Simple steps how to take care of hair before wedding.

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Simple Steps How To Take Care Of Hair Before Wedding

Are you a bride to be? Do you also wish to look perfect from head to toe on your wedding? Is your wedding on cards but your hair feel lifeless and dry? Does that make you sad and stressed? If yes, then there is no need to be worried about the same.

We are here to help you with some easy steps on how to take care of your hair using some homemade magic. Just relax and read the article below and give your hair the shine and smoothness that you are looking for.

“Here are the simple tips to take care of hair of every bride-to-be that are effective and will definitely help you to get your desired look. Stayed tuned and read further.”

Homemade products

bridal hair and makeup
bridal hair and makeup
homemade products

All brides-to-be should be very clear in their heads that they have to use only homemade products for their hair care. Brides should start their hair care regime at least 6 months before the wedding because all the natural products take time to show the results. Chemical products are a big no because they give short term results and cause problems later on.

Condition your Hair

hair care tips

If you wish to maintain the health of your hair, then it is very important to deep condition your hair. You can use a mixture of whipped egg white and yogurt and apply it twice a week to see results.

A bride should also nourish her hair using almond oil or olive oil to get smooth and shiny hair before her wedding.

Avoiding chemicals is all you have to do

hair care tips

Say no to chemical loaded products. You can apply henna, reetha or a mixture of baking soda and water to give your hair a natural look. Henna is also used to give your hair a good natural color which will abandon the need to get your hair colored before the wedding.

Work on your hair problems

best bridal hairstyles
hair problems

If you are facing dandruff issue then you can apply coconut oil mixed with lemon juice on your scalp and if you have hair fall problem then you can go for onion juice.These small steps will fix your big hair problems.

Oiling is the mantra

best bridal hairstyles
source: propxier

Well, this is for the ones who have dry hair. Not only your skin but your hair also needs proper nourishment. For this, you can take small amount of essential oil and give a gentle massage to your scalp every night. This will not only increase blood circulation but will also facilitate hair growth and will relax you too.

Before going to bed Tip

hair care tips
source: mynykaa

Make a loose bun or braid before you sleep. Do not sleep with open or wet hair. Also, try to use satin pillows in order to improve the texture of your hair so that you can get the best bridal hairstyle done on your D day.

Beware of sun and tough temperature

 best bridal hairstyles
Source: Its10haircare

Rising temperatures, humidity and great exposure to heat can cause maximum damage to your hair making them look dull and lifeless. Whenever you think that the temperature might hit your hair, always tie a bandanna or scarf over your head and protect your hair.

Say no to harmful Products

best wedding hairstyles
best wedding hairstyles
source: Livelearnluxeit

Remove all the products with high alcohol content in them. Remember, going natural is all that you are aiming for before your wedding. Also, keep yourself hydrated all the time. Water is magical and is a simple solution for all your skin and hair problems.

These were the simple steps on how to take care of your hair before your wedding.

Pro Tip
Always know that you are beautiful and no amount of hair care can create an impact until you feel happy from inside.

So follow these tips, feel great about yourself, look for the best wedding hairstyles and book your bridal hair and makeup today. It’s your wedding girl, go gear up.


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