21 latest bridal eye makeup looks every bride needs to know

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21 Latest Bridal Eye Makeup Looks Every Bride Needs to Know

  |   2 years ago

It has been rightly said that eyes are the mirror to the soul! When it comes to your wedding, the bridal eye makeup that you will choose is going to have a huge impact on your makeup look.

An enchanting bridal eye makeup is going to leave an indelible impression on the minds of your wedding guests. It therefore becomes a lot more important to hire the best makeup artist to do the job.

You must be all set to leave no stone unturned to look your best on your grand wedding day. From an elegant wedding outfit to a captivating eye makeup look, each hold a lot of importance and accentuate your beauty as a bride.

Importance of eye makeup

Wedding is for sure one of the most memorable day in a women’s life. Eyes are one of the best facial features. What other way can be best then highlighting the same and wear an angelic look?

You are going to be stared at by all. Your eyes convey a million of emotions that you would be feeling at the day. This is the reason that the makeup artist concentrate a lot on the bridal eye makeup. Many things can be concluded from the way your eyes look at the wedding day. Thus it becomes immensely crucial to choose the right bridal eye makeup which may best suit you.

So, which eye makeup should you choose? It is a bit tricky and depends a lot on your skin tone. We have assimilated 21 latest bridal eye makeup looks that you can choose from suiting your attire to add your charm.

1.  Elegant Nude eyes

nude eye makeup look
Source: Shahid Naar

Elegant nude bridal eye makeup is perfect for brides with lighter skin tones. This simple and elegant look when complemented with a light shade of rouge on the cheekbones is enough to render you the perfect graceful look.

2.  Modern metallic eye makeup

modern metallic eye makeup
Source: bridal_hd_makeup

If you are willing to take a not so common path and try something unique and dashing then this bridal eye makeup can be a good choice. It goes along really well with autumn bridal lehengas. Add mascara on the lashes to elevate this Indian bridal eye make up.

3. Hot smoking eyes

hot smokey eyes
Source: bridal_hd_makeup

One of the most super-popular indian bridal eye makeup. The technique works one of the best for the ones with dark skin tones. This involves wearing the Indian bridal eye makeup step by step. The trick is to add the eye shadow colours slowly and not all at the first go. The bidal makeup smokey eyes is a suitable indian bridal eye makeup almost for all attire.

4. Go traditional

traditional eye makeup
Source: bridal_hd_makeup

A heavy  bridal eye makeup which looks fantastic with a thick line of beautiful lashes. Ideal for traditional bridal profile and may also work well for a cocktail party with a minimal jewellery.

5. The Pink beauty

pink eye makeup
Source: soniaartistry

The pink gradient bridal Eye makeup with coloured eyeliner is one of the great choices to wear with along with a variety of coloured lehengas or sarees. If you want to keep it simple yet elegant this can be one of the perfect matches.

6. Bold glittery eyes

bold glittery eyes
Source: bridal_hd_makeup

Are you willing to lure everyone with your catchy eyes. If yes, then this bold glittery bridal eye makeup is meant for you. Strong glitter pigments and jewel toned bridal eyeshadows applied with a wet brush will give you a bold and sultry eye makeup look.

7. The Rosy look

Rosy look, bridal eye makeup

For lighter skin tones or when you want to go for a simple bride profiles this rosy coloured eye makeup can be the best choice. Very light accompanying glitter around the bridal eyeshadow and a light mascara can be helpful in accentuating the eyes.

8.  Charcoal bridal eye makeup

Charcoal eyes, bridal eye makeup

The dry eye shadow powder helps in accomplishing the overall smokey effect. The luscious lashes add to the sparkling eyes that elevates the look of the eye. It is indeed hard to get one’s eyes off from this dazzling beauty.

9. The Royal purple look

purple eye makeup look
Source: Aarushimakeupartist

The royal purple coloured bridal eye makeup can be carried off easily when done perfectly. This bridal eye makeup is best to give you an angelic look. A winged tip can add to the mesmerizing look and make you look gorgeous.

10. Traditional kohl’ed eyes

Kohl'ed eyes, bridal eye makeup

Just look at this kohl’ed eye makeup, indeed enchanting right? With a little smokey edge to the eye-liner and a subtle winged tip, it makes the eyes look so faithful. Some bridal eye makeup videos  on the same can come handy to best apply the same on your own.

11. Be a bollywood star

bollywood star makeup
Source: brandstoryofficial

Bollywood beauties won the hearts of many with their extreme winged eyeliner back in 1960s. Why not draw an inspiration and try something similar on your wedding? Use winged eyeliner with brown or neutral bridal eyeshadows to create the illusion of big eyes. You can also try for a sexy nude lipstick for a perfect wedding look.

12. Try the fairytale princess look

Fairytale princess look

Want to look like a fairytale princess? Go for a shimmery look like this one. Get a periwinkle effect done by your makeup artist with an ombre design which blends purple and blue  well. This magical silvery technique will definitely turn out.

13. The colorful under eye

colourful under eye makeup
Source: mahek_shahid_mua_

Give priority to only eyelids and ignoring the waterline doesn’t do justice to them right? Flaunt your eyes to highlight not only them but your personality as well. Pick up the right pop up colour to meat your attire. Daringly go for colors like deep greens or midnight blue.They are cool enough for subtle lehengas and sarees.

14. The doubled winged eyeliner for a double impact

double winged eye iner
Source: mahek_shahid_mua_

This breathtaking look is can make your eyes look purly enchanting. The bottom bridal eyeshadow is parallel to top liner. You can use some light colour between, to accentuate the juxtaposition.

15. The cut crease

cut crease eye makeup look
Source: sahibaakaur_

This technique cuts a crease sharply with a contrasting eyeshadow . Makeup artists generally use a dramatist eyeshadow to go along with it. This one can truly enable you to assert your individuality with an outstanding bridal eye makeup look.

16. Foiled and fab

Foiled eyes, bridal eye makeup

The indian society is obsessed with the gold when it comes to bridal eye makeup but you know what this silvery foil-inspired technique can be as zany as gold. You can pair the same with a glittery bridal  eyeshadow. The best part is that this bridal eye make up can go along with any Indian outfit.

17. Butterfly eye makeup

BUtterfly eyes, bridal eye makeup

This one is for en enchanting bridal eye makeup look. Here the eyelids becomes the canvas on which the makeup artist paints the space beautifully with different colored eyeshadows. A winge tip eyeliner and evenly this eyelashes will surely add to the complete look.

18.  Gothic makeup

gothic makeup
Source: bridal_hd_makeup

Gothic makeup is a different genre of bridal eye makeup which is considered dark and sexy. The basic simple dark eyeshadow colours with mascara and curled lashes can make you look a stunning beauty.

19. Regal bride

Regal bride eyes, bridal eye makeup

The regal bride makeup can be one of the best choices for a traditional Indian bride profile. This can render you the perfect soulful and bright look.

20. Minimalist

minimalistic eye makeup

If you are a minimalist bride then undoubtedly you are not behind heavy looks and looking for grabbing the attention of your audience with simplicity. This look is meant for you if you just want to look like you always did but only a bit more glamorous and angelic.

21.  Classic eyes

classic eye makeup look
classic eye makeup look

Go classic for the big day and softly defined eyes. The classic gold simple eye makeup with a winged liner and red lips can make you look extremely graceful.


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