. Pretty Floral Anklets

Floral anklets, or pairphools, are certainly trending payal designs that can’t be missed from our collection. A delicate floral anklet with cascading chains looks extremely chic and beautiful. This artificial payal design is undoubtedly great for your haldi, mehndi, or even wedding.

We can’t take our eyes off these latest payal designs, which are certainly enticing
fancy chain floral bridal anklet for wedding
Via: Pinterest

25. Bohemian Fun

If you are someone who loves all things bohemian, then look for a boho-chic dulhan payal design. Such wedding payal designs for brides can undoubtedly be a classy alternative to traditional chandi or gold payals. The new payal photograph shown here features a bohemian-inspired anklet with perfectly aligned pearl and golden beads, tini hearts, mirrors, and bells. This new payal design will certainly win plenty of compliments!

This payal ka design is certainly one-of-a-kind
artificial dulhan payal design with mirror and beads
Via: royalpepper.in

26. Bells & Beads

Don’t want to settle for a simple payal design? If you are not looking for dulhan payal designs in silver, search an anklet deftly crafted with beads and bells. Just like this bridal payal design stunning bridal payals with beautiful beading and bell elements.

We certainly have no words for these fancy dulhan payal designs
broad heavy bridal payal with pearls and beads
Via: chandni.jewellery
fancy heavy bridal payal with pearls and beads
Via: chandni.jewellery

27. Meenakari Payal – The Statement of Elegance

Meenakari dulhan payal designs are all the rage these days. Brides who love traditional foot jewellery can indeed opt for a unique pair of payal featuring meenakari chain-linked chandbalis. Something that’s certainly the best choice for contemporary brides too!

Amp up your bridal feet with this Chandbali-style Meenakari payal

These new fancy payal designs can certainly turn heads in no time. Choose a new style payal design from the above list and rock your D-day look.

Designer & Modern Dulhan Payal Designs

When it comes to the latest payal designs for brides, designer pieces never fail to charm. Such a modern payal design is undoubtedly perfect for contemporary brides who do not want to wear traditional anklets. Here are some beautiful payal images that are designer as well as modern.

28. Pearl Magic

Just imagine a new payal design featuring a pearl anklet adorned with tiny bells at the bottom. Such a payal ki design is simply stunning, and it is certainly ideal for your bridal jewellery collection!

Love these new and latest payal designs? We are sure you do!
modern designer wedding payal with white pearls
Via: Pinterest
wedding payal design with pearls and small ghungroo
Via: Pinterest

29. Colour Perfection

Indian or Pakistani brides who love to experiment with colours can look forward to the multi-colored dulhan payal latest designs. Take inspiration from this anklet rendered in colourful beads that indeed make the foot jewelry aesthetically pleasing.

This Dulhan payal design is certainly worth saving
fancy anklet with colourful beads and crystals
Via: jewelsbyfatimakhan

30. Baraat Procession-Themed Payal

As a bride, you will certainly adore baraat procession-themed anklets. Such wedding payal designs for brides will undoubtedly allow you to add a traditional vibe to your bridal look. Look for something that features pearls or ghungroos for that classic charm.

We think these baraat procession-themed dulhan payal designs are so unique and quirky
unique and fun baraat dulhan payal design for wedding
Via: Pinterest
unique and quirky baraat dulhan payal design for wedding
Via: Pinterest
latest baraat dulhan payal design for wedding
Via: Pinterest

These wedding anklets are perfect for those who are searching for both contemporary heavy payal designs and thin and modern payal designs.

These are some new dulhan payal designs for 2024. Stay tuned to our WedAbout blog for more such bridal inspirations.

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