7 Essential Groom Accessories For A Gentleman Look

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7 Essential Groom Accessories for a Gentleman Look

A groom may at times decide to ditch the traditional look and go for western formal wear. No doubt the groom looks dapper in his perfect fit tuxedo or a stylish blazer. However, it is essential to wear necessary and elegant accessories to look like an aristocrat. Although the colour variants may be limited the groom accessories can help nail the look perfectly.

We at WedAbout bring to you the essential groom accessories befitting the western formal look.

1.     The Boutonniere

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This accessory is a must if you want to stand apart in the crowd. A single flower or a bunch of small flowers resting on the lapel of your jacket is so gentlemanly. It is positioned right on your heart. There are various options of flower that you can insert in the buttonhole, but the best would be the one which does not fade away fast.

2.     The Cufflinks

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Cufflinks are an attention catcher accessory and it can definitely lend an astounding impact. Cufflinks are available in various size, colours and shapes. Go for the one which is always elegant and classy. For an occasion like wedding, the metallic ones do the trick.

3.     Bow Tie

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Bow Ties not only look cool but can look glamorous. Choose your bow tie print which matches the jacket. Also keep in mind the bow tie size should not be too large or too small but appropriate.

4.     Necktie

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A formal tie goes in a formal occasion.  Choose the colours which are subtle and simple. Necktie is one accessory which is not too loud but can speak volumes about your persona. So wear your attitude with a tasteful tie.

5.     Pocket Square

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It is indeed an essential accessory to make a style statement. Choose a pocket square which is in contrast with your attire. There are numerous ways in which you can place the pocket square in your pocket. From Square style being the most formal to one corner up and two corners up style being the casual one.

6.     Watch

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A watch can communicate more about a man’s personality. Also considered as a jewelry piece for men, it is nonchalant if he does not wear it. And on occasions like wedding, this is a must wear accessory. Needless to say but a formal brand is the most suitable for the groom.

7.     Formal Shoes

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A lot can be said about a man on the basis of shoes he is wearing. It becomes a parameter of his potential and status. Thus well-crafted  shoes designed with sophistication are very important for a groom on his D-day.

Compared to brides there are very few accessories range which a groom can try. However, if the groom adorns the accessories in a right manner it makes him a true man of honour.

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