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Beautiful Bridal Looks from different parts of India

Indian culture is known for its exquisiteness. Every state has its own customs be it festivals, weddings or religious events. WedAbout will run you through some of the beautiful bridal looks from different regions of India that will leave you fascinated.

1. Muslim Bride

Bridal looks

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The jewellery of Muslim bride is the first thing that draws your attention, especially the jhoomar. Also the majority of Muslim brides wear floral garlands supporting the veil which covers their face.

2. Christian Bride

Bridal looks

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Christian brides wear a white dress with a net veil which is supported by a tiara. They have a flowing train along the dress, and hold a bouquet of white flowers. Their jewellery such as earrings, neckpieces, or bracelets is all in silver, diamond or platinum.

3. Assamese Bride

Bridal looks

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The Assamese brides wear a cream or off-white silk saree with gold work. Their maang tikka is the most important adornment and also the highlight of the jewellery as they keep the rest very simple.

4. Sikh Bride

Bridal looks

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Chooda and Kalire are typical of a Sikh bride apart from the jewels and gems. The choodas may be of different colors such as white, red, pink, peach, etc. While the kalire are the small golden or silver trinklets tied to the bride’s chooda.

5. Punjabi Bride

Bridal looks

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A Punjabi bride usually prefers a red, maroon or pink lehenga for her wedding. However, there is no restriction and she can opt for other colors too. Apart from heavy lehenga, she also wears heavy bridal jewellery.

6. Bengali Bride

Bridal looks

Photocredit@Sunanda Agarwal Photography

Bengali bridal outfits are usually bright red, pink or maroon banarasi silk sarees with zari work. Bengali brides wear a maang tikka with a single patti, and a bright red bindi.

7. Tamilian Bride

Bridal looks

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The highlight of a Tamilian bride is her jewellery and bright coloured Kanjeevaram sarees with zari border. Their head is completely decorated with heavy jewellery, comprising a single string maang tikka with matha patti, long earrings moving up till her hair bun.

8. Gujarati Bride

Bridal looks

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A Gujarati bride, changes into two sarees or two beautiful looks during her wedding. Firstly, the Panetar which is a richly designed white saree with red, golden and green handmade dots called bandhini. Secondly, the Gharchola, a bright red saree with silk and zari work in stripes and checked pattern.

9. Maharashtrian Bride

Bridal looks


A string of flowers or pearls, half moon shaped nath distinguishes a Maharashtrian bride. Her bridal outfit is a two-tone, silk saree with a golden border, known as Paithani, and her hair is tied in a bun adorned with mogra flowers.

10. Kashmiri Bride

Bridal looks

The traditional outfit for a Kashmiri bride comprises a pheran, which has hook embroidery at the neck, cuff and edges; it can be in red, yellow and pink colour. They wear a Tarang on their head.

11. Parsi Bride

Bridal looks

Parsi brides wear an all-white outfit, a saree with heavy embroidery work. Their jewellery comprises mostly of platinum and white pearls.

12. Marwari Bride

Bridal looks


Marwari brides wear a heavily embellished lehenga or saree with embroidered silk and gold work. Her jewellery too is equally heavy. Fingerlets, Kundan neckpieces, and gold naths are typical of most Marwari brides.

So, these are some of the beautiful bridal looks from different parts of India that have been there for generations.

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Ankita Rai

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