Gold Jewellery Vs Artificial Jewellery- What To Wear For The D-Day

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Gold Jewellery Vs Artificial Jewellery- What To Wear For The D-Day

While the sparkle of precious gold jewellery is still as eye-catching as ever, a new trend is marking its strong presence in the jewellery world. Artificial jewellery like non-precious or costume jewellery is getting popular day by day. With the gold prices shooting through the roof and a constant demand for fresh designs, we understand the dilemma of all the brides-to-be. Now don’t stress yourself in the days leading up to your D-Day, because, we here at WedAbout, your very own wedding planner, will help make this selection easier for you.

1. Mind Your Budget- Easy On The Pocket

Gold Jewellery

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Weddings always come with a weight on your pocket. It is inevitable, and the wedding jewellery is one huge factor. But you can always choose and spend wisely.  There should be a synergy between what you aspire to buy and what you can afford to buy at ease. Make a budget according to the amount you want to spend on the precious gold jewellery that you plan to wear at your reception and on the day of the wedding. The most important thing to keep in mind is that jewellery is a long term investment. So, spend accordingly every piece of jewellery that you buy.

2. Beautiful Forever- Wear-ability And Practicality

Gold Jewellery

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Jewellery is meant to make you look even more beautiful. Make sure you pick pieces that you know you can wear time and again. Today’s modern Indian bride now wants to incorporate pieces that are not just for the ‘D-Day ‘, but also what she can wear all her life, in her wardrobe. Gold jewellery is a long-term investment. Pick the pieces which are timeless over the ones which are in vogue right now. If something is in trend today, it might be out of style tomorrow. You do not want to keep reselling the diamond you love or getting your gold reset according to the new trend. Reputed diamond brands usually give you only 90% of the total value back on resale. So, you lose the rest 10% of it every time you resell. In case you have an intricately designed gold piece, remember that a lot of amount of already very expensive gold is lost when gold is melted down and remoulded.

3. First Selection- Outfit or Jewellery?

Gold Jewellery

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The dress for a wedding function should be designed according to the jewellery. Or should it be the other way round so that both the factors co-ordinate well. Are you opting for jewellery made of uncut polki or Jaipuri diamonds or  with emeralds which is a popular and a very traditional combination? Choose traditional embroidery such as zardozi, tilla and thread work as it co-ordinates well rather than Swarovski crystals. If you are wearing an ever popular Kundan set with pearls, a gown featuring lots of beautiful and elegant work, with gold and pearl embroidery all-over would make a beautiful picture.

We hope that this solves your dilemma. Your personal wedding stylist, WedAbout is always there for your pre-wedding jitters.

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