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The Hottest Clothing Trends This Season For The Brides Brother

Sister’s wedding is one the most important occasions in any person’s life. Particularly for the bride’s brother, it is emotional as well as a fun time filled with a lifetime of memories. There is also a lot of pressure from family at this time to handle brotherly duties and dress up to the hilt. Basically, you need to put your best foot forward in terms of fashion and styling.

There are a whole lot of options for clothing option for men in the market. Have a look at various clothing trends that make sure that your style game is on point at one of the most important family events of your life.

1. Western Swag

Brides Brother                                                                  Photocredit@AmanGeraPhotography

A popular preference for young people, western clothing – whether an immaculate tailored suit or smart formals – help stand out from the rest of the crowd who would otherwise prefer ethnic wear. Western wear is also preferable for its comfort and fuss-free wear.

2. Traditional Twist

Brides Brother                                                                Photocredit@AmanGeraPhotography

One of the most popular dressing options at Indian weddings, ethnic wear still rules to roost where wedding fashion is concerned. There are a number of options available for men for ethnic wear from – kurta, bandgala, jodhpurs etc. Any ethnic wear suiting your body type is sure to up your style ante and get you in the wedding fervour.

3. Fusion wear

Brides Brother                                                                 Photocredit@AmanGeraPhotography

Can’t decide between western or ethnic wear? No need to pick you can have best of both the worlds. A rising trend of pairing a western element of clothing with an Indian ethnic one to make your own unique style twist makes ‘Fusion wear’ a very fun clothing style. It’s time to pair up those lungis and dhotis with your jackets and make your own personal style statement.

4. Color blocking

Brides Brother                                                                      Photocredit@DesignAqua
Color blocking helps instantly stand out from the crowd and one the biggest fashion trends of late. It is also a particularly popular choice when events have been colour co-ordinated.

5. Bollywood inspired


Brides Brother                                                                               Photocredit@DesignAqua
Bollywood movies and fashion have influenced wedding attire for many years now. A host of designer wear and actual Bollywood replicas are now available in the market it is now easy to look and emulate your favourite actor. These clothes instantly grab attention with their attractive cuts and designs and help you stand out from the crowd.

Wedding style options for men are on the rise in India and there are many options out there for the bride’s brother. Wear something that enhances your personality and makes you comfortable.

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