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Pros And Cons Of Airbrush Make-up

Every bride wants a picture-perfect look for her wedding.  She wants to wear her extra special look for the extra special someone in her life. Her flawless, ultimate glam avatar can be achieved by Airbrush make-up. Your makeup professional will give that smooth, immaculate touch up which will make you receive endless compliments from the guests at your wedding.

This form of application has been in vogue for its long-lasting impression. You could decide on the following benefits and drawback if you would want to go with this technique:


1. Lasts long and does not need touch-ups

Airbrush make-up

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Once the makeup is applied, you do not have to bother for your look for the rest of the evening. Enjoy a lovely evening without your makeup getting smeared or caked or the fear of its fading away. The long-lasting nature of this technique also helps improve complexion.

2. Hygienic

Airbrush make-up

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Unlike the traditional makeup method, this technique is more hygienic. The makeup is applied with an Airbrush spray gun which doesn’t come in direct contact with the skin.

3. Weightless

Airbrush make-up

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It is light on the skin and gives a feeling of not wearing makeup at all yet looking all dressed up. It involves only spraying a little foundation and makeup, giving you a natural look.

4. Doesn’t clog pores

Airbrush make-up

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Airbrush products are hypo-allergenic and free from alcohol oil. It is beneficial for those who have a sensitive skin and are prone to blemishes, enlarged pores and skin congestion. Makeup is not rubbed on the skin and doesn’t clog pores making you look fresh throughout the day.

5. Gives a flawless look

Airbrush make-up

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Gives a radiant flawless coverage for about 15-16 hours. The foundation is evenly spread on the skin giving a smooth look covering the blemishes and scars.


1. Expensive

Airbrush make-up

Airbrush makeup kit is more expensive than the traditional makeup products. There is also an extra regular cost of purchasing refills for cosmetics. So, before finalizing on your make up for the D-Day, make sure it fits well within your budget.

2. Difficult to carry

Airbrush make-up

It is a bit of a hassle carrying this kit in your bag as it occupies more space than the traditional makeup products. The products are electrically run and are not comfortable to use at places with no electricity points.

3. It’s not waterproof

Airbrush make-up


This makeup is not waterproof but water resistant. Bride’s makeup can smudge with tears of joy and sadness on the wedding day.

4. Expertise required in application

Airbrush make-up

Photocredit@Karan Sidhu Photography

This technique requires special knowledge and expertise to get the desired outcome. Some practice and flair for this art are necessary for a good makeup artist.

Get that impeccable wedding look with this latest makeup technique.

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