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From Smokey to Shimmery: Latest 51 Bridal Eye Makeup Looks for 2024 Indian Brides

Eyes are easily the most noticeable and attractive part of your face. Like the poets say, eyes are the gateway to our soul and reflect personal style. For years, brides have been experimenting and trying out new bridal eye makeup looks. There are a lot of options to choose from, whether it’s a traditional brown smokey eye, or something nude and minimalist. You can go for colored lenses, thick eyelashes, bold brows and what not. The list goes on and on!

But figuring out your eye shape is important to bring out the best of your eye looks. Like creating an outspread outer V can spruce up round eyes with a wider, elongated look, while down-turned eyes can be offset well with a skybound wing liner. Lighter eye shades and highlighted inner corners help lift smaller eyes while smudged looks can sensationalize narrow ones. This makeup concoction can also easily be personalised according to your facial features, outfit colour, skin tone and even eye color.

Ultimately, there are endless ways to nail those perfect bridal eye makeup looks and WedAbout has curated some of the best ones we spotted lately and a wide range of eye makeup styles that you can pick for your big day.

Smokey Bridal Eye Makeup

Kohl’ed Black Smokey Eyes with Highlighted Inner Corners

Bridal black smokey eye makeup with highlighted corners and pink muted lipstick
Photo Courtesy: Get Gorgeous with Nidhi

This classic black smokey eyes adds a dash of instant glam to any outfit. The subtle inner corner highlight makes your eyes pop out and look further apart from each other. Furthermore, the heavy and boldly outlined waterline brings more attention to your eyes. You can wear it with an equally darker shaded wedding outfit, or contrast with a soft hued evening party dress!

Cobalt Blue Shimmery Smokey Eye with Bold Brows

A dark blue smokey eye looks stunning for after party looks, but guess what? It is an amazing pick for contrasting bridal eye makeup looks as well. If you’re going for such dark eye makeup, it’s best to lay low with the lipstick. Just like how the colour of this bride’s eyes grabs all the attention, thanks to the muted lip color!

Classic Black Brown Matte Smokey Eyes

bridal bold black and brown matte smokey eye makeup with beige bridal lehenga
Photo Courtesy: Dipak Studios

You can pull-off this dark smokey eye look with nearly any kind of outfit. Look how amazing it looks with this bride’s light beige lehenga! All our brides with lighter skin tones can give this look a try. Pick a light lipstick and you can bowl your audience with grace!

Smokey Golden Brown Cut Crease with Glittered Inner Corners

Indian Bridal Smokey golden brown cut crease with fluttery lashes eye makeup look for 2020
Photo Courtesy: Razz Photography

A golden-brown glamorous smokey eye makeup looks perfect with warm toned bridal outfits. The metallic shades perfectly complements the red and gold outfit and the subdued lip color. That’s something you should keep in mind while styling your own eye look.

Soft Metallic Brown Smokey Eye with Long Lashes

Indian Bridal soft metallic brown smokey eye with long lashes
Photo Courtesy: CineLove Productions

This traditional soft brown smokey eye will look amazing in both your wedding and engagement ceremony. Pair this look with heavy jewelry and voluminous lashes to make the overall attire look more striking . Highlighting your inner corners and the brow bone will define the eyes and help them look bigger and brighter. Dusky brides can carry this look especially well. If you’re planning an evening or night function, this is a perfect choice.

Cut Crease Golden Black Smokey Eyes with Bold Brows

Indian bride in traditional pink lehenga and cut crease golden black eye makeup for 2020
Photo Courtesy: Shiv Ram Lazor Lab

Our all-time favourite golden-black eye makeup works with just any outfit! Pop in a nice nude lipstick and you’re ready to take over the world. Plus, stick to a skin care routine if you want to have porcelain skin on your special day, like this lovely bride.

Bold Black Kohl’ed & Maroon Smokey Eyes

2020 Bridal Bold black kohl’ed and maroon smokey cat eye clicked by Joint Productions
Photo Courtesy: Joint Production

What was the first thing that caught your attention in this picture? It was definitely the eyes for us! This look features a bold maroon eyeshadow neatly outlined in black. Almond eyes as such, can beautifully pull off statement bold looks like these. Best for evening events, dark eyes usually work well with similar hued outfits.

Rosewood Pink Smokey Eyes with Mascara

Indian bride in rosewood pink smokey eye makeup and glossy nude lipstick
Photo Courtesy: Snapped Studio

Ditch traditional shades of browns and opt for offbeat shades of pink to counter pale-toned achromatic outfits. This smokey rosewood pink eye looks perfect with meager kajal and nude glossy lipstick. Pop in a pink bindi and you’re dressed up for the day. You can even recreate this look in the comfort of your house. Why not use this lockdown to practice your eye makeup skills?

Matte Gradient Brown Smokey Eyes

Nidhi Tiwari Matte gradient brown smokey eye makeup
Photo Courtesy: Get Gorgeous with Nidhi

Are you obsessed with matte makeup looks like us? Then you’ll definitely love this soft matte brown smokey eye look. It works flawlessly on all skin types, for all events! Pretty universal, right? You can pair it with a nice natural lip-shade!

Minimal Eye Makeup

Natural Nude Toned Eye Makeup

Indian Bridal Natural nude toned eye makeup look for 2020
Photo Courtesy: Weddings by Reflections

If you prefer to keep things simple, opt for such nude toned shades for your eye makeup. Add a dash of glitter, and your minimal bridal look is complete! A simplistic look like this looks better when coordinated with bold brows, embroidered lehenga and jewellery. Brides going in for a day-wedding can rock this look!

Simple Copper Nude Bridal Eye Makeup

bridal simple copper nude eye makeup look and golden green maang tikka

We love this light eye makeup and smudged eyeliner look to bits! It beautifully blends the kajal with the eyeshadow to create a subtle smokey eye effect at the outer V of the eye. This will look just as good on your glam wedding lehenga, as with a simple roka outfit. Our dusky brides out there can also rock this one. Plus points for its ease of application, even you can do it yourself on your own!

Pale Brown Minimalistic Eye with Lashes

pale brown minimalistic bridal eye makeup with lashes clicked by CineLove
Photo Courtesy: CineLove Productions

This traditional pale brown nude eye makeup is a simple and sweet choice, especially if you plan to dress heavy for the day. We love how millennial brides are experimenting more & more with sheer natural and fine drawn makeup looks.

Thin liner & Monochromatic Rosy Pink Eye Makeup

Easy rosy pink eye makeup for indian bride
Photo Courtesy: CineLove Productions

Now this simplistic nude pink eye makeup is yes-yes for any light shade lehenga. You can pick this look for any of your pre-wedding events like a roka, haldi or engagement ceremony! Best part, you can again easily recreate this one at home as well, with just a single shade of pink.

Barely-there Translucent Shimmery Eyes with Smudged Liner

Nude Shimmery eye makeup look for engagement and roka
Photo Courtesy: The Melrish Studio

If you prefer keeping things simple, but don’t mind a little glitter then this look is tailor-made just for you! Add a darker shade of lipstick for some contrast for the best outcome. Pair it up with plenary dewy makeup and radiate your bridal glow effortlessly. It is an amazing choice for daytime events, plus easy to DIY at home.

Blush Pink Eye Makeup with Bold Kohl’ed Winged Liner

Blush pink eye makeup with bold kohl’ed winged liner by House of Beauty By Sahil
Photo Courtesy: House of Beauty by Sahil

Confused between minimal and dramatic? Then, why not choose both? This delightful look brings together a subtle blush pink eye shadow together with dramatic winged kajal and voluminous upturned lashes.

Nude Brown Minimal Eye Makeup

Pratishtha Arora's Nude brown minimal bridal eye makeup
Photo Courtesy: MUA Pratishtha Arora

Looking for a light and modest look for an outdoor ceremony? A quintessential nude bronze look with mascara and a touch of muted lipstick is enough to fulfill all your needs. Plus it goes well with indian skin tone and outfits of pretty much any shade! Look how this lovely bride in her cool blue lehenga pulled it off stunningly!

Nude Copper Brown Eyes with Sharp Black Waterline

Nude copper brown eyes with sharp black waterline by Get Gorgeous with Ridhii
Photo Courtesy: Get Gorgeous with Ridhi

We are absolutely in love with this brown eye look and highlighted corners! The sharp edges add more dimension and enhance the natural shape of your eyes. Like this bride, you can finish things up with color lenses and nude lips.

Galactic Purple & Pink Bridal Eye Makeup

Priyanka Gogia's Galactic purple and pink eye makeup
Photo Courtesy: Priyank Gogia Makeup

All the fair brides in the house can spice it up by adding a op of color to the eyes! This beautiful look features purple eyeshadow with pink highlights. These highlights have been applied to high points like inner corners, lower line and center of the lids to create the perfect dimensions.

Nude Pink Glossy Eyes with Thick Winged Liner

Got a heavy lehenga and jewellery planned for the day? It’s best to dress down when it comes to eye makeup, especially if you don’t like too much happening on your face. This subtle yet glamorous nude hued glossy eyeshadow works great with a thick winged liner. You’ll get the best of both worlds, minimal yet bold.

Traditional Nude Eye Makeup with Smudged Bold Liner & Brows

traditional nude eye makeup with bold liner and brows
Photo Courtesy: Red Veds

The traditional combo of smudged nude gold eyes and matte red lipstick is in evergreen combo! Add a dramatic kohled winged liner, thick brows and voluminous lashes for best effect. It is perfect for a classic evening wedding.

Glittery Bridal Eye Makeup

Holographic Glitter-Coated Kohled Eyes

Who doesn’t love glitter? This shimmery bridal eye makeup is sure to hypnotise all on-lookers! The shimmer goes well with your heavy bridal jewelry, while the kajal and lashes gives the drama you need. You can best carry this look during evening events!

Winged Liner & Copper Gold Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

This is one of the most glamorous bridal eye makeup looks out there. Using a darker shade on the far side of your lid along with a winged liner will help your eyes appear significantly elongated and bigger. You can always add matching shade of flowers in your bun, like this bride.

Mauve Pink Shimmery Eyes with Luscious Lashes

Glitter Pink Bridal Eye Makeup
Photo Courtesy: Jaideep Gandhi Photography

If you’ll be opting for pink wedding lehengas, try complementing your bridal outfit with this glamorous dusky pink eye makeup. It will match with your twinkling outfit. While mascara just darkens and lengthens existing lashes, fake eyelashes multiplies them. They are also tear-proof, which is great if you don’t want your mascara running down your face during the vidai ceremony.

Galactic Shimmery Blue Eye Makeup

shimmery blue eye makeup for couple photography portrait clicked by AbhiSakshi Photography
Photo Courtesy: AbhiSakshi Photography

Matching eyeshadow with your outfit never goes out of style. Does your outfit have shimmer? Then pop it in your eyeshadow too! Wing your liner, dash in some highlighter and nothing can stop you from stealing the spotlight.

Pale Brown Sparkly Bridal Eye Makeup

Classic brown eye makeup is even better with a dab of glitter, don’t you think? Simple eye makeup also calls for dramatic and exotic lip colors! Go all out experimenting with your dark lipstick and instantly amp up your look. Additionally if you choose to wear a dark toned outfit, this pick will blend your look together.

Metallic Golden Glitter Eyes with Shimmer Eyeliner

This dramatic eyeshadow will bring a lot of attention to your eyes, and subdued matte lips perfectly balance the overall attire. Since bold makeup can make your eyes look smaller, go in for colored eyeliners to counteract it. Notice how the glitter eyeliner makes this bride look so eye-catching (pun-intended)!

Lime Green Glitter Eyeshadow & Winged Liner

Lime green glitter eyeshadow and winged liner Studio Kelly
Photo Courtesy: Studio Kelley Photography

It’s not necessary to coordinate your eye color with your outfit to look good! You can always pop in some shimmery contrasting colour. Like this bride swiftly carries this lime green eye makeup with her bright yellow lehenga.

Mauve Pink Bridal Eye Makeup with Blue Kajal & Winged Liner

Pratishtha Arora's Mauve pink eye makeup with blue kajal
Photo Courtesy: MUA Pratishtha Arora

Millennial brides are certainly super experimental. This bride coordinated her pink eyeshadow with the outfit and paired it with a bright blue waterline, to match with her accessories. The winged liner is the cherry on top. Try consulting your MUA to create a custom eye palette that goes both with your outfit and jewelry! Keep the lips close to natural as you don’t want your face to look like Bob Ross’ colour palette!

Layered Graphite Green Eyes with Golden Glittered Eyelids

Layered graphite green eye makeup with golden glittered eyelids by Soulmate Films
Photo Courtesy: Soulmate Films

Layered eyeshadow involves adding layers of different shades to add depth to your eyes. This bride has layered shades of golden, green and graphite to achieve that bold look! It’s an excellent choice for evening events like cocktail and main wedding.

Shimmery Rosy Pink Eyes

Shika Chandra's rosy pink bridal eye makeup and cat eyeliner
Photo Courtesy: Shikha Chandra Makeup

Do you like a little subtle kind of glitter? Like Shikha, you can opt for rosy shades of glitter along with bold liner and kajal. Don’t forget to highlight the tips to make your eyes appear more awake!

Copper Gold Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

This look is a perfect bridal look for women who love everything a little shimmery! This glitter copper eye look is easy to apply at home too. Add a base shade and deck it up completely with coordinating shimmer shadow.

Soft Glam Eye Makeup

Champagne Pink Glitter Eye Makeup with Long Lashes

pink bridal blouse and pink glitter eye makeup with long lashes by House of Beauty By Sahil
Photo Courtesy: House of Beauty by Sahil

This is another subtle shimmery entry that’s perfect for a day wedding! The two shade eye shadow play never fails. It’s versatile and neither makes your eyes look larger, or smaller. House of beauty by Sahil Malhotra did an amazing job on this bride.

Simple & Soft Mauve Eye Makeup

matte mauve purple eye makeup for wedding ceremonies
Photo Courtesy: Weddings by Knotty Days

This is an absolute pick for a daytime event. The color will go with any outfit that falls under the shades of purple and pink. Perfect for your engagement, cocktail or roka ceremony!

Plain Glossy Eye Makeup with Winged Liner

No matter what skin tone you have, this glossy eye makeup with nude lipstick will look ethereal on you. Add that sexy winged eyeliner and kohl the upper lash line to counter the simplicity. You can also easily recreate this look on your own! Choose this eye makeup for a nice daytime event like haldi or pre-wedding photoshoot.

Smoldering Soft Colorful Eyes with Teal Blue Eyeliner

Planning a pool party or beach wedding? Add a few eccentric shades for that extra pop of colours! Coordinate the colours with your outfit to quirk up the entire look, exactly how real bride Akansha did..

Cut Crease Shimmery Eye Makeup & Dramatic Winged Liner

cut crease glitter bridal eye makeup and dramatic lashes by hema
Photo Courtesy: Hema Thakur Makeovers

Pick this one if you want to go for a subtle contemporary eye makeup. The stunning cut-crease technique widens your eyes while the contrast of light & dark eyeshadows create the illusion of depth and dimension. Plus the extra canvas created on the eyelids gives your favourite eyeshadow ample space to add more shimmer to make you shine! The flawless winged eyeliner just pulls everything together into a pristine and unmatched blend!

Nude pink eye makeup with silver highlighted lids

This traditional look is a perfect stir of simplicity and glamour! You can choose this one to stay simple, without looking understated.

Smudged Eyes with Two-Toned Pink Waterline

pink eyes with pink kajal by AbhiSakshi Photography
Photo Courtesy: AbhiSakshi Photography

Who says kajal looks best when it’s black? This bride’s striking two-toned pink waterline underlined in black gives her eyes an amazing pop. If you want your eyes to look more noticeable, try experimenting with lenses for the best outcome!

Cut Crease Golden Brown Eye Makeup with Bold Brows

Cut crease golden brown eye makeup with bold brows by AbhiSakshi Photography
Photo Courtesy: AbhiSakshi Photography

This golden brown cut crease looks banging with bold brows and long lashes. Brides of all skin tones can pick this look for outdoor events like sangeet and haldi!

Glossy Caramel Bridal Eye Makeup

Mansi Lakhwani's glossy pink and caramel eye makeup
Photo Courtesy: Mansi Lakhwani

This is a perfect look for all your evening events like cocktail, after-party or your D-Day! Switch things up with an light offbeat lipstick for best results.

Golden Eye Makeup & Dramatic Winged Liner

Pratishtha Arora bridal Golden eye makeup
Photo Courtesy: MUA Pratishtha Arora

Another classic companion of Indian skin tones, Gold never goes out of style, and that’s the beauty of it! This golden look looks best with black winged liner and mascara. Shine bright like a diamond on your special day.

Metallic Gold & Brick Red Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Metallic gold and brick red cut crease bridal eye makeup by Ravindra Photo Sales
Photo Courtesy: Ravindra Photo Sales

Metallic shades look extremely flattering on fair brides. This brick red crease eye makeup with overlaying metallic golden hues is a glam choice for your bridal eye makeup looks!

Simplistic Golden Bronze Gradient Eye Makeup

golden bronze gradient eye makeup by Get Gorgeous with Ridhii
Photo Courtesy: Get Gorgeous with Ridhi

This classic minimal golden bronze gradient eye makeup is flattering on everyone. If you have close set eyes, having the dark shades on the outer side of the lid helps your eyes appear further apart. The good thing is that you can pick this look for both day and evening events!

Soft Black Pink Eye Makeup with Hazel Brown Lenses

Soft black pink eye makeup with hazel brown lenses by Studio Kelly
Photo Courtesy: Studio Kelley Photography

This violet pink eye makeup with smudged kohl and liner look is far from messy. We think it’s pretty glam and perfect to complement your pastel clothing! If you aren’t afraid to experiment with your eye colour, pick some ever-popular hazel lenses to complete the look.

Bold Bridal Eye Makeup

Emerald Green Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Cut crease emerald green eye makeup by Get Gorgeous with Ridhii
Photo Courtesy: Get Gorgeous with Ridhi

The 60s signature cut crease style has been resurrected in the beauty community, and we love how it looks incorporated into bridal eye makeup looks!

Dramatic Elongated Cat Eyeliner with Soft Eyeshadows

bold cat eyeliner with soft eyeshadows by House of Beauty By Sahil
Photo Courtesy: House of Beauty by Sahil

This elongated cat liner look spells G-L-A-M. A technique like this gives an illusion of big and sharp feline eyes. It’s a perfect choice for engagement, cocktail or your bachelorette party!

Bold Brows & Dark Brown Matte Bridal Eye Makeup

Photo Courtesy: Soulmate Films

Go bold and let your eyes do all the talking! This look is ideal if you don’t want your face to look blant in comparison to your heavy outfit and jewelry. Style it up with a winged smudged liner, dark brows and a traditional red lipstick to get that regal vibe you’re going for!

Playful Pink Eyeshadow with Blue Liner & Mascara

Fun pink eyeshadow with blue mascara by Studio Kelly
Photo Courtesy: Studio Kelley Photography

Do you have a colourful outfit planned for the day? Then don’t leave your eyes out from this colour riot! How about a colored mascara to add to the quirk? Opt for bright shades of your outfit, and make sure your lids and lashes match the color scheme. Take this stunning bride for an example!

Kohled Black Eyes with Shimmery Lids & Inner Tips

Kohled black eyes with shimmery inner tips and light grey lenses
Photo Courtesy: Soulmate Films

Brides don’t shy out from experimenting with eye colours anymore. This bride’s glitter eyes complement beautifully with her black and golden smudged eye makeup. And the glittery inner corners? Simply ethereal! You would look gorgeous in this for any glam wedding event!

Charcoal Black Bold Kohl’ed Smudged Eyes with Colored Lenses

Charcoal black kohl bridal eye maekup with grey coloured lenses by House of Beauty By Sahil (1)
Photo Courtesy: House of Beauty by Sahil

This eye look is striking owing to the smudged liner and highlighted brow bone that harmonized with grey lenses beautifully. The color black allows the lenses to pop out and gather all the attention to your eyes.

This concludes our handpicked list of bridal eye makeup looks we thought you will absolutely love, just as much as we did! Hopefully, you found the perfect pick for your next wedding function.


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