Unveiling the Best Wedding Nauvari Saree Looks for Maharashtrian Brides

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Unveiling the Best Wedding Nauvari Saree Looks for Maharashtrian Brides

Nauvari sarees, or Kashta-style sarees, are the traditional attire for Maharashtrian brides, symbolizing not just fashion but a deep connection to cultural roots. These nine-yard wonders have graced the bridal landscape for generations, embodying the spirit of warrior women in every fold. Now, let’s talk fabric! When it comes to choosing bridal Nauvari sarees, the fabric plays a prominent role. The ideal choice? Well, it depends on the vibe you’re after. Silk, satin, and velvet are undoubtedly the undisputed royalty, bringing opulence and grandeur to the forefront. On the other hand, cotton Nauvari saree designs are the cool and comfortable cousins, perfect for daytime weddings. Furthermore, the best colour for a Nauvari saree is the one that resonates with the bride’s taste, complements her complexion, and aligns with the overall theme of the wedding. In this blog, we have curated unique wedding Nauvari saree looks for Maharashtrian brides.

Whether you’re a Marathi bride-to-be or just a saree enthusiast looking for different saree draping styles, join us in exploring the rich colours, exquisite Paithani nauvari saree patterns, and beautiful contrasting colour combinations of these timeless drapes. Let’s unfold the sass, spice, and everything nice in the world of Nauvari wedding sarees! 

Simple & Traditional Nauvari Saree Looks

A simple and traditional Marathi Nauvari saree elegantly draped in the ‘Kashta’ style undoubtedly embodies the grace of Maharashtrian bridal rituals. Paired with the quintessential shela, a silk shawl, this timeless ensemble narrates stories of tradition and cultural splendor in every fold. Want inspiration for a simple Marathi look in a saree? Check out these images!

Marathi Saree Look in a Mesmerizing White Bridal Nauvari Saree

Beautiful white Nauvari sarees are certainly becoming the epitome of bridal chic, sweeping across the wedding scene with their symbolic purity and simplistic elegance. Contemporary Maharashtrian brides can resort to unique colour combinations like white and pink or white and orange to bring a refreshing and chic twist to their traditional bridal ensemble. Not to mention, complement your Maharashtrian saree look with colourful jewellery, coordinating makeup, and a bridal bun hairstyle.

Certainly, we are swooning over this Maharashtrian bride’s simple Nauvari saree look!
A unique white nauvari saree for traditional as well as modern Marathi brides

Yellow Peshwai Nauvari Saree Look with Jewellery

A beautiful yellow Nauvari saree for a wedding function symbolizes the vibrant spirit of new beginnings while adding a touch of sunshine to traditional ceremonies. Just like these Maharashtrian brides, opt for a yellow marathi-style saree with a green border and pair it with a pink-coloured shela or shawl along with gold Brahmani nath and Raani Haar. Furthermore, complete your Maharashtrian Navari look with green bangles, a floral hairdo, and bold makeup.

This bride’s beautiful mango-coloured nauvari saree with an embellished green blouse and contrasting shela is certainly elegant to the core!
mango yellow wedding nauvari saree with green border and pink shela
Image via: pinterest
How about this one? This Paithani Marathi saree looks royal when paired with a velvet maroon blouse.
Radiating regal charm, this bride wearing a yellow Peshwai Nauvari saree and red shela undoubtedly looks nothing short of a royal muse.
maharashtrian bride in simple readymade yellow wedding nauvari saree and red shela
Image via: pixlsby_sahilthakkar
The same goes for this Marathi bride too!
traditional wedding marathi nauvari saree look with makeup and hairstyle
Image via: pinterest
Another mango yellow nauvari saree look for Maharashtrian wedding
mango yellow nauvari saree look for maharashtrian wedding
Image via: bhushanpatil
Check out this Maharashtrian bridal look with open hair and pink shela
Marathi bride wearing an offbeat mustard-hued saree with an embellished blouse in a contrasting colour
marathi bride wearing mustard nauvari and contrasting colour blouse and dupatta
Image via: neetahairstylist

Classic Green Nauvari Sarees for Traditional Maharashtrian Brides

In the realm of bridal wear, the classic green Nauvari saree designs certainly stand undefeated, weaving a tale of enduring beauty with their rich hue and timeless elegance. Have a look at these beautiful Nauvari saree images that will certainly inspire all Marathi brides-to-be.

We love this simple Marathi look in green and maroon Paithani nauvari saree. Complement it with a statement Maharastrian jewellery set for a picture-perfect bridal ensemble!
This Maharashtrian bride’s Nauvari saree look for wedding exudes a harmonious blend of tradition and vibrant elegance.
A unique monochrome Marathi bridal look in a vibrant mint green paithani; we undoubtedly adore this one!

Simple & Beautiful Red Bridal Nauvari Saree Designs

Traditional red bridal Nauvari sarees capture the essence of timeless bridal allure, symbolizing love, auspiciousness, and the vibrant spirit of Maharashtrian weddings. The beauty of this attire lies in the delicacy and richness of the fabric and the intricate details that can undoubtedly leave anyone spellbound. 

These Marathi bridal looks, featuring a red Nauvari saree design paired with a green blouse, are the epitome of traditional elegance.
traditional maharashtrian bride nauvari saree look for wedding
Image via: Patil Brothers Photography
Maharashtrian brides will certainly love this traditional red Banarasi nauvari saree for their wedding
traditional red banarasi wedding nauvari saree for marathi brides
Image via: sakshi_kulkarnii_
simple elegant red banarasi nauvari saree for wedding
Image via: design_phactory
How about this banarasi nauvari saree?

Simple Magenta Marathi Bridal Sarees

A beautiful magenta Marathi wedding nauvari saree infuses the bridal ensemble with a modern vibrancy and eventually adds a unique flair to the Maharashtrian bridal look.

Right from this magenta Nauvari saree to the bride’s shela and hairstyle, everything looks perfect!
best and simple maharashtrian look in pink wedding nauvari saree
Image via: pinterest
A contrasting dupatta or shawl can undoubtedly take the look of your Maharashtrian-style saree several notches up!
classic and beautiful marathi saree bridal look with contrasting dupatta
Image via: Pinterest
Opt for double dupatta-style draping for your Nauvari to look effortlessly elegant.
double dupatta style drape nauvari saree look for maharashtrian bride
Image via: Pinterest

Awesome Orange Nauvari Saree

A simple orange Paithani or Brahmani Nauvari saree design is certainly a perfect pick for traditional Maharashtrian brides seeking a timeless blend of sophistication and cultural richness.

This Maharashtrian wedding saree for brides is simple as well as elegant; pair this beautiful Nauvari saree with minimal jewellery to eventually stand out!
maharashtrian bride in traditional orange wedding nauvari saree and green shela
Image via: Pinterest

Trending Maharashtrian Bridal Looks to Inspire Modern Brides

A modern Maharashtrian look in a saree reinvents tradition with contemporary flair, fusing offbeat hues or unique designs to reflect cultural heritage in a chic, fashion-forward style. 

Rock in a Pastel Peshwai Nauvari Saree

Choosing a beautiful pastel saree with a contrasting metallic border adds a touch of softness to your look, eventually bringing a modern and refreshing twist to traditional Maharashtrian wedding attire. These Maharashtrian brides are undoubtedly giving us some serious fashion notes!

This pink nauvari saree with a trail-style dupatta drape can leave anyone spellbound!
unique and beautiful pastel marathi style saree look with trail
Image via: plushaffairs
Pastel pink nauvari look with traditional makeup and hairstyle

Beautiful Pink Nauvari Sarees for Contemporary Maharashtrian Brides

Pink Maharashtrian Paithani nauvari sarees exude feminine grace and charm, eventually making them an ideal choice for contemporary brides.

Pink + Green – A perfect combination for a chic Maharashtrian Nauvari saree look!
simple and unique marathi look in pink saree with bottle green border and blouse
Image via: Pinterest
A rose pink Marathi wedding nauvari saree for a rosy bride!
Who can’t resist looking at this royal bride walking hand in hand with her groom?

A Blue Nauvari Saree for Those Maharani Vibes!

Channel your inner Maharani by donning a blue wedding Nauvari saree on your D-day. For an effortlessly elegant look, opt for a drape that combines hues like royal blue and bright pink or turquoise blue and hot pink.

A royal blue Maharashtrian Nauvari saree with bright pink shela is certainly perfect to grab eyeballs in a go!
simple marathi look in blue brahmani saree and pink silk shela
Image via: neelchavanphotography
Something off-beat and modern, yet classy!
unique maharashtrian look in blue and pink colour combination saree
Image via: pixlsby_sahilthakkar

Majestic Purple Nauvari Look for Maharashtrian Wedding

A purple Nauvari saree in velvet or silk satin complemented with a matching intricately embroidered blouse can certainly work wonders for a Marathi bride. 

Royal purple nauvari saree look for wedding
marathi bride wearing purple paithani saree with intricate blouse
Image via: Pinterest
A purple Nauvari saree for the bride in silk satin with a black blouse is undoubtedly an icon in its own right.
marathi bride in beautiful purple wedding nauvari saree and black blouse
Image via: pixlsby_sahilthakkar

Unique Velvet Nauvari Sarees 

Maharashtrian Brides seeking opulence and luxurious charm should choose a velvet Nauvari saree. Also, the plush texture and lustrous sheen of velvet create an unparalleled elegance, making it a perfect choice for winter Maharashtrian weddings. 

We undoubtedly have no words for this Nauvari bridal look in a velvet green saree!
simple green velvet marathi bridal saree with matching jewellery and blouse
Image via: pixlsby_sahilthakkar
A readymade Nauvari saree in warmer colours like maroon is certainly perfect for winter Maharashtrian brides.
beautiful maroon velvet maharashtrian wedding saree with unique shela
Image via: Pinterest
Here are more velvet saree options for a Maharashtrian bride:
traditional pink and green velvet nauvari saree look with jewellery
Image via: Pinterest
Simple Peshwai Nauvari saree look with open hair
simple green nauvari saree look with jewellery and red shela
Image via: Pinterest
trending maroon and green velvet wedding paithani saree for marathi brides
Image via: Pinterest

Designer Nauvari Saree Designs for Marathi Brides

A designer Nauvari silk saree with an embellished border merges craftsmanship and elegance, eventually crafting a masterpiece for the modern bride. 

This heavy and intricately designed marriage saree with a contrasting shawl is certainly a class apart!
maharashtrian bride in unique pink and green wedding nauvari saree with shawl
Image via: nehal_jagtap_photography
Not a fan of a yellow and pink nauvari saree? Opt for this pink and white Maharashtrian saree look
This traditional Maharashtrian look in a saree is certainly trending right now, thanks to those rich hues and intricately embroidered blouse design.
designer traditional red kashta style saree for marathi bride
Image via: bhushanpatil

These are certainly some of the trendiest and best nauvari saree looks for Maharashtrian brides. Pick all the beautiful nauvari wedding sarees from the list and add them to your bridal trousseau!

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