25+ Simple & Chic Kerala Bridal Looks for South Indian Brides with Photos

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25+ Simple & Chic Kerala Bridal Looks for South Indian Brides with PHOTOS

In a traditional Kerala bridal look, the bride adorns herself in a resplendent Kasavu saree, characterized by its golden borders and pristine white fabric. The Kerala wedding jewelry plays a pivotal role, with heavy gold ornaments such as the Kasu mala (coin necklace), Manga mala (mango-shaped necklace), and Nethi Chutti (forehead ornament) adding a regal touch to the Kerala bride’s ensemble. Kerala bridal makeup is kept subtle yet elegant, with a focus on enhancing natural features. Furthermore, the hair is typically adorned with white jasmine flowers, symbolizing purity and beauty, completing the quintessential Kerala bridal look.

In this blog, we will delve into the latest and trending Kerala bridal looks for South Indian brides. From a simple Kerala bridal look featuring the classic white saree, jasmine braid, and gold temple jewellery to looks featuring chic Kerala bridal makeup and hairstyles, these photos of Kerala brides will certainly inspire you.

1. We undoubtedly love these Kerala brides’ simple looks in a beautiful kasavu saree

If you want a traditional look for your South Indian wedding, opt for a white and golden Kerala bridal saree and eventually pair it with striking gold or meenakari jewellery. Keep the eye makeup minimal and flaunt nude lips. Finally, complete your look with a messy gajra bun. Furthermore, if you have long hair, opt for half-tied curls.

2. A simple Kerala bridal look in a classic red and white Kanjeevaram saree
kerala bridal look in white and red kanjeevaram saree and temple jewellery
Image via: kerala.brides 

This South Indian bride’s traditional Kerala bridal look, featuring a white saree with a red embroidered blouse, bun hairdo, and temple jewellery, is simple yet chic. 

3. This traditional Kerala bride’s simple white and gold silk saree is certainly as beautiful as her makeup and jewellery

Another traditional and simple look featuring a Kerala bride’s white saree with a golden blouse design, gajra bun, and intricate temple jewelery to inspire all South Indian brides out there!

4. This bride’s eye makeup and soft red lips are certainly enough to create a statement-making look!

Check out this photo of a Kerala bride. Right from her eye makeup and lips to her layered gold jewellery and wedding saree blouse design, everything is certainly perfect!

5. This Kerala bride’s look is traditional as well as one-of-a-kind
traditional kerala bridal looks in golden silk saree
Image via: capitol.theatre

We are certainly swooning over this golden Kanjeevaram saree with a purple border. The Kerala bride’s jewellery also looks attention-grabbing.

6. A golden silk saree and matching layered jewellery for a monochrome Kerala bridal look
monochrome golden kerala bridal look simple
Image via: unnips

This South Indian bride, drenched in gold, certainly radiates an aura of timeless beauty and cultural opulence. Her makeup artist completed her look with subtle yet striking smokey eyes.

7. A simple Kerala bridal look in a red saree, gold jewellery, and gajra braid
traditional kerala bride in red saree and layered gold jewellery
Image via: sevenqweddings

All the Hindu Kerala brides out there! If you want to create a traditional look, opt for a red Kanjeevaram saree and puff-sleeve blouse. Paint your lips a muted red colour, and also wear jasmine flowers to beautify your braid.

8. A peach saree and an embellished blouse is certainly perfect for Christian Kerala brides

Christian Kerala brides can certainly woo anyone at their wedding in a peach saree while pairing it with an intricately embellished blouse.

9. This Kerala bride, flaunting bold red lips, is radiating timeless grace on her wedding day
simple kerala bride flaunting red lips
Image via: weddingbellsphotography

Don’t want to wear a traditional Kasavu on your D-Day? You can drape a blood-red silk saree with a cuperic border. Also, pair this Kerala bridal look with bold red lips, dramatic eyelashes, and a bindi.

10. A copper silk saree is paired with layered diamond jewellery to eventually create a unique Kerala bridal look
kerala bridal look indian featuring copper saree and diamond jewellery
Image via: weddingbellsphotography

If you do not fancy gold Kerala wedding jewellery, count on diamond jewelry and layer those sparkling pieces to eventually create a stunning bridal look.

11. This Christian bride in a pretty gown and nude makeup has certainly captured our hearts!
christian kerala bride in gown and nude makeup
Image via: tuesdaylights

Christian Kerala brides can undoubtedly take inspiration from the image above. The highlights of this picture are certainly the bride’s beautiful floral embroidered gown, nude makeup, and fishtail braided hairdo.

12. We spotted a white and golden lehenga on this Malayali bride

A traditional Kerala wedding dress is certainly not limited to Kasavu sarees. You can be a simple and striking Kerala bride in a white and golden lehenga too!

13. This bride’s art of layering bridal jewellery is certainly praise-worthy

We are certainly in awe of this Kerala bridal look featuring gold Palakka Malas paired with an equally alluring choker necklace. The bride’s radiant face reflects the beauty of her inner happiness.

14. Drenched in Gold
kerala bridal look simple in golden half saree lehenga
Image via: silhouette_route

Our next feature is this simple Kerala bridal look in a golden half-saree-style lehenga. Pair this outfit with a chic gajra bun and minimal gold jewelery. 

15. Kohl eyes and red lips for a statement bride

We explored a lot of Kerala bridal makeup photos and eventually found these ones worth curating for our blog. How gorgeous these Kerala brides look with their kohl-rimmed eyes and red lips!

16. Pink Kanjeevaram saree with traditional gold jewelery

When it comes to the latest Kerala Indian bridal looks, we can’t miss this one featuring a pink silk saree and traditional gold jewelery.

17. We can’t describe how beautiful this simple Kerala bride looks in a green saree and statement temple jewelry

Right from this simple bridal saree to temple jewelery to South Indian bridal makeup, everything is certainly on point.

18. This Muslim Kerala bride certainly mesmerizes in her traditional attire
muslim kerala bridal look in red saree with matching dupatta on head
Image via: adam.lights

A red saree, a matching dupatta on the head, and bold makeup are key highlights of this Kerala bridal look.

Latest Modern & Royal Kerala Bridal Looks

19. Radiant Orange

How wouldn’t praise this South Indian bride look? Soft eyes and red lips paired with a vibrant orange kanjeevaram are certainly Instagram-worthy.

20. Silver & Sorted 
modern kerala bride wearing silver kanjeevaram saree and contrasting jewelry
Image via: sk_abhijith

How gorgeous white and silver look together, and this simple Kerala bride is certainly proof of this. Her silk Kanjeevaram saree, paired with a checkered blouse design, along with her nude makeup, is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes.

21. What do you think about this Kerala bride in a white and royal blue Kanjeevaram saree, unique jewelry, and open long hair?

For a modern Kerala engagement look, you can wear a white and royal blue sari and eventually pair it with pearl jewellery. Bonus tip: Let your long hair loose and use brown eyeshadow with a little shimmer to create flawless eye makeup.

22. Red and gold is a timeless classic!

A Kerala saree in rich red and gold hues certainly looked the best on this bride.

23. A dreamy lehenga for a dreamy wedding

Apart from your reception, you can pick a heavily embroidered bright pink and red lehenga for your wedding. Pair it with a full-sleeve blouse with a scoop neck. Furthermore, complete your Kerala bridal look with light and natural makeup and a chic ponytail.

24. A pretty pastel pink and yellow saree
unique kerala bridal look in pastel pink and yellow saree
Image via: Mouseart 

Metallic colours look royal, but pastel hues are no less. This Kerala bride’s pastel saree in a pink and gold colourway blends tradition with a contemporary flair.

25. This Kerala bridal look featuring a sequin saree is undoubtedly apt for reception
royal kerala bridal reception look in sequin saree
Image via: unnips

For your reception, you can choose to wear a sequin saree. This dusky Kerala bride undoubtedly looks beautiful in her sparkling saree, bold makeup, and bun hairstyle.

26. A wine-red lehenga for a modern Kerala bride
modern kerala bride in wine red lehenga on her reception
Image via: photopeedika

A wine-red lehenga in velvet or silk undoubtedly exudes regal charm and is perfect for a Kerala bride’s reception.

27. Pink saree with diamond jewellery and subtly pink smokey eyes
simple kerala bride wearing pink silk saree and diamond jewellery
Image via: houseofsoha_

This simple Kerala bridal look featuring a pink silk saree, sparkling diamond jewelry, and subtly pink smokey eye makeup is certainly trendy.

28. Something that’s unique and modern
unique kerala bridal look for wedding and reception
Image via: corelightstories

If you don’t like traditional colours and wish to create a unique Kerala bridal look, opt for something like this. This Kerala wedding look, featuring a unique kanjeevaram and exquisite jewelry, certainly radiates contemporary elegance.

We hope these simple and chic Kerala bride photos will undoubtedly inspire you to rock your D-day look with grace and confidence. Pin these Kerala bridal looks for major inspiration for your wedding day!

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