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Confusions on Selection of Wedding Ring? You’re Go-to Guide

They say with a Wedding Ring, a heart comes too!! So it is pertinent that a Wedding Ring is remarkably special. Often, couples are caught up with confusions on that perfect selection of Wedding Ring. The Budget, the choice and the emotion, all need to come together in the smallest handcuff of the world.

Our Ultimate Guide for that Wow Wedding Ring:-

Settle Budget

Wedding Ring

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Let’s get realistic. Everything about Indian Weddings no matter how lavish, still comes with a specified budget and so is the Wedding Ring. It is generally assumed 3% of the total ceremony budget to be spent on the Wedding Ring. Simple 24carat Gold Wedding Ring or Platinum Band might not burn a hole in your pocket. However, embellishments and usage of Diamonds hike the cost. The price of engraving is usually based on the number of characters, the font used and whether it’s engraved by hand or machine. Hand engraving is higher offcourse.

Quality PriorityWedding Ring

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Do not forget to check if the ring has two marks inside the band, the manufacturer’s trademark which states they stand behind their work and the quality mark, 24K or PLAT, which proves the metal quality is what the retailer claims. All diamonds used in the products are IGI certified and the gold used are BIS certified. Hence, your wedding ring comes with assurance and buyback guarantee. Keep the 4cs in mind while purchasing Diamond Wedding Ring, Cut Carat Color and Clarity.

Size Does MatterWedding Ring

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Most of us tend to wear Wedding Ring through all times like when your fingers swell or shrink from heat, cold, water retention or weight gain. Your final ring fitting must happen at a time when you’re calm and your body temperature is normal so as to find the right size that will weather all of those changes. Avoid shopping wedding ring first thing in the morning when you retain water from the night before or right after you’ve exercised (fingers swell) or when you’re extremely hot or cold (which can cause your hands to expand and shrink).

Lifestyle Oriented Buywedding ring

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Wedding Ring becomes a part of your regular routine. Spot a Wedding ring which is effortless to wear. If you work with your hands, you may want to settle for a simple, solid metal ring. It is advisable to avoid gemstones that can come loose or intricate designs, which are tough to clean. Chose Platinum band if you tend to lead a super active lifestyle. Platinum is extra durable when scratched, the metal is merely displaced and doesn’t actually wear away.

Start Search and Shop Soonwedding ring

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It is wise to start the hunt for a wedding ring at least three months prior to the ceremony. You will require this time to browse retailers, research prices and also revisit designs which seem to catch your fancy. In case you want to custom made the wedding ring, it surely needs time. Engraving takes about a month’s time. And boy, women are staunch believers of time-tested shopping!!!!

Online Purchase Tipswedding ring

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Going by the current trend, most couples might opt for online purchase of wedding ring. You need to keep the following in mind:-

  • Settle for an established brand
  • Customer Service Line
  • Live Customer Reviews
  • Carefully study terms and conditions
  • 10-15 day return policy mandatory
  • Wedding Ring Comes with Certified Certificates


Maintenance Hackswedding ring

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To keep a wedding ring with stones clean and sparkling, you’ll need to wash and soak it in warm water, then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush. Rinse and pat it dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Sound like too much upkeep? You may want to opt for a fuss-free gold or platinum ring—simply rub it with a soft, lint-free cloth and you’re good to go.

wedding ring

And the last special tip from WedAbout- make this memorable purchase together!!!

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