50+ Latest Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for all your Wedding Functions

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From Engagement to Reception: Find 50+ Latest Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for all Wedding Events

As rightly said, “Hair is the crown you never take off.” Vividly styled hair can instantly accentuate your facial traits. With new age brides going all creative with their hair looks for different wedding events, there are endless bridal hairstyle ideas to get inspiration from. From statement buns & messy up-dos to effortless braids & curls, from floral dashes to stunning hair accessories, embrace your locks to radiantly compliment your trousseau & play your diva game like a boss!

On that note, WedAbout has curated for you, over 50 best bridal hairstyles of all time, from roka to reception, that are a must must try!  Flick through this ultimate hair aesthetics guide & jack up your pinterest board with some stunning hair inspo for all your wedding functions.

Hairstyle for Engagement Ceremony

Open Hair Style with Loose Curls

This simple, blow dried, open hair style with loose curls is as easy as pie. Yet its super elegant, breezy and just optimal for your engagement ceremony.

High Curly Ponytail with Flicks

Vougish high ponytails will bring out the diva in you like nothing else. Put your hair in spotlight with this knotted hair look, sporting casual flicks & curls and cause a stir.

Voluminous Fishtail Braid with Twisty Front & Pearl Hair Jewelry

A beautiful bride in pink shimmery lehenga & side fishtail braid with twisted sectioned front braids & pearl hair jewelry
Image via: Pinterest

If you are looking for something more traditional & classic, then this one’s for you! Ditch flowers for some beautiful hair jewelry for your braid & witness the customary charm for yourself.

Front Braid Low Wavy Hair Bun and Small Flowers on one Side

A bride in dramativ shimmery makeup look & hairdo with front braid & wavy bun adorned with tiny flower hair accessories for an engagement ceremony
Image via: Pinterest

This dramatic hair look might need professional hair artist, but will add the perfect amount of zing needed for an engagement ceremony.

Half Tied Hair with Tight Curls & Floral Crown

Carrying off tight curls can be challenging. But if you choose to do it, don’t forget to put your floral crown on, like this bride did & it will amp up your look at a strike!

Open Hair with Outward Curls

A beautiful bride in dark green anita dongre lehenga, soft nude makeup & open hair with outward curls giving beautiful bridal hairstyle ideas for an engagement ceremony
Image via: Pinterest

Or twist out those curls & wrap in glamour & gleam. Just like this!

Side Parted Half Updo with Curls

Half updos make for perfect engagement hairstyle options as they are neither so basic nor so OTT. Plus they go with just about any ethnic attire.

Half Tied Hair with Highlighted Curls & Pearl Embellishments

Another no fuss half tie hairstyle with defined highlighted curls & pearl embellished pin to grab some eye balls!

Low Ponytail with Curly Ends & Butterfly Embellished Pin

Low ponytails are a yes yes if you wanna go minimal for your engagement ceremony. Curl up the ends & put some fineries to add that brief jazz.

Voluminous Princess Braid Messy Hairdo with Scattered Baby Breath Flowers

Twisty messy princess braids with elegant baby breath flowers are the prettiest you can go for your engagement ceremony. All you need is whirling curls & some bobby pins.

Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for Roka Ceremony

Twisted Messy Side Braid

This messy side braid is a must check out if you wanna add some depth & volume to your tresses.

Waterfall Braid with Side Embellished Pin

A groom in bandhgala suit & his bride in stunning silver shimmery lehenga & a waterfall braid adorned with beautiful hair accessories at one side
Image via: Pinterest

No wonder waterfall braids are the suavest hairstyles for roka ceremony. They might seem intricate, but are super achievable with simple recurring steps of plaiting & interweaving. Done right, they look very feminine, graceful & urbane.

Low Bun with Curly Hair Flicks

A low bun with curled flicks for a graceful & polished look. One that can glam up your roka attire on a dime.

Center Parted Floral Bun with Flicks

A floral bun can never fail. Centre part the hair, pull together in an updo & adorn with fresh flowers & you are covered for your roka.

Side Parted Thick Braided Half Tied Hair with Curly Ends

With voluminous hair, you can easily achieve this graceful thick front braid look. Plain & pretty.

Hairstyles for Mehendi Function

Twisted Messy Side Braid with Flowers & Butterfly Hair Accessories

Bride Akansha in a pink blue indo western outfit & twisted messy side braid with pink daisies & butterfly hair accessories giving beautiful bridal hairstyle ideas
Image via: Infinite Memories

Puffed front twisted hair + teased messy side braids + beautiful pink daisies + pretty butterfly accessories = flawless Mehendi hairdo.

Textured Open Hair Hairstyle with Highlighted Loose Curls

Layered spiral curls can be a nice pick for your mehendi, if you look to leave your hair open & cheerful. Just hair spray them so they last for long.

Center Parted Open Hair Look with Floral Crown Headband

An adorable bride in blue lehenga, golg choker, floral jewelry & mid parted open wavy hair with a floral headband giving beautiful bridal hairstyle ideas for a mehendi ceremony
Image via: Pinterest

That’s how flowers can accentuate a simple wavy open hair look. And flowing through a floral wreath as pretty as this, is as beauteous as it can get.

Curly Wavy Hair with Hair Rose Braid & Floral Hair Accessories

A bride in pink white floral jewelry & highlighted cascading curls with three rose braids at the back & adorned with fkoral hair jewelry giving beautiful bridal hairstyle ideas for a mehendi ceremony
Image via: Pinterest

Braided roses with cascading highlighted curls can be a beautiful choice for long & voluminous hair. Set a trend with this quintessential hairdo & grace it further with floral hair jewelry to complete your mehendi look.

Textured Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

This textured half up half down hairstyle is at its minimal best with cascading soft curls at the back & a pretty baby breath clip adding the touch of glory.

Layered Wavy Hair with Crown Braid & Baby Breath Flower Clip

Wavy hairstyles suit amazingly to medium length locks. Just tie them in crown braids & beautify with baby breaths.

Super Chic Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for Cocktail

Open Soft Loose Waves Hairstyle

If you are looking for open bridal hairstyle ideas, plump for vintage curls for a subtle yet glamorous coiffure to befit a cocktail function.

Embellished Half Tie Hairstyle with Twisted Spiral Curls

An inch-perfect cocktail look with lots of volume, bedizened with pearl hair comb pin. Perfect to glorify thick & long locks.

Cascading Curls with Two Front Braids & Gold Hair Jewelry

Your gorgeous open tresses deserve to dazzle with this uniquely braided & coiled hairstyle, that’s further gilded with delicate golden hair jewelry.

Retro Hairstyle with Vintage Finger Wave Curls at the Front

Retro hairstyles can add a dash of drama to your cocktail with their signature old school glimmer and unparalleled class.

Stylish High Curly Ponytail

This puffed & wavy teased ponytail has to be the go-to look for anybody that wants to go easy & plain sailing with their hair for a long fun evening event like cocktail.

Sangeet Hairstyles for Bride

Side Swept Open Hair with Loose Spiral Curls

If open hair is your type, this sangeet hairstyle with some curls at the bottom will add to the overall elegance & flair of it.

Romantic Wavy Side Flip Hair with Red Roses on the Other Side

Flirty flipped hair with vintage waves & lush red roses is elegance redefined. With class & charm soaring high, you can go for this hairdo if you wish to enfold royal & regal.

Loose Low Messy Bun with Wavy Front & Flower Adornments

This messy low bun is the right amount of glam you want to add to your sangeet ceremony. Cast up with some colorful flowers & dainty baby breaths to add a fresh rub.

Braided Low Bun with Floral Hair Wreath of White Roses & Baby Breaths

Statement low braided buns spells magic when lined with fresh blooms. This simple yet plush hairdo with white roses & baby breaths has our heart!

Voluminous High Messy Bun with Embellished Clip

Bride Shalini in silver sangeet ceremony outfit & voluminous messy updo with crystal hair accessories
Image via: Weddings by Knotty Days

Make the most of your thick long hair with this messy high updo & embellish it with pretty bridal hair accessories. Don’t forget to draw out some soft flicks so that it does not look flat & boring.

Classic Sleek Hairstyle with Open Straight Hair

With some strands from the front, flattened & tucked at sides & rest left straight & open along with a soft nude makeup & sparkling smile, this hair look is super sleek & stylish for a rocking Sangeet night!

Bouffant Hair Updo with Roses

Bouffants are for braves. They might require skilled hands & some extra effort. But this stunning updo is perfect if you seek to go a bit over the top & old-school.

Curly Weaved Princess Braid Updo with Flowers

Another princess braid hairdo, entwined to perfection. This twisty messy back braid with floral embellishments will indeed give you princess vibes. It can certainly be one of the most captivating bridal hairstyles for long hair.

Hairstyles for Haldi Function

Minimal Two Side Puff Hairstyle

Very easy breezy & playful, this one with front coiled strands is basic but beautiful for a haldi ceremony.

Messy Half Updo with Dainty Floral Wreath

So, now we all know why brides love baby breath flowers so so much. With grace written all over, this messy half hairdo with a dainty floral tiara wreath looks charming beyond words.

Crown Draid Half Updo with Embellished Loose Curls

A bride in yellow embroidered lehenga & crown braided cascading curls hairstyle with floral petals & butterfly hair accessories
Image via: Pinterest

Crown braided hair that ends with a bubble braid with cascading curls, fresh flowers & butterfly adornments, is meant to be an ideal haldi ceremony hairdo.

Side Swept Braid & Cascading Curls Weaved with Colored Hair Extensions

Harsha in yellow green haldi outfit & side swept braided cascading curls hairstyle with colorful hair extensions
Image via: Picsurely

Or why not have some fun with colorful hair extensions like this!

Back Fishtale Braid with Cascading Roses

Back fishtail braids are a trend for a reason. We loved how the cascading roses have beautifully transformed the hairstyle from plain to pleasing.

Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Elegant Floral Bouquet Bun with Roses & Baby Breath Flowers

This floral bouquet bun exudes elegance in every way, with beautifully paired pink roses & tiny petite baby breaths all over.

Traditional Double Puff Bun (Two Side Puff & Back Puff Hairstyle)

A front bridal hairstyle with puffed sections to elaborate your bridal attire even more.

Low Ponytail with Ringlet Curls & Red Roses

A beautiful bride in Sabyasachi's dil guldasta lehenga & two side front puffed curly ponytail with red roses & baby breath flowers giving beautiful bridal hairstyle ideas
Image via: Pinterest

Pony tied hair for wedding? Why not! Because curls, roses & baby breaths can pretty much add an oomph to anything basic.

Donut Bun Hairstyle with Fresh Blooms

You’ll gawk at this donut bun in awe, if you are as flower obsessed as us! Styled with tiny white flowers, purple anemones & peach pink roses, this hairstyle is just so eye-catching!

Structured Messy High Updo with Flicks

You can opt for a curly messy high hair bun if you want to go extravagant & modish with your bridal hair game.

Neat Bun Fully Covered with Rose Petals & Baby Breaths

There can be no hair accessory as quaint as pristine blooms & petals. Adding these beauties to your bridal buns is perfectly justified.

Center Parted Mid-Rise Floral Bun with a Pop of Colour

Bun decor done right! Add some color to your bun hairdo with multi-hued flowers & let your picturesque side up!

South Indian Braid Hairstyle with Gajra & South Indian Bridal Poola Jada

Pick a typical south Indian braid hairstyle with customary jada hair jewellery & ingrained mogra gajra along with a traditional Kanjeevaram luxury, to achieve the classic south Indian bridal look that’s more than divine.

Donut Bun Adorned with White Floral Wreath & Hair Bun Jewelry

Another clean donut bun with puffed sides, defined with braids, outlined with fresh flowers & embellished with traditional hair jewelry makes for a sublime conventional bridal hairstyle.

Bubble Braid with Mogra Flowers

With more and more brides going for bun looks for their ‘the’ day, bubble braids loaded with mogras can make for refreshing bridal hairstyle ideas.

Pakistani Bridal Look with Side Swept Curly Hair

This exclusive traditional Pakistani wedding hairstyle with vintage waves, side flipped hair & authentic passa hair jewelry will stand out distinctively.

Trendy Bridal hairstyle ideas for Reception

Stellar Sleek Bun

Bollywood approved; this mid parted sleek bun adorned with a gajra will give out royal vibes for sure. This gorgeous bride pulls it off stunningly with a Sabyasachi Banarasi saree & a Navratna choker!

Timeless Side Swept Curls

Show your regal facet & steal the show with side swept big rolled curls.

Textured Messy Updo

Abide by class & grace and breathe some life into those locks with this sumptuous & voluminous wavy updo, that is both effortless & fancy at the same time.

Dramatic Mid-Parted Sleek Bun with a Red Rose Headband

Go a bit overweening with this Sabyasachi inspired hairstyle that features a sleek bun with Swarovski bandeau & a rose headband that’s the most flamboyant of all the bridal hairstyle ideas ever!

Side Flip Hair with Big Wavy Curls

Embark upon a new journey in style with big structured curls. Foxy & bewitching, this reception bridal hairstyle is easy to do and will channel your glamorous persona effortlessly.

Twisted Messy Bun with Embellishments

Messy low buns make a statement of their own. They can prove to be a glitzier alternative for your wedding reception.

Twisted Messy Curly Bun Updo with Side Embellishment

When nothing works, messy hairstyles do!  This twisted curly masterwork will go faultless for an ultra-glam reception bridal hairstyle.

Basic Half Tied Hair

Most innate of all the bridal hairstyle ideas, this half tie hair style will leave you spell bound with its sheer simplicity & appeal. Keep it minimal if you desire to highlight your defined eyes, makeup & jewelry. This bride exactly shows you how!

Braided Half Tie with Tight Spiral Curls, Rose Petals & Baby Breath Flowers

Bookmark this braided half tie hair look with manifested hair swirls & bedazzle it with scattered rose petals & baby breath bits.

Loose Tied Side Swept Waves

Side flip your hair, wave away boring straight tresses, twirl the ends in big curls & loosely tie everything up with front curled strands. Good enough for your Reception soiree!

Sleek Low Ponytail with Soft Curls & Roses at One Side

A beautiful bride in red reception outfit & a sleek ponytail with curly ends & red roses
Image via: Sahibba K Anand

Last but not the least, you can also go for this romantic sleek side parted ponytail for a polished reception look that sores high on pomp & style!

So, pick your favorites based on your hair texture & length, coordinate them with your bridal outfits, put on some fancy hair accessories along with that gleaming smile & there you are, ready to rock all your wedding events! But, don’t forget that beautiful wedding hairstyles need great hair care too. So, here are some simple pre wedding hair care tips specially curated for the brides to be.

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And if you already found your ideal hairstyle picks from the list above, share them with us in comments section below.

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